Top 10 Best Garage Floor Epoxy Reviews Of 2018 (Updated)

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A garage is a home for your car. Like any home, it needs frequent maintenance to keep up with its stature.

With the right tools you can transform the look and feel of your basement into a Mercedes like showroom. Unfortunately, that's not the case with the wrong epoxy paint and tools keeps your floor fresh and clean.

To transform your basement floor into something new and smooth coat that resistant stains, cracks, fades and spillage.

That is what keeps your garage floor durable. That is what it takes to make you garage not only dungeon place for tools but a home your car.

For that reason, you need to know which epoxy paint that you need to apply to make your garage looking glossy and stunning.

In this article, I walk you through the best-selling garage paints that you can use. There is an in-depth guide walking you through the things that you need consider when choosing a garage epoxy paint.

This Garage Floor Epoxy Review guide helps you narrow a decision into the features that you should look when buying garage paint.

Our Top 10 Best Garage Floor Epoxy Picks

Enough explaining…

Now let’s get right into our list of the best-selling gas logs available today…

1. Rust-Oleum 238466-Professional floor coating Review

The Rust-Oleum 238466 epoxy kit has unique features. It comes with a stunning dune tan color that can transform your floor.

The dark brown color creates a unique opulence in your garage floor. The Rust-Oleum consists of metallic flakes which come in brown, white and black color.

When Rust-Oleum combines with base color to create a unique durable floor. It can withstand test of time. It has an anti-slip coating feature that is capable of resisting stains and spills.

The Rust-Oleum is a 2 part epoxy resin includes a mixing stick, metallic flakes, detailed instructions, and anti-slip addictive.

It is easy to install. Its metallic flakes have an elegant finish that makes the garage floor standout. The Rust-oleum looks excellent after finish.

The metallic flakes are an icing on the cake. The brown base coating is something that you will love looking on your garage floor.

Important features:

  • The Rust-Oleum provides sturdy floor protection for tough heavy-duty commercial floor.
  • The Rust-Oleum floor features: 2part coating, decorative chips and comprehensive instructions.
  • The 2-part solvent-based semi-glass finish provides tough superior resistance.
  • It has an ultimate adhesion that keeps strong bonds with garage surface.

2. Rust-Oleum 261845 EpoxyShield Garage floor coating 2, gal. gray.

This is a water-based epoxy formulated to withstand any spillage on the garage floor. The Rust-Oleum is covers 500 square feet space and has less smell.

It has a light gray finish that leaves a beautiful finish making your floor sparkling. The Rust-Oleum has a decorative metallic flakes that you can scatter on top of the coat layer.

Hands down, this is a super strong epoxy that not only improves your garage floor but also makes it durable. The Epoxyshield comes with an anti-slip addictive resists chemical and water spillage.

The Rust-Oleum includes epoxy, cleaner, mixing stick, metallic flakes and anti-slip addictive. Those are enough to make your feet wet with coating.

The Rust-Oleum 261845 creates a beautiful epoxy that transforms the garage into a unique spectacular floor. It makes your garage look like the surface of your home. Customers appreciate the luxury that the paint creates on the floor.

Important features:

  • Capable of resting stains, chemical and water spillages and oil
  • This is a water based solution with no odor.
  • It can cover 500 square foot area.
  • There is neither a hot tire pick-up nor peel premise.

3. The KiLZ 1-Part Epoxy Acrylic Interior/Exterior Concrete and Garage Floor Paint Review

The KiLZ 1-part epoxy is an excellent solutions among our best garage floor epoxy for the people looking for waterproof paint that protects porous garage floor. The paint comes with an infused nanotechnology that prevents water infiltration.

It prevents accumulation of mildew. This is a perfect epoxy solutions for walls, concrete, stucco, bricks and cinder.

The epoxy paint finish consist of highly-quality ingredient that last long. The epoxy paint finish is a high performance formula resists hot tire pick ups, fading, cracking, peeling and blistering. These the paint perfect for porous concrete, masonry, stove and bricks.

The KiLZ epoxy is paint comes from a reputable company that has been operating over 40 years. In 2015, the company won the paint brands of the year in the Harris Poll Equitrend ranking.

