Top 10 Best ATV Winch Reviews Of 2019 (Updated)

Best ATV Winch Reviews for Money-Update 2017

One day you were exploring the backcountry on a four-wheeler and suddenly found yourself in deep mud and have to traverse through.

Now what?

For sure, if are an adventurist, such a scenario hadn’t been rare for you. And obviously, your driving skills won’t work here to get out.

Therefore, an external kit such as the best ATV winch can be the best possible solution to rescue yourself or your buddies as well.

Here is My Top 3 Pick for ATV Winch

Image Name + Steel Cable Power HP Pricing
SuperWinch Terra 35 (50 ft. Cable) 3500lbs 1.6 Check Price
SuperWinch 1130220 (50 ft. Cable) 3000lbs 1.2 Check Price
Smittybilt 97495 Winch (93.5 ft. Cable) 9500 lbs 6.6 Check Price

ATV winches from popular brands are powered with numerous features and technologies. But the problem is, with many brands and many features in the ATVs, it’s hard to choose exactly what you are looking for.

But there is something we have done to make it easy for you.

I’ve done the hard task of filtering out best ATV winches for you. In this ATV winch reviews, I’ve selected the top 10 ATV winches on the market.

Factors I considered throughout the research are Customer Reviews, Expert’s Analysis Reports, Brand Reputation, After-sales warranty, Price-quality ratio and several other parameters.

Ready to get your hands on the best model but don’t have the time to go through all the reviews? Here is a quick selection of what I recommend you buy:

The Top 10 Best ATV Winch: Full Review of Models

Now that you know some of the things to consider before buying,  let’s get right into our list of the best-selling ATV winches on the market:

1. SuperWinch 1135220 Terra ATV Winch


Welcome to the first pick of the best ATV winch on the market of our list.

Frankly, when we were going through its exclusive features and reviews, we couldn’t help preserving the 1st position for Super winch 1135220 Terra ATV winch.

Let’s take a deeper look inside…

What makes it stand out of the crowd is- it’s with strong and powerful oil packed bronze bearings, combined with a planetary gear ring.

Since these types of bearings are pre-lubricated and the grease is entirely sealed inside the bearing, that results in a great deal less wear.

We found many brands nowadays offers high power age and wattage of motors, but few of them are concerned about its driving cost.

But, this product contains a Permanent Magnetic(PM) motor inside which is great to provide a massive pulling power.

If you aren’t concerned about the advantages of PM motors – PM motors are well known to be lightweight and possessive to plenty of pulling powers.

Let’s look up to what this model has got for its user safety.

Super winch products had always been appreciated to ensure maximum user’s safety in themselves. This tool is another leaf on its crown.

Major safety features that worth mentioning are- dynamic breaking, mechanical load holding, least amount of wire rope slippage and quick stopping of the drum.

Apart from all the goods Super winch 1135220 Terra has, we also found some case-sensitive negative issues. As an example, mounting the device with Can-Am Commander ATV didn’t work great sometimes.

However, if you get over the compatibility issue, we are pretty sure that you will find it the perfect one.

Highlighted Features:

  • Powered by high efficiency 1.6 HP motor.
  • In terms of gear trains, it contains an all-steel planetary gear.
  • Weather sealed body and smart circuit breaker provided for optimum protection.
  • Free spooling clutch along with ergonomic control.
  • Handheld remote control with 10’ wire.
  • Durable and rigid 50 feet pulling steel wire.

2. Master Lock 2953AT 12-Volt DC Portable Winch


Don’t skip this review because Master Lock 2953at doesn’t have the familiar look of most ATV winches. As long as we are concerned, it’s massive power of doing heavyweight tasks is undeniable.

In fact, that’s the core reason of why this has made its position to number two.

Let’s dig deeper…

Before today, you maybe were into a dilemma that you have to buy multiple winches for your vehicle, trailers, boat and more!

But my friend, it’s a negative as long as you have this winch in hands. It’s mountable with both of a ball-mount hitch or a flat surface. So, you don’t have to break the bank for multiple winching anymore!

You’ve learned about mounting, but what about the workload?

Talking about pulling, Master Lock 2953at won’t disappoint you at all. It can pull a 2000 lbs., pound 2000 lbs. in marine and carry 6000 lbs. in pound rolling.

