Best 20 Ton Bottle Jack in 2019 – Reviews and Ratings

Best Bottle Jack Reviews Of 2018

As the saying goes “when you lift a vehicle, you should also use a jack stand”, getting yourself the best 20 ton bottle jack is just the right step to your own safety when you need to lift your vehicle.

As an auto enthusiast, one of the many accessories that our cars need is a jack, be it floor, scissor or bottle jack.

Sometimes, when shopping for the best bottle jacks, you don’t usually know which one is the best one for you. This is often because of the sea of choices available.

However, when you already know you want a 20 ton bottle jack, selecting the right one is a lot easier. But still, there are still thousands of options out there to go through.

Fortunately, you don’t have to go through that ’cause I’ve done all the research for you. Here in this guide, I’ve compiled only the top 20 ton bottle jacks for you to consider.

They have excellent features, affordable prices, and plenty of positive reviews from previous users.

Ready to choose one? Here you go: 


Before we get into the nitty-gritty of our comparison, let’s have a bird’s eye view of the top-rated sprayers.

Look at the features and pricing data below then choose one of them: 

Our Top 3 Picks for 20 Ton Bottle Jack in 2019

Image Name Weight Capacity Pricing
Powerbuilt 647503 Heavy Duty Bottle Jack 11 lbs 20 Ton Check Price
OTC 4321C Air-Assist Hydraulic Bottle Jack 18 lbs 20 Ton Check Price
Torin T92007A 20t Stubby Bottle Jack 20 lbs 20 Ton Check Price

Reviews of the Best 20 Ton Bottle Jack in 2019

Ready to go through reviews of each of these jacks? You are in for a treat!

Here is a detailed review of each of the top selling 20 ton bottle jacks on the market:

Powerbuilt 647503 Heavy Duty 20-Ton Bottle Jack Reviewed

best 20 ton bottle jack

Whether you are looking for heavy lifting in your garage or shop, the Alltrade Powerbuilt 647504 bottle jack will provide an excellent service for you.

It is molded in a forged steel saddle and rests on an oversize cast iron base so you can get your heavy lifting done quickly and without issues.

The bottle jack also features a socket handle which allows for a maximum weight as well as an easy operation. You don’t have to suffer when using this to lift a tall object as it comes with an extension screw that enables additional lift height.

It’s easy to carry and move around your garage, thanks to its welded carry handle. Moreover, it meets the ANSI standards and comes with a maximum lift range of 16-5/16 that’s worth every penny.

It’s 7-7/8 inches in height and has a width of 15-1/2 inches which comes to about 7-1/2 inches – for the best pump lifting range.

Moreover, the bottle jack works both horizontally and vertically and you can also use it upside down.

Depending on your application, having a versatile jack like this will most likely help in a lot of situation that require the use of your bottle jack in different directions.


While this bottle jack is well built and sturdy, the paint finish doesn’t stick tightly to the jack. Although that may not be nice for someone looking for a fine piece of porcelain, this unit is adequately rigid and can stand up to abuse and regular use.

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OTC 4321C 20 Ton Capacity Air-Assist Hydraulic Bottle Jack Reviewed

best 20 ton hydraulic bottle jack

There are many 20 ton bottle jacks out there but not all of them can deliver a truly outstanding job. Fortunately, you don’t have to spend fortunes to obtain the jack with long-lasting performance.

Although the price is a bit on the high side, this heavy duty bottle jack from OTC comes with lots of excellent features. First of all, it has a closely packed design that’s suitable for lifting truck and for use in construction sites.

Not only can you use it in manually, but also aerially, something that most 20 ton bottle jacks don’t come with.

Another new feature I’ve not seen on other models is the air hose that comes with this unit. The hose can pivot in different directions, relative to the air source, thus giving you an ample working field.

You can leave it untouched under heavy load for an extended period of time without getting any visible sag.

In fact, from all the hydraulic bottle jacks we have reviewed in this capacity, it’s the strongest, toughest, and different from all of them. And even more, fitting is that the manufacturer, OTC, is a reliable commercial tool maker.


Unless you are working with a budget, I’ll recommend you get this as it is one of the best you can get for this capacity. It’s expensive but also makes up for that in strong build and design.

Torin T92007A 20 Ton Stubby Bottle Jack Reviewed

best 20-ton bottle jack

The Torin T92007A Stubby Bottle Jack has a capacity of 40,000 pounds, which allows for a lot of heavy lifting. If you are working on an uneven ground that doesn’t allow much space for a jack, you need to get a short jack.

Fortunately, this jack is not too tall and should fit in for your needs. The handle on the jack is well positioned so you can move it in and out of limited space.

Thanks to the jack’s treated extension screw, you can adjust the low pick height to fit the height of your vehicle or four-wheeler.

It has a minimum lifting of 6-5/8 inches which is maxed at 10-15/16 inches to offer you the maximum lifting weight. This is a good feature for you to consider if you are looking to use this in a variety of applications.

The unit is also very strong and stable when in use due to a wide, rugged base. The saddle is treated and comes in a sawlike, jagged edge so you can enjoy a secure grip and a generous lifting area.

The bottle jack comes with necessary accessories to help you lift heavy objects like your machines, vehicles, or garden tools.

And being from the largest manufacturer of hydraulic bottle jacks, this product is molded in the highest quality materials for durability and longevity.


Not only is it short, but the price is just about right if you are working with a budget. If you are looking for the best 20 ton hydraulic bottle jack, take a look at this jack.