You enjoy the satin smooth finish when you buy the KiLZ epoxy paint. The paint can dry in 2 hours and re-coating in 4 hours. One gallon of KiLZ covers 400 to 500 square foot surface.

Important features:

  • The KiLZ I-part coating creates a durable finish with zero scuff.
  • The water based epoxy paints resists chemical and oil spillage from the garage floor.
  • There is zero odors and that makes applying the paint easier.
  • The KiLZ water-based paint is creates an even coating when applied on the surface.
  • The paint is capable of drying fast.

4. Rust-Oleum 251965 Garage Floor Kit,Gray.

Like any Rust-Oleum paint, the 251965 has a stunning color that transforms your garage into a showroom. It makes your garage glisten and sparks under lighting.

That makes it able to resist chemical spillage and hot tire pick up. The surface coating is easy to clean with soap and water.

This product comes from USA. The Rust-Oleum 251965 does not need acid etching to work.

The problem with acid etching is that it takes 2 or even more days to finish before you start applying. You save yourself lots of time when applying the epoxy paint.

It gives out a divine color that is has an odorless smoke gray finish. This provides a perfect shade for the garage. The Rust-Oleum 251965 comes with three color options that include: black, blue and white metallic flakes.

Bottom line, the Rust-Oleum creates an interesting, luxurious feel of the garage. Have a brand new concrete floor; you can opt for the colored option. A fresh and new concrete floor need a glossy clear coat.

Important features.

  • Like any other Rust-Oleum paint,this resists chemical and water spillage.
  • It a hot tire resistant features.
  • The coating makes the garage easier to clean with soap and water.
  • There is a little smell from the garage.

5. Epoxy floor coating-Epoxy-Coatfull Kit-Taupe with Beige Blend flakes.

This epoxy coating spreads in the floor fast because it has light pressure. It is a 100% epoxy coating created for that DIY professional. It offers excellent protection against debris, dirt, oil, chemical and spillage that abuse your garage floor.

The epoxy coating doesn't evaporate nor wash away. You only need a single coat to make your garage floor superior and resistant.

This is a DIY professional coating kit that includes rollers, brushes and guides. All these professional tools are enough to help you apply the paint on the garage floor with easy. With Epoxy floor coating you don't need many coating.

If you want a professional DIY coating, you can't go wrong with the Epoxy floor coating. It is the best value for your money. Suits basement floor, garage floor, concrete floors and patios.

After application you need 12 hours for the paint to dry to maintain a strong floor surface. You can apply it on any rough or smooth surface and you won't have to worry about it peeling from the floor or cracking.

Important features:

  • This professional epoxy coating is durable and last long for years.
  • You don't need many coating. A single coat is enough to make the surface sturdy and glossy.
  • Offers 10x more adhesive on the surface any rough and smooth floor.
  • The Epoxy is capable of covering 500 square foot area.
  • There is less smell that means you don't need to wear a mask on your face.
  • The epoxy coating makes the final finish shiny and satin.

6. Valspar 81020 Lighting Gray Garage floor coating Kit-120 oz Review.

The Valspar 81020 is a two-component epoxy that offers a 2x strong coating for the toughest concrete garage floor. There is a fortified advanced technology which creates a strong adhesion on the surface of the floor.

The Valspar 81020 prevents your garage floor from damage leaving it durable for long lasting performance. Unlike it sister model, the Valspar 81052, the 81020 comes with two stunning colors- the popular tan brown and the medium gray color.

Which creates a unique opulence on the floor? Its second color blends on the floor to create a gloss shiny surface.

Both two colors options have a metallic flakes that adds a unique inviting taste on the floor. With its step by step instructional manual, you will apply the paint on the floor.

The Valspar 81020 is for a budget conscious profession who wants to have a cool surface without spending much on epoxy paint.

With all this impressive features on the Valspar 81020, there is one limitation you encounter. The Valspar color pigment are hard to mix, you need to invest in a drill and and mixer attachment to have a uniform color blend on the floor.