As we mentioned a while ago, several types of gear trains are used in electric winches. But we didn’t say that which one is the best. For keeping it simple we are comparing between planetary gear and parallel-shaft gear for now.

In a planetary gear train, the power consistency is quite less than what it is in a parallel-shaft gear. And you know what’s the good news?

This winch we are talking about is fully equipped with parallel-shaft gear and it makes sure that you can pull roll wheeled trailers of 6000 lbs. in the road and 5000 lbs. on water.

Highlighted Features:

  • Galvanized steel cable along with a safety hook provided.
  • The speed is six feet of mounting in a minute.
  • Easy to move around, as long as the size and portability is concerned.
  • Comes up with a 20-ft. power cable, hand crank and sensitive remote control.
  • Capable of pulling an array of heavy workloads.

3. SuperWinch 1130220 LT3000ATV 12 VDC Winch


If you are in search of such best winch for a jeep that’s compact, multi-purpose, versatile and also has brand-name reliability with it, we have got the Super winch 1130220 LT3000ATV for you.

A large team of experts stands behind this particular winch and there are reasons.

This 3000 pounds’ winch is an intermediate winch which will be required for relatively big pulling needs. Being powered by a 3-stage planetary gear train, it’s the power of taking massive workloads is beyond doubt.

The motor is supposed to be the powerhouse of an ATV winch. When it comes to this very product, the 1.2 HP permanent magnet motor covers it all.

It draws a low amperage while provides sufficient power to pull any load within its range of capacity. Lastly, the motor is completely sealed to prevent unwanted extrusion of fluids.

Controlling a winches operation from a safe distance is the major safety concerns of ATV winch manufacturers.

In this tool from Super winch, you will have a wired handheld remote control system that can work from the 12ft lead at max. As per the expert’s sayings, this much distance is safe enough for any operation.

We would like to give an honorable mention to some of its other features as well. The automatic brake system, 50ft x 3/16 inches’ rope, easy and fast disengagement and numerous accessories are something that makes it stand out of the crowd.

Highlighted Features:

  • Powered by a metal 3-stage planetary type gear train.
  • Ready to take a 3000 pounds’ load at maximum.
  • 4-way heavy duty roller fairlead.
  • Consists of both mechanical and dynamic braking system.
  • 100% automatic load holding to prevent wire slippage.

4. Smittybilt 97495 XRC 9500 lb. Load Capacity Winch


If said in one word this one is a giant. Smittybilt is renowned for manufacturing power winch for years. And this one is not a difference.

With 9500 lbs. which means 4309 kg pulling strength this one is definitely a monster for all kinds of daily winching purposes.

This becomes possible for its 6.6 horsepower motor powered with 650CCA battery. This is most noteworthy that this is the minimum power rating for a small size winch.

Ok. Great power. But what about controlling?

Not only is the polling power things that have made this one of the best winch its awesome user-friendly operation. This has the most commonly used three-stage planetary system.

The sliding ring gear system ensures the winching done by less effort and expertise. Finally, the 161.28:1 gear ratio has ensured the requirement of less effort possible.

Think about the situation when your car is stuck a little bit far away from any supporting base like trees. In such a situation, if the pulling rope is short your winch will be just useless.

But when you have this winch it won’t be a matter of worry for you. Because this one has 94 feet long cable with a diameter of 5/16 inch.

Finally, it comes to durability? This is common that nobody is going to buy a winch in each and every month.


At this point, this one also ensures your maximum satisfaction. Strong mounting system and large size bolts prevent this machine from cracking.

Finally, this can be said that this one will help you to a great extent whatever the situation is.

Highlighted Features:

  • Waterproof rated with the IP67 rating.
  • Series wounded 6.6 HP motor• Sliding Ring Gear.
  • 94 feet cable.
  • 10 x 4.5-inch mounting bolt pattern.
  • 9500 lbs. or 4309 KGs single pulling power.

5. Superwinch 1595200 (Tiger Shark 9.5) with roller fairlead Winch

Super winch 1595200 Tiger Shark 9.5

The most common issue that every winch user faces is they rust after a couple of months. Especially for those users who have to use their winch in damp weather or the weather is often rainy this is a great issue.

There is nothing to do with this issue of you don’t have such a winch is unbeatable against any weather condition.

