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TOP 5 Best Electric Shaver of 2017

As lad reaches manhood, hair tends to grow on some parts of his body – face, arms, chest, back and legs. While some like the hair growth, others shave or trim. Luckily, living in the 21st century, grooming devices are invented to provide hassle-free hair grooming. There are varieties of hair shaving tools – some are manuals […]

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TOP 5 Best Beard Trimmer of 2017

Not all men are born without beard. Men with beards incline to groom themselves with beard trimmers to maintain personal beard style. As technology changes day by day, state-of-the-art equipment is emerging. Traditional trimming with scissors is not being practiced anymore to date. Being equipped with latest best beard trimmer is convenient assuming you want to […]

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How To Choose The Hair Thinning Scissors

Hair thinning scissors or also known as thinning shears are used to remove thick, large volume of hair (mostly medium to shoulder-length) to maintain or achieve specific hairstyle. They are commonly must-have tools for hair stylists and barbers. The two blades are mostly not the same. While one is just a normal hair cutting shear, […]

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Best Nose Hair Trimmer

Are you embarrassed with your nose hair that it excessively sprouting out? Well, I too have had excess nose hair growth. So how should you deal with it? Simple! Use a trimmer to cut the excess hair growth. Experts advise that never pull out your nasal hair because they serve as filter to your nasal passage and […]

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Why is Hair Clipper Oil Important?

Unclean and imprecise cuts – these are the two of many common problems hair clippers may encounter. If you question yourself, “Is this clipper broken?”, then think for a while. This is what most people complain about. Relax! Before throwing that to a garbage can, look at the clipper first. If you encounter this problem, the solution […]

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