Best Ball Mount 2020 – Review & Buying Guide

It would be a waste of time to explain what a ball mount is and why it is used. However, to make things easier for you, we owe you a simple answer. A ball mount is simply a metal accessory that is designed to be inserted into a receiver hitch in such a way that it will form a mounting base, which will hold the trailer ball. A ball mount system is the main part of a trailer towing setup, and this part allows the trailer to turn with your vehicle.

Most of the trailer hitches come incorporated with its own receiver and ball mount. In some hitches, the ball mount can be taken off and stored inside the vehicle. So, what is the major advantage of using a ball mount? The major benefit of using a ball mount is that it will allow the user to switch the mount, in order to accommodate trailer couplers of different sizes.

Now, you know in detail about ball mounts, if you are considering to purchase a ball mount from the market today, then let us remind you. Selecting the best ball mount from the market today is not an easy task. To help you select the best ball mount, read the buying guide mentioned below. To help you, we have selected 5 best ball mounts that you can consider purchasing today.

Top 5 Best Ball Mount  / Hitch 

#1 CURT 45056 Trailer Hitch

If you are looking for a ball mount that comes with attractive features and at a reasonable price, then CURT 45056 is the best option for you. This ball mount not only comes designed to offer a towing capacity of 7500-pounds trailer but also an extra 750-pound tongue weight. The balls in this product are made of welded steel, and it has a hollow shank. The manufacturer to prevent the ball mount setup from rusting has a powder-coated the entire product. One of the notable things about this ball mount is that it is designed in such a way that it is easy to use and easy to install at the same time. While the ball mount setup is powder-coated, the ball is chrome plated for enhanced rust, dirt, and dust resistance.

Pros –

  • Offers dependable strength
  • Comes with a2x2 inch shank
  • Has  4-inch ball mount drop
  • Has a 2-inch diameter hole for trailer hitch ball
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to install 
  • Reasonable price
  • Comes with a powder coating to prevent rusting
  • Suitable for any climate use

Cons –

  • Nothing as such

#2 Reese Towpower 21536

Reese Towpower 21536 is one of the top-rated ball mounts available on the market today. Yes, even though; this brand is not well-known to all. This brand during the past few years has gained many positive reviews on their ball mount models. This ball mount is designed to fit the 2-inch square receiver, and it can support up to 6000-pounds weight. One of the notable things about this ball mount is that it comes powder coated for maximum rust resistance. This ball mount has a 2-inch drop and 0.75-inch rise. This product features a shank that has a length of 9-inches and 1—inch diameter. Yet another thing about this product is that it is designed to facilitate turning clearance. This ball mount comes with a chrome-plated ball with a pin and clip.

Pros –

  • Designed to fit 2-inch receiver
  • Has a maximum towing capacity of 6000-pounds
  • Steel balls with a black powdered coating
  • Has a 2-inch drop
  • 0.75-inch rise
  • Designed in such a way that it offers turning clearance
  • This ball mount includes pin and clip

Cons –

  • Few customers have reviewed the product to lack the adequate length

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#3 MaxxHaul 70067

The ball mount model MaxxHaul 70067 is one of the best products that you can get today. This ball mount is designed to handle class 3 and class 4 hitch receivers. This product features a 1-inch shaft call hole and also has an adjustable drop of 5-inches, 6.5, 8, and 9.5-inches. The product also features an adjustable rise of 3 3/4, 5 ¼, 6 ¾, and 8 ¼ inches. One of the notable things of this ball mount is that it offers maximum flexibility while adjusting the towing height. This ball mount can support up to 5000-pound weight and the product is tested and certified to meet all SAE standards. This ball mount is black powder coated to prevent it from rusting and also this product has an overall shank length of 10 ¾ inches.

Pros –

  • Designed to fit a standard 2×2-inch class 3 and class 4 receivers
  • Features a universal 1-inch ball shaft hole
  • Comes with an adjustable drop
  • Can handle up to 5000-pounds weight
  • Designed and manufactured based on SAE standards
  • Heavy-duty ball mount
  • Black powder coating to prevent rusting
  • 8-position adjustable feature
  • Has an overall shank length of 10 ¾-inches
  • Reasonable price

Cons –

  • The adjustable holes incorporated into this product is reviewed to be sloppy.

#4 Uriah Products UT623410

This ball mount comes from the brand Uriah Products and it is one of the top-rated ball mount available on the market today. This ball mount comes made of solid high-quality aluminum alloy that can handle a high amount of weight. This ball mount can handle up to 12000-pound weight using a 2 5/16-inch hitch ball. One of the notable things about this ball mount is that it comes with interchangeable steel balls that are hard chrome plated. Yet another thing about this ball mount is that it comes with an adjustable drop of 6 and 6 ¾ inches. This a ball mount has a design that uses locking hitch pins, and the same product comes with 5/8-inch diameter pinhole.