Important features:

  • Budget-friendly epoxy paint.
  • Two color options: tan brown and medium gray.
  • Advanced bonding technology with 2x adhesion.
  • With a gallon of Valspar you can cover 1 1/2 garage floor.

7. Rust-Oleum 203007 basement floor gray.

With the Rust-Oleum 203007 you can apply in different places like the basement, indoor playing ground and working space. The Rust-Oleum basement floor kit has stains and water resistant features. This maintains a consistent color on the wall and floor surface.

The Rust basement floor coat is easy to apply on the floor, that is because it seals the floors completely. It leaves zero dust or spot on the floor giving you a satin finish. With these epoxy coating, you cover 250 square foot area.

The water proof technology features lets you clean the surface with water and soap quick. With all this great features, there is one limitation that the Rust-Oleum 203007 has. It doesn't offer strong protection against skid, mildew and chemicals.

Important features:

  • Mostly used for indoor purposes.
  • Makes the surface hard, durable and able to resist wear, stains and abrasions.
  • Makes cleaning the floor with soap easy thanks to the waterproof technology.
  • The full kit includes: decorative chips, water based epoxy coating, decorative chips, stir and stick and detailed instruction.

8. Valspar 81052 premium clear epoxy Review

With the Valspar 81052 creates a new look for your garage. The advanced bonding technology makes the floor durable and strong. The anti-peel protection prevents the floor from peeling and fading away. There is an etching stain technology when it comes with Valspar.

The Valspar creates a high-performance garage floor. It is easy and simple to use. Its adhesion is 2x stronger and provides your floor with better seal, thanks to its stronger epoxy formula.

Its fortified water proof technology makes it easy for you to clean the floor with water and soap. This is a water based epoxy kit, which makes the preparing the paintwork easier without any problem. In the end, you have the best garage floor coating that is 2 times more stronger.

The fortified bonding technology gives your surface a strong adhesive seal for lasting performance. Besides, it protects the glossy finish against wear and tear.

Important features:

  • Anti-peel protection.
  • Better adhesion on the surface that is strong and durable.
  • The advanced bonding technology creates a stronger bond between surfaces.

9. United Gilsonite LA3521413 "Drylok" concrete floor paint Review

This is a floor paint formulated with PH levels which is strong to prevent the floor from all kinds of abuse. The paint holds up well under traction, weather and even washing.

The United Gilsonote concrete floor paint gives your floor a nice coverage that conceal the old stretch marks and minor nick.

The United Gilsonite concrete floor paint is thick, that you need only a single paint. Because of that you can apply the paint on garage floor, basement, patios and wooden surfaces.

There is a non-slip finish which protects the kids and pets. That means kids can play on any surface without sliding. This concrete floor paint spreads well on the surface and takes 3 days to dry.

Important features:

  • Covers a 500 to 600 square foot area.
  • Uses PH level that prevents the floor from cracking, fading and peeling.
  • Less odor and dry fast.

10. Supercoat Waterborne Industrial Glaze coat.

The Supercoat waterborner coat has an urethane coat that adds beauty along with decorative flakes on the garage floor. The supercoat waterborne kit includes: supercoat industrial glaze coat, anti-slip aggregate, stick and detailed construction.

The supercoat waterborne provides a clear topcoat on the floor without yellowing. It is easy to apply, all you need is to is roll it out on a well-cleaned floor. The supercoat kit is capable of covering 250 square foot space.

In addition, the supercoat waterborne consists of two dark colors: red and blue. The supercoat waterborne is excellent epoxy paint because it provides a deep rich and gloss look.

Important features.

  • The supercoat waterborne improves the look and conditions of the garage floor.
  • Able to resist dirt, debris from a hot tire pick.
  • Designed for lasting performance thanks to its great glossy finish.
  • Dries fast and quick.

Things To Consider Before Buying Best Garage Floor Epoxy.

If this is your first time buying a epoxy coating for your garage, then every product on the market will overwhelm you.

And like me you may buy a shitt product. But it doesn't have to be that way. Choosing an epoxy is an easy task, the problem is how to apply the epoxy on the floor.