Because of having a master stainless steel construction Super winch 1595200 Tiger Shark 9.5 is such a winch that solves the issues mentioned above.

But this is not the root cause that allows this one to acquire its place in our top list of power winch. There are also some great functionalities that have made this machine one of the best power winch.

First of all, this winch has 9,500 lb./4,309 kg pulling capacity. This power is produced by a 5.2 HP motor that can be powered by a 12 v dc battery. One point should be noted there is that this motor is not a great powerful one.

But still, this is enough for moderated pulling. The satisfactory matter about this motor is that you can you’re your car battery in order to operate this one.

Now that you have great power next things you must be looking for is the workability of the winch.

Here it again beats other ordinary winches.

This one is usable in any weather condition. Both the motor and solenoid is weatherproof. Stainless steel finishing has added a new dimension to this.

This remote control ATV winch can be operated from 12 feet away with the help of rubber hand-held remote.

Adding all these things together this power machine offers you a great winching with effortless winch operation.

Highlighted Features:

  • 9,500 lbs. winching power.
  • Can be powered with ordinary car batteries.
  • Weather sealed.
  • Remote operation from 12 feet distance.
  • Easy grip and effortless operation.
  • Three stages ultra-tough planetary gearbox.

6. SuperWinch LT2000 12V- 2,000lb Capacity Utility Winch

best atv winch

Remember Napoleon? Was short in size, but the empire of the world.

Super winch LT2000 12V Utility Winch is something like that. It’s surprisingly small in size but massive in power. It does its works above well.

This power winch is featured with 1 HP motor which creates 2000 lbs. pulling energy. One thing you should note that this winch won’t be so much helpful for winching a heavy load. But when the load is lower this is a good performer.

Super winch LT2000 12V Utility Winch uses 49 feet 5/32-inch wire rope for pulling objects with a stainless thimble. Moreover, differential planetary gearbox and free spooling clutch which provides quite as well as efficient pull and turns.

If you want to upgrade your winch in future then this is the best choice. You can do this easily by attaching an ATV handlebar.

After all these things, you need a safe operation that will fulfill your desire from any winch. The handled rubber remote allows you to operate this machine from far with safety.

But one problem that this winch can create is the pooling portion is not in the middle. Because of this reason, it can create momentum in the machine.

If put in the short word this power winch will satisfy you by its service from all aspects.

Highlighted Features:

  • Latched hook with rope thimble.
  • 49 feet pulling wire.
  • Long remote chord.
  • Full functional ATV handlebar.
  • Workmanship for electrical components.
  • Low power consumption.

7. Warn 89020 Vantage 2000 Winch


Warn industries manufactures off roads equipment for four wheelers for a long time with due reputation. Warn 89020 Vantage 2000 is one of the best ATV winches off warn winch family.

Think about the situation when you are enjoying your days in the desert or icy region and your four-wheeler stuck. Your whole event will go sadly. At such condition, a power winch can help you out the best.

But the major problem is you can’t carry a heavy and large winch in such type of vehicle. On the other hand, this is also not possible to power up a large winch with the small size batteries.

This is the reason why Warn has built this machine which is affordable for small size vehicle.

For the ease of use, this one has an ultra-light synthetic rope. This helps you out with your ATV as well as side by side.

Just have an eye on its outlook. You have to admit that it’s strong. Having a stainless steel finish this one inhibits corrosion. Furthermore, this one has improved winch sealing which keeps the elements inside free from the attack of weather.

Next, it’s about the operation process. This one has a dash-mounted control switch. Therefore, this gives easy control over the winch.

The corded remote operation has done the operation easier and smoother. Even you can operate this winch when you are on your ATV.

Finally, this winch has a pulling capacity of 2000 lb. This is adequate for small size ATV. For the best class performance at an affordable price, this is the best atv winch for snow plowing.

Highlighted Features:

  • 50 feet long chord.
  • Weather sealed motor.
  • Differential smooth planetary gear.
  • Handlebar-mounted mini rocker control.
  • Powerful permanent motor.
  • Withstand element construction.
  • 2000 lbs. pulling capacity.