Pros –

  • Made of solid aircraft quality aluminium alloy
  • Can two up to a maximum of 12000-pound
  • A maximum of 12000-pound can be towed using a 2 5/16 inch hitch ball
  • Hard chrome plated hitch balls
  • Adjustable 6-inch maximum drop
  • Has a 5/8-inch pin hole diameter
  • Designed to fit all coupler holes
  • Comes in two different variants 6-inch and 8-inch 

Cons –

  • Expensive than most of the ball mounts on this list

#5 Towever 84181 

This is a triple ball mount, which as the name itself suggests, comes with three different hitch balls. Each hitch ball designed to support a different amount of trailer weight. One of the balls is 1 7/8 inches that can hold 2000-pounds, another 2-inches that can hold 6000-pound, and a 2 5/16-inches that can support up to 10000-pound. One of the notable things about this ball mount is that it comes with a lock and pin feature that can ensure maximum safety while towing any weight. The overall weight of the shank that comes incorporated is 7 ½ inches that offer an extended trailer receiver experience. Yet another thing about this product is that the entire product is powder-coated for maximum rust resistance.

Pros –

  • Comes with three balls
  • Class 3 receiver suitable
  • Can tow weight of 2000 to 10000-pounds
  • Black powder coated product
  • Comes with lock pin for maximum safety and stability
  • Can be used with trucks, pickup, and tractors
  • 1 7/8, 2, and 2 5/16 inches balls

Cons –

  • If not handled carefully, the finishing of the ball mount will be lost as they are prone to scratches.

Ball Mount Buying guide 

Let’s not waste time; we will get right into details on ball mounts and how to select the best ball mount for yourselves.


Type of ball mount –


There are 5 different types of ball mounts available on the market today. Each type of ball mount is differentiated based on how the ball mount functions. 

  1. Multi-ball – this is one of the most useful types o ball mount available on the market today. This type of ball mount comes with an extra three or four balls that can be used as a replacement if the current ball in the mount is not sufficient to accommodate the coupler. 
  2. Self-aligning – this type of ball mount comes designed in the form of a V that will facilitate to line up the towing system with ease.
  3. Dual-ball – like the name itself suggests, this is a multi-ball ball mount, but unlike the multi-ball, this one comes with two balls only, and these two balls will be of different sizes.
  4. Cushioned – this type of ball the mount is the most efficient type available on the market today. It comes with a design that will absorb the shock so that the weight of the trailer will not be a problem for the drive train even while at high speed or even while braking.
  5. A triple ball with hook – as the name itself suggests, this type of ball mount comes with different sized balls and a hook that can accommodate different types of trailer couplers.
  6. Integral – this type of ball mount comes with an inbuilt ball that cannot be replaced or removed under any circumstance.


Towing capacity –


Each ball mounts out there on the market is designed to accommodate a specific amount of load or weight. Yes, if you end up purchasing a wrong ball mount, then you should expect them to be worthless. If you ask us, we would recommend that you go for a ball mount with a larger capacity than what you actually need. Such a choice will not hurt your drive train in any way.


 The requirement of your towing system –


There is a basic thing called ball mount rating, the definition of the term is not important, but it is very important that you make sure the rating of the towing system is not higher than that of the maximum ball mount rating.


  • Type of vehicle –


Different models of ball mounts are designed to suit different vehicles, and if you choose the wrong model for your vehicle, then it might not serve the function it is supposed to serve. Therefore, it is very important that you read the product specification and select an appropriate ball mount for your vehicle.

  • Height of the trailer –

When it comes to selecting a ball mount, the height of the trailer is very important. What do you think will happen if the ball mount and the coupler are at not at the same level? If both the parts are not at a level, then it would be pointless using a ball mount. Therefore, it is very important that you know the height of the trailer and then purchase an appropriate ball mount for the coupling.

  • Budget –

Like all the other products on the market today, a ball mount also comes in different sizes and models. Each model might have a different or at times, the same price. However, if you consider the diversity of the market and the entire ball mount market, you will find ball mounts at different price ranges. You will always have the option to select a product from a diverse price range. But what you should keep in mind is never go for a product with a cheap price tag. A cheap product might come with poor qualities. In general, a ball mount will have a price between $20 to $150. We will not recommend that you go for a premium product, but we will recommend that you do not go for cheap price products. So, always consider purchasing a product with a price above the medium price range.

  • Finishing –

A ball mount with natural looks makes some people feel classic, and it resembles the traditional ball socket in many ways. However, with time the looks offered by such ball mounts have not changed, but the quality of the product has changed. Today such ball mounts are prone to rust and this is why we recommend that you avoid purchasing such model ball mounts and go for ball mounts with a coating that prevents it from rusting.

Conclusion –

A ball mount is one of the main parts of a towing system and each ball mount model is designed to handle a specific amount of weight. If you need the best ball mount from the market today, then consider the buying guide mentioned above and the 5 products listed above.

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