The Best ATV Battery Reviews of 2019 (All These Are Top Rated Models)

Top 10 Best ATV Battery Reviews

Looking for the best ATV battery? You are on the right page.

Getting your ATV to speed requires that you get the right battery for it. There are a lot of options to look at if you are looking to get a new battery or a replacement for your ATV.

However, it can be quite confusing to wade through the thousands of models on the market. Fortunately, this guide will prevent that from happening as only the top rated and best selling ATV batteries have been selected.

If you read these reviews thoroughly, you’ll be able to choose the right model in 2019 and beyond.

Ready to choose one?

Image Name Volts Pricing
YTX14-BS High Performance Sealed AGM 12V, 12AH Check Price
Battery Tender BTL35A480C Phosphate Battery 12V, 30AH Check Price
Yuasa YUAM3RH2S YTX12-BS Battery 12V, 10AH Check Price


Since you are not just selecting the best ATV but one that gives you a good value for your money, it’s important you select wisely.

And you have to be picky too. For this reason, I was picky too.

So I selected only the top three for you to choose from.

What to Consider Before Buying the Best ATV Battery

The quality of an ATV battery depends on a number of factors. Again, not all the good batteries will be suitable for all the ATVs.

Therefore, I have discussed these factors thoroughly so you don’t get conflict in choosing the best ATV battery for you.


Have you ever wondered what’s the secret behind a full-functioning ATV?

Well, to be straight, it’s nothing but an ATV battery inside. And that’s what this review is all about.

As you know, a battery is one of the most crucial parts of an ATV that directly affects its performance. It powers the engine and other electrical components of the vehicle.

If you are a dirty road driver or drive at night you must have a heavy-duty battery that has a great power backup. But unfortunately, in the market, most of the battery are just junk and ready to manipulate you with shiny advertises.

They will only give you a good service just for a month and start to dim soon. Earlier, I have used a number of batteries and I found most of them to be faulty. That is why I know the pain.

However, here I’m going to talk about ins and outs of the ATV batteries. We will also have an insight into some of the best ATV batteries. After reading this guide you will know all the pinpoints of ATV batteries that you need to know.

So, let’s get started.

1. Type of ATV Battery

Most of us users use to get confused on this issue. Which type of battery should be chosen is a major point of confusion, especially for new users. Moreso, it’ll also help during installation if you’re a beginner and you want to do the set up yourself.

You may go for the low-priced Lead-Acid battery. But they have a low power rating, low battery life and can cause an accident. In addition, they are too heavy to hamper the movement of ATV. But when your budget is tiny, they are the most suitable ones.

Let’s have a look at the second option- The lithium batteries. They are lightweight, have huge charge density, rated with more power and have a long life. They usually require less maintenance and safe too.

But one thing you must know that they will cost you a bit more money. Therefore, if you ask for quality over price, lithium batteries are for you.

2. Power Rating

All the ATV batteries are of 12 volts. But that’s not all about its power rating. You will find these two terms that describe an ATV’s wattage- Ah and CCA.

The more the CCA or Cold Cranking Ampere is, the more the level of current supply at an instant.

Instant high current helps the spark plug of your ATV to spark finely with low effort. Thus you will get a smooth effortless starting of the engine.

So if you have an engine starting problem; go for large CCA rating.

On the other hand, the Ah rating denotes the total amount of current that the battery can supply in each single charge.

If you have a large ATV and it requires huge power you must choose the more Ah rating to fulfill the power hunger of your ATV.

3. When weight Matters

The weight of the battery matters a lot when it’s an ATV battery. ATVs are usually light vehicles. They have been constructed keeping swift and dirt roads in mind. Therefore, this is wise to choose the lightweight battery.

For ultra-lightweight one, you can choose the lithium battery. But remember not to pick a low rated one only for its lightness.

4. Be Aware of the Electrode

The electrode plays a big role whenever we determine the quality of a battery. In the Lead-Acid battery, lead is used to be the core anode. But the most advanced one uses Lead-Calcium technology.

There are a number of benefits of using a Lead-Calcium combination of electrodes. This lightens the battery, decreases the specific gravity of the electrode.

Which results in low segregation rate of the electrode ion particle. The final result is long battery life.

But when it’s a lithium battery there is nothing to worry about. There is no chance of segregation and also they are most effective of both charge and discharge.