8. SuperWinch (1140220) Black 12 VDC LT4000 ATV Winch

Super winch 1140220 Review

In some special cases, you can’t leave ATV and do the winching operation. At such condition, the Super winch (1140220) Black 12 VDC LT4000ATV helps you the most even if your ATV is little heavy.

This one has single line pulling capacity of 4000 lb. The motor can be operated with a standard car battery. The most noteworthy thing about this motor is low battery power consumption.

Because of having low amperage permanent magnet, it doesn’t use extra power to create the magnetic field.

50 feet 3/16-inch steel cable is attached to this winch. This is enough for pulling an ATV of normal size from a normal distance.

This is necessary to operate a winch from your ATV because the integration of the engine power of your ATV and the motor power of the winch easily pulls the ATV out. And that is why this allowing you to operate this one from your vehicle.

Again, you can operate this with the help of a remote from far. Sometimes you may require it for some extra safety.

Generally, a winch is used for two cases. For pulling up and letting down. For the second case, you must have a good brake. Considering this reason, they have added the mechanical and dynamic brake.

The three-stage planetary drive is used in order to ensure quiet and reliable operation and this is proven in the field.

If you don’t feel so good with steel rope then you can choose synthetic ropes because this winch has steel reinforced drums.

Highlighted Features:

  • Switch and remote operation.
  • 50 feet 3/16-inch steel cable.
  • Low amperage powerful permanent magnet motor.
  • Mechanical and dynamic brake.
  • 1.4 horsepower motor.
  • Free spooling ergonomic clutch.

9. SuperWinch 1140220 ATV Winch

Super winch 1140220 Review

We are almost at the bottom at our top 10 best ATV winch reviews. Here at number 9, we have the mighty Super winch 1140220 Review. This product doesn’t actually deserve to be such low in the ranking.

But we found a few issues with the length of the battery cable. Still, there is a lot about this product that you may find interesting.

With its massive 4000 lbs. rated line pulling capacity, it’s literally capable of doing heavyweight jobs with ease. In addition, as a smart circuit breaker is provided inside, you can leave the worries of durability alone.

Now, there might be a question coming in mind. It’s provided with a 4000 lbs. capacity, but is the rope strong enough to carry on such load?

Well, let me tell you a thing about Super winch products. Super winch makes a quality winches and makes sure there is not even a single compatibility issue.

Therefore, this Super winch 1140220 Review is specially designed for synthetic ropes. On top of that, all other wirings, connectors and boots are dedicated to heavyweight pulling jobs.

Another thing that this tool is good at is- it’s extremely low straining capability. No matter whether you are rescuing a car of pulling on a clear span building, there will be almost zero strain on the rope.

Let’s move to the week parts now. As mentioned before, the battery cable that comes up with it is quite short. So, you have to spend some extra bucks to fix the issue.

Also, it’s a little hard to install at the first time. But once it’s done, it will please you with its quality features.

All these problems seemed minor and user-specific to our point of view. If you ask us frankly, we are pretty sure that you should give it a try for your next ATV winch purchase.

Highlighted Features:

  • Sealed with a 1.4 HP motor inside.
  • Has a great pulling capability of 4000 lbs. and beyond.
  • In case of the gear train, it has a 3-stage planetary gear.
  • 100% load holding and automatic brake.
  • Heavy deity roller with 4-way orientation.
  • 166:1 gear ratio.• 3/16’’ x 50’ dimension of wire rope.

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10. Superwinch 1331200 UT3000, 3,000lb/1360 kg with Mount Plate

Super winch 1140220 Review

Although not a great one but Super winch 1331200 UT3000 is one of the most effective winches from many aspects. And that is why this has taken its place in our top list.

With efficient performance and user-friendly functionality, this can fulfill all your expectation from a winch to a great extent.

But apart from this, it’s also a safe and durable one that will provide you a long-time service without any hazard.

This winch is powered with a 1.2 HP PM motor. And this motor provides up to 3000 lbs. of pulling power to this machine. Although not that much great, this is clearly adequate for transporting maximum types of common stuff.

Consequently, this one has forty feet long 3/16″ wire made rope which prevents itself from tattered and therefore ensures the safety of the stuff.

The most efficient use of a winch largely depends on the smoothness of the operating system. And the best off-road winch for the money for vehicle always meets this criterion. This one is also not any different.