Because if you are not an expert, you will make mistakes and you will learn a lot from them. If you are searching for epoxy paint, here are some of things you need to know that make your purchase easier.

Types of epoxy.

They are two types of epoxy coating on the market. All of them serve one purpose but they have different strengths and weakness.

Waterborne epoxy paint.

It is the most bought paint on the market today. Most DIY profession like to use water-based solvent because of the ease of use. The water based paint is easy to apply on the garage floor.

You can get a water-based paint for under $100 on the market. Hands down, it is the perfect epoxy paint for persons that have a tight budget. You can get it from your local improvement home center or on Amazon.

With the water-based epoxy paint, you need a single coat to make a strong adhesion on the garage floor. On average, the water based epoxy paint covers an area of 250 square feet.

With excellent features and reasonable price, the waterborne epoxy paint is less durable. You can't compare it to the 100% solid epoxy coating.

Water based epoxy paint comes from an older formulations. Although they are resistance to stains and chemical, it is no match for the 100% solid.

100% solid epoxy paint.

This a commercial grade epoxy paints that has zero impurities. They are high performance epoxy floor that provides resistance against stains, chemicals and abrasions.

The 100% solid paint is thicker than the water based solvent epoxy paint. You only need a single coat for a strong adhesion on the garage floor. The 100% solid epoxy paint provides an excellent color base to make the floor gloss and shiny.

For this durable epoxy paint, expect to pay $100 going up. For standard solid epoxy paint with better tools you can pay over $200. This epoxy paint suits professional contractors. It a hell of a solution for those the DIY persons.

High-end epoxy comes with a bag of colored of acyrilic paint flakes and chips that you can apply on the floor. You don't throw your money when you buy the 100% solid epoxy paint.

Clear epoxy/polyurethane top coat.

The clear epoxy comes when you want to improve upon the single coat. May be the 100% solid coat or water based solvent coat didn't impress you that much.

The clear epoxy makes the garage floor durable and thick, giving a strong deep gloss finish on the floor. It has paint chip and base coat that you can add on the floor


If you have a large garage, coverage is important. Sometimes when you are on tight budget, you need a paint that covers a wide area and the best value for your money.

For instance, it is common to find most epoxy paint covering a 250 square foot area. A deep search on the internet and you find epoxy paint covering 350 square feet.

Coverage is affected by the type of floor you have. If you have a smooth surface, you will have an easy time with the paint. However, rough surface need lots of paints to get even.


Expect to pay more for a high solid epoxy coating than water based solvent coating. A high solid epoxy coating is durable and able to transform your garage into a showroom.

If you want an epoxy paint, you need a budget, because this a space that you will use most of the time to repair and store your tools.

Color and textured options.

Epoxy paint comes with different color and textured options. We have dark tan, gray metallic color, the list is endless and depends on the color option you want for your garage.


Garage floors faces many abuses, its performance in the long term will matter the most. You don't want to get in a garage that cracks and spillage all over the surface.

For that reason, durability is vital if you want to keep the performance of your garage. Here are four things you need to keep in mind when choosing an epoxy paint/

  • Peel strength- is the coat strong enough to resist peeling?
  • Infrared spectroscopy-how is the mechanical structure of the paint. Is it strong enough to protect the floor from chemical spillage?
  • Energy dispersive X-rays- can the surface of the coat change with regards to weather conditions or be affect by anything else.
  • Dynamic mechanical thermal analysis- Does the coat have strong physical properties?

All these four essential things will affect the performance of your garage. If you are buying an epoxy coat, check specification and features to find them.

Two part or one part coating.

One part coating is great. You only apply once on the floor and you are done. This means you can do it yourself at home with little help.

Two parts coating consist of two layers of paint. Two part coating involves a tedious process and it involves professional installation.

Before you buy an epoxy coating, you need to write down, the features that you need. Then from your list you can find the best garage epoxy coating that has all the things you want.

With this checklist, you can now buy an epoxy coating with confidence. Note that buying an epoxy is easy, installing the coat is a night mare for most people....Now turn to...

How to Apply A Garage Floor Epoxy.