For disposal, the lead battery creates problems as the lead is hazardous to the environment and lithium creates no problem for the environment.

On the other hand, lead electrode requires Acid as an electrolyte – which sometimes creates acid fumes and Flammable Hydrogen. The lithium is free from this problem. They use only the lithium alloy or polymer or the ions.

5. Is the Battery Core Sealed Properly?

As long as safety is at top of your priority, proper dealing of the battery core is necessary. If not, the acid fumes will come out and cause a reaction with the metal body of your ATV.

If you are regular with ATV; you will notice salt particles in the battery case. This is because the battery wasn’t sealed well.

Again, as the lead-acid battery creates hydrogen gas while charging – they may come out from the battery core if not sealed properly.

So, when they are exposed to flame or spark they can create an explosion. For all these reasons see if the battery is properly sealed and spill proof.

6. Other Things You Should Notice

A perfect ATV battery must require as less maintenance as possible. Also, operation temperature is another factor that you should be aware of.

Sometimes you may have to operate your ATV at a high temperature. Shock profanes and vibration profanes are also very important in such cases.

Drive ATV regularly – then you must have known about the shock and vibration that ATV creates. If the battery isn’t vibration proof it will create segregation and violation in the electrolyte.

Now that you know what to look for when selecting, it’s time to see the recommended models for you…

Here are the reviews of the top rated ATV batteries of 2019. You’ll find all the important details about each battery as well as the advantages and downsides of each one.

Let’s see the best one for you:

The Best ATV Battery Reviews of 2019:

1. YT12B-BS High Performance – Maintenance Free – Sealed AGM Motorcycle Battery

best atv battery for the money

This YTX12B-BS battery comes with a [+ -] terminal, is rechargeable and is suitable for your ATV. You can easily charge it for up to 2000 times, which is long enough to give you full value for your money.

The internal acid on the battery is made with Absorbed Glass Mat Tech, which prevents the battery from leaking as well as provide for low maintenance.

Remember if you buy a product cheap but have to go through with high maintenance, then that product is probably not cheap. And even if a product is expensive but comes with low maintenance, you’ll enjoy it far better.

This battery isn’t expensive and has low maintenance so you can enjoy the best of both worlds.

It costs less than a hundred dollars and with lots of positive customer reviews and rating. Not only does it have resistance against shock and heat but also vibration, which further enhances its durability.

Moreover, it is safety verified by OHSAS and comes with ISO and UL certification so you can be sure you are getting a quality battery for your machine.

This versatile battery can be a nice addition to your toolset as it fits on jet skis, motorcycles and not just on your ATV.

So, if you no longer need to use it with your ATV, you can simply keep it and use it for another application. You won’t have to purchase another unit for your bike (if you have one) or similar vehicle type.

It has a sealed post, which prevents corrosion. This feature, along with being rechargeable provides for extended battery life.

Finally, this battery works out of the box, since it’s fully charged before being dispatched. You can start using it right away, so no need trying to charge it the first time before using it. Just connect it to your ride and you are good to go.

What’s Good About the Battery:

  • It’s certified by UL and ISO and is OHSAS Health Certified
  • Strong resistance to vibration, shock, and heat, provides for an extended lifespan
  • It’s quite affordable
  • You can recharge it for up to 2000 times
  • It allows for low maintenance and high-performance operation

What’s Bad About the Battery:

  • May not work as a good replacement battery for most applications (it’s only 12 volts)
  • There are some complaints that the battery doesn’t hold a charge


Before placing an order on this battery, it’s advisable to first contact the seller of the battery and confirm your application. You should be sure this can start up your engine and spin it as fas as the original battery.

2. YTX14-BS Battery Replacement (12Ah, 12v, Sealed), Maintenance Free Battery

best atv battery for the money

First and foremost, we have Yuasa YTX14 on the top of our picks. Yuasa is one of the renowned vehicle battery brands by this time.

They are supplying heavy duty batteries for years and no wonder that they have tons of happy customers. Perhaps this is one of the best ATV batteries from Yuasa.

Moreover, it’s factory activated so you can get a quick headstart.

This is a full maintenance free battery and doesn’t even require adding water. This one comes dry when you will get it first in your hand.