The gear is specially designed and more functionality has been added to make this machine more efficient than ever. It uses differential planetary train gear having a ratio of 153:1.

This is mainly a free spooling clutch. Moreover, the dynamic braking has made this machine more user-friendly. Consequently, the clevis pins are easily removable and the fairlead is a four-way roller.

First of all, this one has a rubber handled safety remote along with 12′ cord.

As this type of winches is widely used in various damp and moist weather, therefore, to prevent the machine from malfunctioning it’s the motor solenoid is fully weather protected.

Furthermore, in serious condition, the circuit breaker stops the machine automatically. If you don’t require to handle much more weight than you can have one of this without any hesitation. I’m sure you won’t be dissatisfied.

Highlighted Features:

  • 3000 lb. Pulling capacity.
  • 153:1 Gear Ratio.
  • Easily removable clevis pins.
  • 1.2 HP motor.
  • 40 feet long 3/16 inch pulling chord.
  • Free spooling clutch.
  • 12 feet long remote operation.

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Types of ATV Winches

Winches are used all over the world on a variety of purposes. But which one is the best? Well, it’s hard to answer this question in one word – each type of ATV winch has got its own application.

In fact, it depends on what features you want in an ATV winch. Let’s have a look in the popular variations of ATV winches in the market:

Depending on the power sources of winches, they are of two types:

  • Electric winches: Gets its power from the battery of the vehicle (ATV).
  • Hydraulic winches: Receives power from the hydraulic system from the steering pump.

Depending on the Gear Line of the winches, we can again divide ATV winches into two types:

  • Planetary Gear Train Winches: Promised to give you a faster cable pulling with little more production of heat.
  • Worm Gear Train Winches: Gives you a less cable pulling speed along with less production of heat.

Lastly, based on how much weight a winch can pull, we can again divide them into two types:

  • Synthetic Rope Winches: Comes with less danger in use and also less pulling strength.
  • Steep Cable Winches: While it gives more strength in pulling a load, also it offers some more levels of danger in using.

From this complex classification of ATV winches, it becomes easier to choose the one that’ll suit you.

Let’s proceed to the buyer’s guide on how to choose the best one, a detailed review of each model as well as the factors to consider before buying.

How to Install ATV Winch

Throughout the entire Best ATV winch reviews, we have gone through a wide variety of features and relevant benefit of the best winch for a jeep. But getting most out of a winch is not so easy until you master on its functionalities and utilities.

Here is this section, we are going to provide a step-by-step guide on how to install an ATV winch at home. It’s a completely DIY guide and won’t require any external bits of help.

Before proceeding to the steps of installing, let’s have a look at what parts a usual ATV winch can have:

  • Quick disconnect motor leads.
  • Quick disconnect wiring harness.
  • Quick mount assembly.
  • Cable ties.
  • Hitch pin.
  • Dust cover.

Step 1: Mounting the Winch

An ATV/UTV winch will come with mounting kits right from the manufacturer. As mentioned in the user’s manual mount the winch with required parts and parcels.

Firstly, determine the winch mounting locations. Torque the mounting balls to 16 N-m. Remove the bottom tie bolt which is mainly retained for winch services.

Remove the elastic rope and put the clutch in the free spool position. Then, manually feed cable loop through free spool position.

Finally, attach the hook to cable and re-arrange the clutch.

Usually, the mounting kits that come with an ATV winch can nearly satisfy all ATV/UTV models. You will be provided with a wide slice.

Splice the end of the wire slice to a key controlled power circuit of the device. Take help from user’s manual if needed.

Step 2: Mount the Winch Contractor

What is a contractor?

Well, it’s basically an electromagnetic switch that controls electric power input to your winch. The electric power it serves to the device is later converted into mechanical power that makes the device work.

To mount the contractor, disconnect the battery cables of your vehicle first. Before that, make sure your winch is placed in such a position which is not so far from the battery, dry and clean.

Also, make sure the winch is having sufficient clearance from all of the metal plates of the car bottom.

Lastly, drill some mounting holes in the contractor and proceed to step 3.

Step 3: Mounting the Handlebar

The handle bar is the control panel ofany operation that’s done with an ATV winch. To install it, roll some electrical tape around the handlebar so that it can’t rotate while operating.

Once the handlebar is insulated, route the wire harness to the place where the contractor is mounted.

