Best ATV Grips for the Money (Updated for 2019)


Do you need high-quality ATV grips? Get one of the best ATV Grips I recommend on this page!

If you have ever tried to handle an ATV during winter with your bare hands, you can testify to the hardship involved with that.

Numb fingers?

Feel the clutch lever is too harsh?

The comfort isn’t just going to be there. You may need an ATV grip to save yourself all these hardships.

Driving your machine with a grip should be important to you if you care about comfort while doing your thing.
In fact, some people often consider the grip a must-have necessity.

For this reason, you’ll soon realize that getting a warming grip is going to be one of the best investment you do for your sanity while operating your machine.

After assessing different models based on consumer ratings, ease of installation, durability, and cost, I’ve come up with the best grips you can get your ATV.

In this article, I review the best all-terrain vehicle grips that can serve as great bike bar protectors and provide additional heating solutions to you.

You’ll soon see why the following grips represent the easy and convenient solutions to all lovers of the comfortable and protected ride.

But before that, let’s look at some of the things you should know before you buy the Best ATV Grip.

What to Consider When Choosing the Best ATV Grips

There are several things you have to consider when choosing a grip. Here are the most important ones:

1. Shape

Some people think that the first thing to consider is the cost of the grip. While this is true to some extent, it may not be the most important.

What is most important is the comfort provided by the grip. And this is largely determined by the shape. If you have a bigger hand, you need something that’s a little big in the middle so you can have a firm grip.

What if you have smaller hands?

Obviously, you’ll need something ergonomic and equally accommodating to your slim palms.

2. Material

Another important thing to consider is the material. Since you’ll be riding on your vehicle for a considerable period of time, it’s important to choose a grip that’s made from soft and gentle fabric so you don’t get your hands fatigue too quickly.

Yes, you are probably looking for some warmth while driving in the winter cold.

But you also need something that’s palm-friendly and can allow you to operate your machine for long hours without getting tired too early.

3. Cost

Why did I put the cost here?

Well, I’m doing it that way so you don’t think that is the first thing to consider.

However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take it into consideration. You can even make it no #1 on your list if you want.

But, know that you need to know that buying a cheap ATV grip means you are going with lower quality. The more you pay for the grip, the higher the quality you get.

4. The Handlebars

The handlebar is one of the areas that ensures you are working with proper temperature levels while operating your ATV. With a good handlebar, you can easily adjust the heat levels without taking your eyes off the road.

If you are going to be driving a lot during the winter, pay close attention to the kind of handle on the unit you are buying.

5. Stability

Most grips are made from hard and resilient materials, which makes them easy to work with. However, this may be influenced by the kind of brand you are buying from.

You have to first ensure you are buying from a brand that’s reputable for producing high-quality models.

Then ensure users are not complaining about the grips from the brand. Signs of stability include rigidity, not breaking easily and maintaining stance when hitting hard objects.

Reviews of the Best ATV Grips [Plus A Few More Guides]

Here are the top best ATV Grips on the market. You don’t need to go through thousands of models to choose the right one.

Have done all the legwork for you. All you have to do is read the descriptions of each of these grips on the list and choose one that suits you the best.

Let’s start ==>

3. BikeMaster Heated Grips (7/8)

best atv grips

The third on the list is the BikeMaster Heated Grips. It’s not third because it’s bad, just the way the list is arranged.

With these grips, you do not need to tolerate uncomfortable temperatures, since the grips provide effective temperature regulation.

The grips allow the users to adjust 5 levels of temperature, which is highly practical in usual situations when the weather is harsh and cold. The elegant design is very attractive for most users who want to get both a stylish and comfortable solution.

Rubber materials are very carefully selected to provide a secure grip. It is suitable for 12V DC application, which is a standard application in most bikes.

Grips are designed for twist throttle usage and some users want to fit them over plastic pieces, but this is not possible since the grips are not designed to fit over the plastic covers.

These are standard grips for multiple usages and these provide complete support. Users can also enjoy the multi-setting switch for more control and additional comfort.

2. Kuryakyn 6235 ISO Grips

best atv heated grips

These Kuryakyn grips fit most bike bars since the grips can be modulated with a throttle lock. The lock is very useful and it can find application in 7/8 and 1inch bars.

With full attention to details, the Kuryakyn grips designers considered what the actual needs of the bikers really are.

These are safe and secured grips that provide full comfort during a ride. Moreover, you get very versatile solutions with this product.

You can easily use them on a wide range of ATVs, all over from Kawasaki and Honda to Yamaha and Victory. The grips are suitable for versatile applications.

For a more secure purchase, the manufacturer provides a complete warranty during the first year of usage. The warranty comes with full confidence from the company that is well-known for quality grips and additional products.

Most users claim the full effectiveness of these grips.

3. Symtec 215047 Heated Push On Grip

By no way the least.

By now, you are familiar with almost all features you can find on these ATV grips. However, this comes with some exciting features.

With 4 zone controller settings, these grips allow you to have complete control over the grips. You can adjust the control level in every situation and it comes almost naturally to switch from one level to another one.

In this kind of setting, it is easier to ride a bike in different road conditions. No matter of the occasion, you have full support.

In addition to the 4 zones of control, you also have 2 variable voltage plug-ins for specific power connections.

There is also 1 DC plug-in with integrated regulation of power modes, so you can be completely aware of the switch.

The heated grips come with 5 heat settings, where you can apply different heating options, depending on your actual needs.

Your thumbs will also be protected since the grips include thumb warming solutions. With all these features, we can say these grips are ideal for a wide variety of bikes in situations when weather conditions are quite challenging.

How to Install your ATV Grips

Now that you have gotten yourself an ATV grip, how do you insert/install it on your machine? This is quite easy, and it doesn’t require that you be an expert ATV installer.

Just your common sense and a few tools. Instead of giving you a lengthy talk and steps that may be too difficult to follow, here is a simple video to follow to do this.

Follow the steps and have your new Grips on your ATV |::>

What if you already have some grips on your ATV but want to change them now? Well, that’s also simple. Even kids can do changing without getting into too much problem.

How to Change Your ATV Grips

Here is another video for you to change the Grips on your machine. Let the kids take you by the hand while you replace your old grips with the newest ones



Final Words on the Best ATV Grips for the Money

Choosing ATV grips for your machine shouldn’t be difficult, especially with a guide such as this. As long as you know what you are looking in these grips, you shouldn’t have any problem with choosing one.

Whether you want to use them on your watercraft, motorcycle, dirt bike, or most importantly, your ATV, you’ll find among them those that’ll fit in nicely.

Reading about these accessories is the first step toward getting the extra comfort you need when cruising with your ATV. The final step is to actually buy one of these. And you can avail yourself the videos above to get them set up quickly for your use.

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