But don’t worry – they have supplied the electrolyte with this that will give your dry battery a life. All you need to do is just pour the electrolyte and set it in recharge. Surprisingly this will take only 30 minutes to reach its 50%.

I have forgotten to mention the ratings of this battery above. YUASA YTX14-BS is a 12 volt and 12 amp per hour battery. Sounds low? Wait this little one can produce 200 of cold cranking amps.

As a result, you can use this one of your ATV winch where great power is needed and have a good effortless engine starting.

Last year when I was cleaning my ATV – you know what did I found in the battery holder?

A lot of salty materials. And this was because the battery I installed two years before was not sealed well. Acid came out and developed salt with metal.

But thanks to Yuasa that they have mode this one fully sealed and spill proof. To get this hard job done they use special plates of absorbed glass mat separators.

Segregation is the root cause that lessens the life of Lead Acid batteries. The segregated ions at the bottom can’t further reach their actual place and the battery becomes dead. But this one is totally free from this.

Yuasa has used lead-calcium technology that holds the specific gravity more than three times longer than the ordinary batteries.

What’s Good About the Battery:

  • This one holds a great feature that most of the ordinary and sometimes even the advanced batteries don’t hold – the multiple charging modes.
  • You can charge this with 1.4 amp source in 5 to 10 hours adding or you can use a high 6 amp source for getting the charging done within 1 hour.
  • This item weighs only 11 pounds. Therefore this is the most desired one where lightness is required just like your ATV.
  • Rated with 12 volts and 12 amp, maintenance free and weighs only 11 pounds.
  • It comes with acid bottles as well as 200 cold cranking amps.

What’s Bad About the Battery:

  • Might not last for several years as your OEM battery


The one thing about this battery that you must know before buying that this one requires regular or periodic charging. But ignoring this small giant with massive power will be a fantastic fit with your ATV.

3. Yuasa YUAM329BS YTX9-BS Battery Review

Yuasa YUAM329BS YTX9-BS Battery

Yuasa is a preferable brand when it comes to choosing the best ATV battery. They are renowned for manufacturing heavy duty and quality batteries.

Although Yuasa YUAM329BS YTX9-BS Battery is not a jumbo this has the ability to power up your ATV well.

This one’s rated voltage is 12 volts as usual. The amperage is 8 Ah – which is a little bit low in my opinion. On the other hand, the CCA rating as well. It’s 135; which means this will be well enough to start your ATV on the first kick.

The weight of the Lead-Acid battery is more than other batteries. This is because of the heavy weight of the lead electrode. Usage of lead-calcium technology made this battery free from this handicap.

As this is a lead-acid battery there was a chance for the acid fumes to come out. But this one is totally sealed from the environment and spill proof. Again the AGM technology ensures the total absorbance of acid in the glass mats.

For all this reason, the sulfuric molecules can’t come out from the battery core. Therefore, there is no scope of the creation of salt in the ATV body. This also prevents the highly flammable Hydrogen from coming out.

Another most noteworthy note about this technology is it keeps the battery fully maintenance free. One thing you must keep in mind that never ever add water in the battery – it will die soon.

Most of the Yuasa battery comes empty – you need to refill them before use. This one is like them. They have supplied or measured electrolyte with the battery.

You can easily put them into the battery core. They have done this to increase the battery life and prevent corrosion of the battery.

From all the talks above this thing is clear that for mid-range power and mid-size ATV this one is the most suitable one. Picking up won’t disappoint you.

Overview of features:

  • Rated with 12 volts and 8 Ah.
  • 135 Cold Cranking Ampere.
  • Sealed and spill proof.
  • Maintenance proof.
  • Comes empty with supplied bottles.
  • Lead-calcium technology.
  • AGM absorbance technology.
  • 7.4 pounds weight.

4. YTX14-BS High Performance – Maintenance Free – Sealed AGM Battery Review

YTX14-BS High Performance - Maintenance Free - Sealed AGM Battery

Lead-Acid batteries are the most widely used batteries for ATV. But the most common issue with this type of batteries is that they leak and creates corrosion in the metallic body of the vehicle.

But the YTX14-BS has solved this issue by using the AGM technology. , is a separator technology that prevents leaks and therefore the corrosion also. one-third also makes the design superior and the battery adorable.