Step 4: Muting the Remote

It doesn’t require an explanation of why you need a remote to operate an ATV winch. To mount the remote with the device, determine the mounting location for the remote socket at first.

Once it’s done drill several holes in it. The number of holes can vary according to the winch model.

Routh the wire harness o the place where the contractor is supposed to be mounted. Then, using the provided wore splice, splice the end of the controlling wire to a electric fuse.

Step 5: Mount the Switch of the Dash

Lastly, it’s about mounting the dash. A dash is often found in ATVs, but rare in UTVs.

So, this step will be for you only if you are thinking about using the winch in an ATV.

Determine the location of dash mounting location and also for the dash switches. Use a bracket to mount the switch before you proceed. You can go back to step 1 to learn more about this.

Route the wire harness to the place where the contractor is already mounted. Take help from the diagrams of the user manual as necessary.

Now that, we are done with assembling up the pieces and providing power to the winch, let’s have a look at the using procedures of an ATV winch.

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How to Use an ATV Winch

Your ATV winch is perfectly mounted and now you are ready for the first launch. Now what?

It’ll be totally fulling is you go using it without any practical lesion provided by an experienced. However, if you don’t have that option, we have got something else for you.

In this Best ATV winch reviews, we are demonstrating basic steps to use an ATV winch. To keep things simple, we have written this guide, especially for first-time users.

Best Safe Before You Start

Before getting into the technical steps, let me remind you that being safe is the first and foremost task for you and people around you.

On that purpose, setup the winch properly, don’t overload the winch and don’t couple it up with unnecessary accessories.

Connect and Power Up the Remote Control

A port is dedicated to attaching the device end of the remote control. You have to route this line properly so that it doesn’t get pinched while the winch is on work.

Roll out The Hook Wire

Now you have got the remote control activated in hands. Make sure to stay at a safe distance and start rolling out the hook.

Unbind a couple of feet of the line so that there is enough slack available. It will also help to disconnect the winch right from the anchor point.

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Select A Proper Anchor Point

This is the most important part of the entire operation!

If you want your vehicle to be freed perfectly, it’s important that you select the safest anchor point. It should be in a straight line from where the vehicle is stuck.

Try to find a safe and rigid point of anchoring the pulling cable to. Features like the electric pillar, rock or stump are few examples.

When a handy piece of nature isn’t available nearby, try to use another car as the anchoring point.

Pull A Line to Anchor

In this step, you disengage the clutch and pull a winch line of wire to the anchor point. You have to control the winch with remote control and keep the line as straight as possible.

Make sure to watch out any natural litter like tree branches, rocks etc. Make sure anywhere at the wire, it’s not tangled with such natural obstacles.

Connect the Line of Winch

Now it’s time to slide the winch hook towards the D-shackle and then to re-engage the clutch to the winch itself. It’s good to keep a little bit of tension in the wire.

Lastly, double check if the connection to the anchor point is okay enough to go.

Start Winching

Now it’s the final step and here we will start the wincing operation. Slowey spools the wire onto the winch device by using the remote control.

For better results, recover the vehicle, keep the engine on and keep a drive in the car that you are rescuing.

Keep reeling the cable until the vehicle is in a stable and safe surface. To make sure that it’s in the right place, just check whether the vehicle can run on its own power or not.

5 Don’ts While Using an ATV Winch

  • Don’t try to handle the metal wire with bare hands.
  • Don’t hold the hook of the winch on the end of the cable.
  • Don’t tow with winch cable.
  • Don’t wrap the metal cable with a tree.
  • Don’t use the winch in long bursts.

Lastly, what we would like to advice is, properly following guidelines of ATV winch operation will provide you with years of trouble-free services.

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Final Words on the Best ATV Winch

It’s a pleasure for us that you have been through the last of this Best ATV winch reviews. Although I don’t want that you fall in need of a winching job regularly, I hope you use the perfect ATV winch when needed.

Now that, you have already identified what power and pulling strength you need for your ATV, you are half done with the purchasing task. For making the next part easy, we have researched out the best off-road winch for the money in one place.

The only task left is to check which one of this 10 meets both ends of price-quality ratio. No matter which of the top 10 products you select, it’s guaranteed to serve with its best.

Good luck with your adventure!

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