Pro-Lift B-020D Grey Hydraulic Bottle Jack Reviewed

20 bottle jack

If you are looking for a bottle jack to use on your farm, garage, or shop, the Pro-Lift B-020D is a nice option to look at.

For long-lasting performance, this hydraulic bottle jack is treated in critical stress areas – which means you don’t have to worry about durability.

The jack doesn’t weigh more than 25 pounds and measures 7 x 10 x 6 inches. The ram piston is 1-3/4″ and is rated to lift 6 tons which would be about 12,000 pounds of load.

The best 20 ton hydraulic bottle jack is one that’s built to last long. And fortunately, this unit comes with the popular steel lifting saddle which helps it load heavy equipment and hold it steadily in the air.

One of the nice features of this bottle jack is that allows you to work at your various heights. It comes with an extension screw which makes height adjustment easy as well as a bypass system that prevents ram over travel.


If you have used other bottle jacks, you know that it’s not all of them that allows height adjustment and heavy lifting. Thanks to the great workmanship on this unit, you can enjoy all of the above features without being afraid of quality issues. Finally, that claim is backed by the fact that it meets the latest ANSI/PALD standards.

OTC (9320) Stinger 20 Ton Bottle Jack Reviewed

OTC (9320) Stinger 20 Ton Bottle Jack

The OTC 9320 Stinger Bottle Jack is one of my favorite jacks because it comes with a chrome piston pump and ram which helps allay the worry about corrosion.

Since the design of the jack is one that inhibits rust, you can be sure of extended life of your product.

The base of the unit is forged as well as the cylinder which prevents leaks at any point. A free seal kit also comes with the unit so you can do quick damage control.

The unit comes with a carrying handle for easy transportation. Also, you can use it in both vertical and horizontal positions, further ensuring that the jack is useful in most applications.

It has a maximum height of 20-7/16″ which is greater than most of the bottle jacks I’ve come across.

Its weight is 28 pounds (which isn’t too much considering how much features it packs), measures 6 x 9 x 12 inches and is ANSI compliant.


If you are looking to replace the flimsy jack that your OEM provides, this is a good alternative to consider.

Torin Big Red Hydraulic Bottle Jack Reviewed

Torin TA92006 20 Ton Hydraulic Air Jack Review

The Torin Big Red Hydraulic Bottle Jack is a versatile jack for anyone looking to get the best experience on a 20 to jack. The saddle is treated and adjustable and can keep your vehicle stable while it’s lifted into the air.

If you own a large SUV, pickup or truck that needs some an equally capable bottle jack, this unit from Torin is a good option for you.

It has a lifting power of up to 8,000 pounds and will help you get your vehicle off the ground to change tires or work underneath for a longer period of time.

This doesn’t mean that’s what it’s only suitable for. This 20-ton jack can also be used in lifting construction equipment as well as farm equipment so you can benefit from not just its auto lifting load capacity.

It offers great resistance to rust and a well-forged alloyed steel construction prevents leaking. The unit weighs 18 pounds, measuring at 16 x 12 x 7 inches and backed by 1-year limited manufacturer warranty.


The Torin Big Red Hydraulic Bottle Jack comes with a release valve, which is great for immediately resetting it and getting it back to its non-pumped height. When fully depressed, it’s 81/2 and 161/4 when fully extended.

Hiltex 20206 High Lift, Heavy Duty Hydraulic Bottle Jack Reviewed

If you are looking for a heavy duty hydraulic jack that also fits your 20 ton selection criteria, look no further. This bottle jack from Hiltex, feature one of the most durable, sturdy construction for lifting heavy objects.

With a min height of 10 inches and a max of 19 inches, this bottle jack is usable in a variety of application. Its heavy duty cast iron enables it to withstand more than 30,000 pounds of load.

And you are not restricted to use this in your home garage alone. Its versatile design ensures that it’s useful in industrial sites, the farm, auto body shops, and a host of other applications.


If you are a looking for a 20-ton bottle jack that you can use in a wide range of scenarios, choose the Hiltex 20206 High Lift, Heavy Duty Hydraulic Bottle Jack.

Strongway Air/Hydraulic Bottle Jack Reviewed

This 20 ton hydraulic bottle jack from Strong Way is designed to be operated either manually or pneumatically allowing you to use them anywhere.

The Air/Hydraulic Bottle Jack from Strongway comes with a hydraulic pump that’s constructed of QT450 Nodular iron for excellent strength and durability.

This is backed by a lead-free paint finish that prevents rust so you can enjoy your bottle jack for as long as possible.

Moreover, the paint is resistant to oil, grease, and dirt so that you can easily wash it after each job. And if you are too worked up or busy with other things, a wipe should leave it looking clean and ready for another usage.

The bottle jack is made from steel with a sturdy build to withstand heavy usage and better lifting of vehicles.

Each jack operates on 100 to 120 psi rated air pressure which gives you, even more, prevent skiving. This keeps your work steady and prevents time wastage.


Being able to choose from manual and pneumatic allows you to work faster and without any slow down, which is important if you found yourself in the middle of a road and need to do a quick lifting.

Final Words on the Best 20 Ton Bottle Jack

There are many bottle jacks on the market, each varying in sizes and capacity. What unites most of them is that they can be used for lifting heavy objects like vehicles, farm tools, industrial equipment etc.

While there are abundant options on the market for your use, choosing the right one for your application is very important.

Since you already narrow down your choice to 20 ton bottle jacks, you don’t have to wade through thousands of models to choose the right one.

Fortunately, you can find enough products to consider in this guide. With this guide, choosing the best 20 ton bottle jack shouldn’t be difficult since all you just need to do is choose the one that suits your application needs.

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