One thing you should know about the AGM technology is that the AGM Batteries the considered the highest performing batteries in the market.

With the power rating of 12 volts and 12 amps, this one will be a perfect match for your mid-size ATV. This one can supply 140 watts of power which is really appreciable.

Moreover, the 200 CCA will help you to use this source for a long time. Again weighing only 9.9 pounds this one will easily fit with your ATV without increasing the weight of your light vehicle very much.

This battery is fully maintenance free. Let’s see how.

The lead-calcium alloy prevents the ions from segregation. For padding and electrolyte holder they have use absorbed glass mat technology. The combination of these two made this one a heavy duty battery and fully maintenance free.

Another most noteworthy benefit of this technology is this can resist extreme vibration. As an ATV owner, you must know how the road is and how much the vibration the battery will feel.

As there is always a charged developed at the terminals of the batteries the hardness of the terminals can easily be lessened.

And for this resin, you will find the terminals of most of the batteries to be destroyed or at least reshaped. In ATV’s this can be a little more.

Because the battery needs to be out often and if you use winch then you must connect the terminals. For this reason, there is a great chance of losing those terminals early.

Chrome YTX14-BS is for instant use. The manufacturer has pre-filled the battery and sealed it well. Furthermore, they have also fully charged the battery so that you can use this soon after getting in first hand.

After all, this one is a perfect fit for most of the ATV’s. Although not a giant one still has the power to satisfy its owner.

Again nobody will offer such a battery at such an affordable price. So this won’t be a fool to have a try when you need the best ATV battery.

Overview of features:

  • 12 Volts & 12 amps rating.
  • AGM sealed Technology.
  • Maintenance free.
  • Pre-charged.
  • 144-watt continuous power supply up to 200 CCA.
  • Absorbed glass mat technology.
  • Only 9.9 pounds Weight.

5. Battery Tender BTL35A480C Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery Review

best atv battery reviews

In one word this guy is just awesome. But at first, let me say some words about Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries.

They were first invented by John B. Goodenough. In this type of batteries, the lithium is the charge bearer. They have excellent thermal stability, first chemical reactions and finally, they are safe. This is some of the good things about the LEP batteries.

But now the question is why you should choose the Battery Tender BTL35A480C? For the next few moments, we will try to find the answer to this question.

First of all, this one is 80% lighter than the ordinary lead-acid batteries. But this astonishingly has 5 times longer life. That is why people use this one widely for their light vehicles like Bikes and ATV’s.

As this battery uses only the lithium iron phosphate both chemical reaction and transfer of charge there is no chance of leaking of acid. Because no acid is used in this type of batteries. Therefore you will see no corrosion in the battery holder of your ATV.

On the other hand, this will not require any refilling of electrolyte or water.

Or you can say this is fully maintenance free. While charging the lead-acid batteries creates hydrogen gas.

You must have known that this is extremely flammable. Therefore this can create a serious accident. But this one is fully free from this type of incident.

Batteries become dead early and surprisingly. If you are a regular driver then you may have faced this problem. Trying to start the engine but the battery is out.

But using Battery Tender BTL35A480C Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery this unwanted problem can easily be solved.

Because this one has 2000+ deep cycles at 80% depth of discharge. So, if yours ATV have starting problems this will be the best ATV battery for you.

This item weighs only 3.75 pounds. Which is really light than any other ordinary batteries? Yet this holds the power rated with 12 volts, 102.4-watt hrs. and 480 CCA.

The CCA rating is more than the double of the Lead Acid batteries. Which means more current supply from the battery from one single charge and first kick engine starting.

To increase the ease of use in various vehicle Battery Tender have included foam spacer. Therefore, you can easily fit this one even your battery holder is large.

This one has a quad terminal. Although this won’t provide any great benefit you are going to need this when you have to supply the power in two ports.

On the other hand, you can use this one for a large verity of battery replacement. This ranges from 26 Ah to 35 Ah.

One most noteworthy thing about this battery is that this one is operable from 40 to 140 degree Fahrenheit temperature.

So, if you use this one as the power source you can bring your ATV anywhere wheatear it’s Siberia or Sahara.

For extreme power in a compact size battery that will suit whatever the condition is the Battery Tender BTL35A480C Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery is the first choice. Need more Power For your ATV. Then this will be the right choice I guess.