Watch any YouTube video and you get an impression that it is easy to apply epoxy coating. Quite the opposite. If you are dealing with high solid epoxy paint, you need to pay lots of attention.

Here is a detailed step that you need to follow when applying epoxy coating. For this process you need two people. Two or more people reduce the chances of mistake happening in the process.

Step 1: Prepare the garage floor.

There are two common garage coating failures. One is due to poor preparation and the second one is application error.

Most of these failures happen because of poor instructions. The epoxy installation guide may be vague in some circumstances and you may need to call the manufacturer to assist you.

You can reduce these failures and errors when you understand the manual well. The first thing before using the epoxy coating is to read the manual twice or even more.

Step 2: Inspect the garage floor.

You need to know the size of your garage in square foot area. You need to inspect the garage floor for things like seals or curve, because epoxy is unforgiving to sealed or painted concrete.

If you have sealed garage floor, then you need to get rid of the seal before you apply it. If you have doubt about whether your garage has a seal or not, sprinkle water which beads up and the surface turns dark, then you have a seal.

To remove the seal, you can test it with an acid; if the acids react then you have a seal. While inspecting the garage look for cracks that needs a repair before the coat.

Step 3: Conduct a moisture test.

You need to inspect the garage floor for signs of damp concrete and efflorescence.

Efflorescence occurs when moisture arises from beneath the slab to react with excess lime and salts. This moisture evaporates leaving behind a white residue.

If you see any moisture on the garage floor, you need to conduct a chloride test before applying best garage floor epoxy coating.

Step 4: Time to clean the floor.

Once you have known the condition of the garage floor, it is time to clean. You need to get rid of dirt, debris, oil, chemicals.

Grease and oils needs to be removed because they prevent absorption of the epoxy coating. Grease and oils acts as sealers on the floor.

Step 5: Apply the epoxy.

Once the preparations for the floor are over, then you need to check if you have all the tools. Check the epoxy paint coating if it have all the tools.

Inspect the weather and ensure that you have an excellent work station for mixing all the products. Time, viscosity and adhesion affect the epoxy coating.

Read the instruction and mix the epoxy coating. Apply the first coat on the floor or the color base coat. Then you can leave it for some minutes before drying. Some epoxy coating will need 12 hours to dry, others will need more time.

If you are doing a two-part coating, check the instruction of the epoxy coating to prevent making errors and mistakes.

Benefits Of Epoxy Coating Garage.

Epoxy coating has lots of benefits. It is the best paint in the world. If you have never tried the epoxy coating, now is the time for you to try it. Before that here are some reasons why epoxy coating the best paint for your floor.

High Class Appearance.

Epoxy coating elevates your garage floor to another level. It gives it that showroom class appearance within a little cost.

Makes Cleaning Easy.

Most epoxy coatings have a water proof technology that makes cleaning your garage with soap and water easy.

Ability to Resist Damage.

Garage floors are high traffic places. There are wheels, dirt, tools, debris which can damage the floor of the garage. The good news is that epoxy coating makes the garage able to resist all the damage from cracks, fades and peels.

Moisture and Stain Resistant.

Oil, water and chemical are common things in a garage. Any spillage can lead to accident in your own garage. And if these substances stay long on the floor, not only do the damage the floor but they make the whole place awful.

Epoxy coating turns the finish of you garage floor glossy and capable of withstanding moisture and stain resistant.

Simple and Easy to Use.

Unlike other paint, epoxy coating paint is simple and easy to use. Any epoxy coat product will come with detailed instructions on how to use the paint. If you are a DIY person, you will find the epoxy friendly to use to meet your needs.

Final Verdict

It was important for you know epoxy coating paint. Not just the best-selling epoxy point but what to look for when choosing an epoxy paint.

Now you can paint your garage floor and turn it into a gloss showroom. Epoxy has strong adhesion that will give your garage surface a complete seal.

Besides, you will be able to clean the floor easily with soap and water. That's what you aim when you have best garage floor coating on your floor.

Now you have more reason to choose an epoxy coating paint more than any other paint. It gives your floor the right touch finish that it needs to stay long and durable. It is what the profession use to keep their garage floor durable and elegant.

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