Overview of features:

  • Weighs only 3.75 pounds.
  • 40-140 degree Fahrenheit operation.
  • 26 – 35 Ah lead acid replacement.
  • 10 amps of charging rating.
  • 102.4-Watt Hrs. power rating.
  • A dimension of 6.5 x 3.4 x 5.1 inches.
  • 2000+ deep cycles.
  • 480 CCA rating.

6. TMS-Ytx9-BS (GEL) ATV Gel Maintenance Free Battery

best atv battery

TMS or T-MOTORSPORTS is a Chinese brand that is renowned for producing heavy duty batteries from the early stage of commercial battery manufacturing. The TMS- Ytx9-BS is specially made for Motorcycle. But this is pretty much efficient for the small size ATVs.

Although this one is a Lead Acid battery this one uses Gel sealed technology that reduces the handicap if the lead Acid battery. Let’s see how.

When a Gel Cell battery is charged it doesn’t emit any hazardous fumes or hydrogen from the case. The gel layer prevents them from coming out. Therefore this one is fully safe for any ordinary purposes.

Another great benefit of get technology is this one also prevents the water from coming out. Because of this, it will never require to add water in the battery.

The battery is fully sealed from the environment. Furthermore, this battery uses colloidal electrolytes. So there is no chance for the Acid mist of coming out and no chance of corrosion in your ATV body. This also makes the battery environment-friendly.

Most of the batteries have one problem – if you store them they will be self-discharged soon. But this one is free from this problem. You can store this one for any time period you want and this will remain durable same as before.

For mounting this battery is created with proper measurement. This one can be mounted with almost any ATVS.

They have also added two small bolt and knob with this one for the ease of connecting. With the true deep cycle technology, this battery gains long life and this one is fully free from any maintenance.

One thing I have forgotten to mention that this battery is properly sealed from the environment. For this reason, you will never face any regulation to carry this one whatever in air or ground.

Although not a great one, still within an affordable price range this one is the best ATV battery for those people who got a tiny budget.

Overview of features:

  • 12 volts power rating.
  • Easy mounting with all ATVs.
  • Gel technology.
  • True Deep Cycle.
  • Environment-friendly.

7. Yuasa YUAM3RH2S YTX12-BS Battery


Keeping the electrolytes separate from the electrodes before the first installation is a totally and innovative work that Yuasa has introduced first.

But not only these unique features that have made this one the best ATV battery. There is some other awesome functionality that has made this one of the best suite ATV battery.

But before discussing the advanced features I’m going to talk about the basic features that are necessary for an ATV battery.

This one is rated with 12 volts that is required by all ATVs. Again, this one supplies 10 amperes of continuous current in every hour.

But the most noteworthy thing about this one is this have 180 CCA rating. This feature ensures the most reliable source of energy for your ATV engine starting.

Most of the Lead Acid battery dies just after a couple of months. You know why?

The electrode metals segregate after they have changed into ions. But thanks to Yuasa. They have use lead-calcium technology. For this reason, the gravity of the electrode particles has lessened to one-third.

This increases the battery life to a great extent. Although no in a great quantity this one also decrease the weight of the battery. Remember that you need your ATV to be light to drive quickly and smoothly.

Licking of Acid fumes can be hazardous for your ATV body.


Creation for Salt! Whenever the Acid fumes come in touch with the metal.

They both create salt. As a result, the battery holder gets corrosion which can further spread to the body of your ATV.

They have made this one totally sealed from weather and spill-proof – again thanks to Yuasa. They have used special plates and absorbance glass mat separators to get this job done.

Another benefit of this is it makes the battery fully safe that it doesn’t let any of the hydrogens out. You know how flammable hydrogen is.

When the brand is Yuasa; then there is no doubt about the quality of the battery. But one thing you must acknowledge that this one won’t be suitable for large size ATV – the ratings gives a clear idea about this.

So, if you are a small ATV user this one will ensure the best satisfaction of you.

Overview of features: 

  • 12 Volts & 10 Ah rating.
  • 180 CCA.
  • Environmentally sealed & spill-proof.
  • Lead-calcium technology.
  • Separated Electrolyte bottles with pre-measurement.
  • Only 9.6-pound weight.

8. UPG UBCD5745 Sealed Lead Acid Batteries Review


You know, the very first Lead Acid Battery that I have used was from UGP or Universal Power Group. And that was awesome in service for four years.

The UPG UBCD5745 is not different. You can run a mini Backup system with this for your room. But what happens if you use this one for your ATV?

This one weighs 12 pounds. This is a little bit heavy compared to the other batteries.

But for more powerful performance; as this one is Lead-Acid battery they can’t help but have to make this one large and heavy.

This is because they have used the solid lead as the electrode. Calcium is not present in this battery. Therefore this may cause segregation of ions.

But, its large size and heavy weight help it does hold more power. This one this rated with traditional 12 volts.

But this is an 18 Ah battery that supplies more current in an hour than the other ordinary Lead-Acid battery. For large ATV this one is going to be the perfect one.

For standard usage, this one can be used at a voltage rating of 13.6 to 13.8 volts with the current flow of 2.7 amperes. And if you want to use this one in the cycle you can have 14.5 to 14.9 volts in 5.7 amperes.

Most of the batteries dead after a couple of years. But this one has a life of 3 to 5 years. If maintained properly, this one has a record of a life of 8 years.

The battery core is fully sealed from the environment and spill-proof. This makes the battery environment-friendly and safe.

There are some issues that I don’t like about this one. First of all the terminals – they are not well constructed and thin. Again if you discharge it fully it will lessen the battery life.

Above all of this, if you have a heavy ATV and have a Winch for it, you are going to need more power. At such situation, this one will help you get.

Overview of features:

  • Weighs 12 pounds.
  • Rated with 12 volts and 18 Ah.
  • AGM technology.
  • Great backup.
  • Cycle and standby mode.
  • Made for large ATVs.

9. Yuasa YUAM320BS YTX20L-BS Battery

Yuasa YUAM320BS YTX20L-BS Battery

Yuasa YUAM320BS YTX20L-BS Battery is one of the best ATV battery form many aspects. This one has all the basic features as well as the advanced features that have increased the usability of this battery with almost all the ATVs.

First of all, this one is rated at 12 volts that are required by all the ATVs. This 18-ampere battery will give you a continuous supply for almost ten hours.

The CCA rating is great also. This has 270 cold cranking amperes. Therefore this can hold the same supply of current for a long time as well as a smooth engine starting.

For usability, this one of the most wanted one because it’s fully maintenance free. Yuasa used the lead-calcium technology for this battery.

As a result, the weight of the electrode reduces up to one-third of the getting batteries. Benefit – lower weight and low segregation hence long-term battery life.

No pre-filled battery core. You have to fill the core yourself after getting in hands. Although not a great advantage but this will increase the performance of the battery. Since after refill for the first time it will not even require adding water.

This one is fully sealed from the environment as well as spill proof. Yuasa has used AGM or Advanced Glass Mat absorbing technology. As a result of the electrolytes fully absorbed by them.

So when the battery gains charge it will not create and acid fumes and hydrogen gas. This makes the battery safe for both the environment and also for your ATV.

Because if any of the molecules of the acid leaks from the battery core this will results corrosion by creating salt in your ATV’s metallic body.

The terminal of this battery isn’t made of Copper. This is disappointing to me. But they are well constructed and have multiple holes for connecting wires. They are thick enough and therefore they won’t break or corrosion early.

On the other hand, the weight of this battery is about 15 pounds. This is a little bit more than the general. So if you have a small ATV and need a light battery for that it’s better not to go for this.

Overall this is an awesome battery if you consider the price and the functionality. Again, the power rating is also compatible with all size of ATVS. Having one of this won’t disappoint you.

Overview of features:

  • Rated with 12 volts and 18 Ah.
  • 270 CCA rating.
  • Fully sealed and lick proof.
  • AGM technology.
  • Lead-calcium electrode.
  • Electrode supplied for filling.
  • Totally maintenance free.
  • Weighs 15 pounds.

10. 12V3AH WPX4L-BS Sealed AGM Battery Review


If you don’t want to spend that much money on your ATV battery than this may be the suitable one for you. This one fulfills all the basic requirements that a workable ATV battery should have.

But the power ratings are low and some of the advanced functionality will not be available in this battery.

This one comes with 12 volts – no change here. But if you look at the Ah rating – that is really low. Only 3 Ah. As a result, this one won’t be able to supply power for that much long time.

Again, the Cold Cranking Amps is only 50. Judging all these basic features finally this can be said that this won’t be that much use for large ATVs and old engines that have a problem in starting.

Rather if you have a small one and drive scarily; you may choose this. But never go for this one if your engine has a starting problem.

AGM technology has been used to make this battery environment-friendly and safe. For this technology, this one doesn’t require adding water or you can say – this is fully maintenance free.

Again, this technology also increases the life of the battery.

For spill-proof construction, there is no chance for the acid fumes to come out. As a result, it won’t create destruction to your ATV.

As you can see above I didn’t mention anything special so that, that gives a reason this one having its place in our ATV battery list.

While other Lead –Acid battery uses lead-calcium technology for making electrodes; it’s not present in this one. As a result, there is a high rate of segregation and the weight also increase to some percent.


This one has.

This is the battery in our list that has high discharge rate. Not only this; but this offers you a long-time service because of having deep discharge recovering power.

Shock resistance, vibration resistance, and high-temperature resistivity are some of the good sites of this battery.

Overview of features:

  • 12 volts and 3 Ah power rating.
  • 50 Cold Cranking Amperes.
  • High discharge rate and high discharge recover power.
  • SLA/AGM technology.
  • Shock and vibration resistance.
  • Works on high temperature.

11. Shorai LFX09L2-BS12 Extreme Rate Lithium Iron Powersports Battery Review

Shorai LFX09L2-BS12 Extreme Rate Lithium Iron Powersports Battery

If you are reading this article from the beginning and read it thoroughly then you must know why the Lithium batteries are the best choice.

Like all other lithium batteries, the Shorai LFX09L2-BS12 also comes in a lightweight design – only 1.3 pounds. This is the one-fifth weight of the standard Lead-Acid battery. For the ATVs,

lightness is very much necessary because these vehicles are invented to drive first and on a dirt road. So, choosing this will make your ATV light and give you swiftly.

This one is fully safe. And yes, almost all the lithium batteries are.


Because they create no explosive gas during charging and also no acid fumes. How will they?

They don’t even use any Sulfuric Acid indeed. Also not any water.

Have an old engine that doesn’t start easily. Then this is the one that you should choose. Because of its high CCA rating, this helps the engines to start very easily.

The well-constructed and new designed terminal will make the connection process easier.

Another most noteworthy thing about this battery is it takes a very small amount of time. Where the Lead-Acid takes hours of charging; it only takes a few minutes to charge its half.

Lithium batteries are the safest one. Because they are safe for the environment. You may have learned the hazardous behavior of lead particle to the environment. But you know; lithium is fully safe for the environment.

So next time when you dispose battery – if it’s lead-acid than doing it with care or recycle it; but if this one is a lithium battery; you can dispose of it normally.

The power rating of this battery is compatible with all ATVs. Final if you think that spending a little bit more to have the powerful, light, safe one; then you are welcome to pick this one.

Overview of features:

  • Rated with 12 Volts.
  • Lithium-Iron technology.
  • Environment-friendly.
  • Only 1.3-pound weight.
  • High CCA.
  • Very good for engine starting.

ATV Battery Sizes: How to Pick the Right Size

There is no specific size of the ATV battery. You should choose one according to the power of your ATV. But there are some measurements and ratings that should meet.

  • The battery must be rated with 12 volts because this is the required voltage for all the electronic parts of the battery.
  • The Ah rating should not be less than 8 Ah. Because an ATV needs at least this much power.
  • CCA rating or Cold Cranking Ampere must me at least 80 for the engine starting. Greater is best. But if less than that you may have a problem starting your ATV.
  • The height must be between 3 to 5 inch, length 4 to 6 inch and width 2 to 4 inch. You can use padding if the battery doesn’t fit with the battery case.
  • For the weight, the lower it is the better. But never go for over 25 pounds.

How To Charge ATV Battery and How Long to Charge it

When you first get your ATV battery I hand that can have the following conditions:

  • The core is empty, needs to be refilled.
  • The battery is filled but not charged.
  • Charged and ready to install.

For the first case, you have to refill the battery with electrolytes as the instruction. The electrolytes will be supplied with the battery in most cases otherwise you have to buy one separately.

Then you should read the instruction manual thoroughly. From that, you will have a deep insight of the battery. Here you will also get the charging method and instruction.

Next, you should connect the battery terminal with the charging points. But before plug in the charger, you should rate the charger as the rating of the battery.

Here you should maintain two things:

  • One, don’t ever connects to the wrong terminal – I mean negative with the positive and positive with the negative.
  • Two, always use the same power rated charger with the battery. Never use the over amperage charger.

1. Lead-Acid

For the lead-acid battery calculate the charge voltage from the number of the core and their voltage. Then from the Ah rating calculate the current. This is one-third of the Ah rating. But you should use lower.

Observe the battery temperature voltage and current while charging. When you see the charging current dropped down to three percent of the Ah rating; stop charging.

You can use a power supply and that will equalize the lead-acid battery. This also helps to prevent sulfation.

2. Lithium Battery

The charging process is the same as the lead-acid battery. But you must follow some extra caution. For the lithium battery, the threshold voltage is 4.2 for every core.

So, make this sure that none of the terminals exceeds this rating while they are in series.

The Charging Method

There are a number of charging methods that you can adopt. Here is the brief of some of them:

  • Cyclic Charging: This is a constant charging method and gives the battery a long life.
  • CCC Charging: In this method, you can charge your battery with a constant current.
  • First Charging: This is adapted for charging the battery in less than an hour. This mainly uses active charge termination and some advanced features.
  • Standby Charging: In this method, the charging current changes along with the charging period.

Low Voltage or High?

In most of the battery, you will get two charging amperage. I recommend using the lower one although that will take more time to charge.

But the benefit is this ensure the proper charging, keeps the battery cool, gives the battery long life.

The electrode particles will completely change into ions and ensure uniform distribution. But there is one problem; sulfation may take place.

But the higher gives more consistency to the battery and prevents sulfation. On the other hand, you will get some disadvantages – corrosion, gassing, water refill, overcharge, the rise in temperature.

Charging environment is one of the most important things that you should maintain properly. They are as follow:

  • Always charge the battery in cool temperature. Because high temperature can cause an explosion.
  • Never ever overcharge the battery. This decrease the battery life.
  • Always keep the cap of the battery open. This will let the gas out.
  • If you use multiple battery charge them is series not in parallel.

There are also some safety matters that you should maintain:

  • If you see an unexpectedly high-level reaction in the battery core just turn shut down the charging process.
  • Don’t get yourself exposed to the battery while charging.
  • Ensure there is no spark and flame that can create a hazardous accident.
  • Keep the children away while charging.
  • Never charge the battery while it’s attached with the ATV. .if fully discharged, remove it and charge separately.

Mistakes People Do while Using ATV Battery

Here are some mistakes you should avoid when using your ATV battery:

1. Undercharging

This lessens the battery life. The effect is huge when you store the battery for a long time. This causes sulfation in the electrode plate.

The effect isn’t instant, but it will gradually make your battery dead. The best way to prevent the loss is to charge them properly with a metered charge and if stored charge them regularly.

2. Overcharging

Access is very bad in anything. Same for the batteries too. The effects are – corrosion in the positive electrode, more water consumption or drought, excessive temperature in the battery core hence internal damage.

3. Adding Normal Water

You know I had done this mistake in my childhood. Result? All my three four battery became dead just after a few days. Because normal water contains some salt and they are very hazardous for the battery.

Again using access water dilutes the electrolyte and the performance goes down. On the other hand, low water causes irreversible damage to the electrode.

4. Storing When the Battery is Empty

This is a huge mistake. That is why you will find some of the battery of the market to be empty when getting in the hand first.

They have done this to increase the battery life. When the battery is empty and you store it for a long time it gradually discharges. This creates huge damage to the electrode and the electrolyte too.

5. Total Discharging

Total discharging or using the battery to its last limit is very much harmful to the battery life. This conflicts with the battery chemistry.

Final Words on the Best ATV Battery

Choosing the best battery for your ATV is very important if you want to drive your ATV smoothly and without any worries.

As well as this is a hard task too. But if you have read this guide thoroughly then I think this will be easier for you to figure out the best ATV battery for you.

Because by this time you know much more about ATV batteries and how to choose the right one. Finally, I hope you are able to get the right one that’ll give you a lot of value for your money.

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