Top 10 Best Bottle Jack Reviews (Updated for 2019)

Best Bottle Jack Reviews Of 2018

Are you looking for the best bottle jack for your vehicle?

Our Top 3 Picks

Image Name Weight Capacity Pricing
Powerbuilt 640912 All-In-One Bottle Jack 22.1 lbs 3 Ton Check Price
Torin T95007 Hydraulic Bottle Jack 64.3 lbs 50 Ton Check Price
Powerzone 380044 Aluminum and Steel Jack 59.1 lbs 3 Ton Check Price


How can you ensure you are choosing the right jack while ensuring you are paying just the right amount?

This guide is the answer to your questions.

If you are a vehicle or garage owner and need to do some lifting while servicing or repairing your car, buying a bottle jack is the next thing to do.

What about those situations when you suddenly have to change your vehicle tire? At times like that, you do not only need a bottle jack but the best bottle jack to get the desired result.

Bottle jacks often come with a small base which enables it to perform several lifting and lowering services without consuming space.

And the price is affordable so that every vehicle owner can buy one. And fortunately, you can easily carry it around since it’s compact and portable.

In fact, the bottle jack is a must have if you want the best lifting services anytime and anywhere.


In this article, I’m going to present the top 10 bottle jacks that you can get now, all at varying price points. I’ve also prepared an in-depth review of each model to make it easier to choose one!

Can’t go through in-depth reviews of all 10 models?

If you don’t have much time to read the whole article and you’d rather look at features, here is a table of the best models:


What to Consider When Buying the Best Bottle Jack

Bottle jacks create the highest lifting capacity unlike most of the other jacks in the market.

They are hydraulically operated through the concentric cylinder which hardens when pressure is mounted on it.

Therefore, carefully consider the following things before buying a bottle jack to get the best one that will serve your requirements.

The type of Car you want to lift

This is the first thing you should consider when you want to purchase the best bottle jack. It is important that you check the ground clearance of your vehicle to make sure that the bottle jack will fit underneath it.

This means that you should check the point at which the bottle jack meets up with your car whether it is high enough to fit with the jack or too low for the jack.

Again if your car is a low profile car like sports cars, race cars or performance cars, the bottle jack is not for you. But if you own a truck or other high clearance vehicles, then you will surely find a bottle jack to use.

The weight of your car

Another thing to consider when you want to buy the best bottle jack is the weight it will lift. You should check the bottle jack thoroughly to make sure that its weight capacity is greater than that of the vehicle or the load you will lift.

Since the weight of the loads is rated in tons; like 2-tons, 3-tons or 4-tons for heavy duty loads, you should find out the category your load belongs to, so as to buy accurately.

When you are considering all these, remember that your bottle jack is not made to carry 100% of your car’s weight. It can only carry one side up or 60% of the weight of your car.

If you use it otherwise, you are putting yourself and your car at risk of damage.

Quality of the Material

To get the best bottle jack, another thing to put into consideration is the Quality of the Material that was used in building the bottle jack. You should carefully check the materials by pulling it out if you can.

Inspect the components whether they are built with steel, cast or rubber.

The bottle jack that is built with steel or iron is known to operate efficiently and also last for a long time. But the ones built with cast or rubber tends to have faults and is not durable.


The price of the bottle jack is another important factor to consider when you are purchasing a bottle jack. You will find out that the majority of the bottle jacks in the market that are built with the high-quality material are expensive.

If you go by that, you might make the mistake of buying an unreliable bottle jack just because it is cheap.

Just make sure that you buy the best one with high-quality materials even if they are expensive. It will serve you longer and the cost will not matter.

If you’re reading this post right now, count yourself among the lucky readers as you’ll access this guide right below here.

Our Top 10 Best Bottle Jack Of 2019 Picks:

1. Powerbuilt 640912 All-In-One 3-Ton Bottle Jack with Jack Stand

Best Bottle Jack

Are you looking for a bottle jack that will effectively perform 6000 pounds worth of heavy lifting in your shop or garage, the Powerbuilt-640912-3-Ton-Bottle-Stand is your answer.

This bottle jack is specially designed to work wonders for your lifting requirements.

The Powerbuilt bottle jack is a very safe and dependable bottle jack which you can use to lift larger vehicles or objects with ease.

It has a special wide steel base which enables the jack to remain solidly stable when it is under a load. This awesome bottle jack comes as one unit with its jack stands as the brand signature.

Even the height of the safety bar locks of the Powerbuilt bottle jack is at the appropriate level which made it the best bottle jack for SUV’s, construction jobs, framing jobs, off-road vehicles, and floor joist jobs respectively.

Overview of Features:

  • The Powerbuilt bottle stand has the accurate height bar lock unit which serves as a safety measure.
  • In order to maintain the stability of the bottle jack when it is under a load, the Powerbuilt has a wide steel base.
  • The Powerbuilt bottle jack comes together in the same unit with a jack stand as its patented design.
  • The height capacity of the Powerbuilt bottle jack ranges from 11 to 21 inches which make it the best fit for SUV’s, construction jobs, off-road vehicles and floor joist works.
  • It is solidly built with high-quality materials.

This bottle jack is one of the best you can find out there because of its outstanding performance.

2. Torin T95007 Hydraulic Bottle Jack – 50 Ton

Best Hydraulic Bottle Jack

Are you looking for an inexpensive hydraulic bottle jack that will reach your lifting requirements with its maximum height, the Torin- hydraulic bottle jack is meant for you?

This brand of hydraulic bottle jack is a powerful and cheap jack that can take care of your heavy lifting requirements.

It is built to be light in weight to enable you to take it with you anywhere.

The steel frame design of this bottle jack makes it the perfect bottle jack for heavy lifting with the lift height of 14.06 inches. This makes lifting objects an easy task.

Overview of Features: 

The Torin Hydraulic Bottle Jack is uniquely designed with outstanding features that help its performance such as:

  • The ratcheting heads which help it to maintain safety at all times.
  • A special ability to lift a load of 50-ton capacity.
  • It has a maximum lift height of 14.06 inches.
  • This outstanding bottle jack has high-quality steel frames which help its first class performance.
  • The glide action quality of Torin’s bottle jack pressure pump makes it an irresistible lifting device for auto shop, home, and garage owners.
  • Finally, Torin Hydraulic Bottle Jack is very cheap to buy.

Making a purchase of this hydraulic bottle jack is an investment that you will not regret because this Bottle Jack is built to reach all your lifting requirements.

3. Powerzone 380044 3 Ton Aluminum and Steel Garage Jack

best 3 ton bottle jack

Powerzone bottle jack has a classical build which performs wonders for anybody that needs lifting services. It is a heavy duty bottle jack that is specifically built with steel/aluminum materials to enable it to lift objects up to 3-ton loads.

Although the Power zone bottle jack has a lightweight aluminum frame, the lift arm has a heavy duty steel which makes it strong and durable.

Using the Power zone bottle jack to do your lifting services is a sure way to save time. Even a safety valve is attached to it so that you will not overload it above the rated capacity.

With this bottle jack, be sure of an easy and free movement over rough areas due to the rear wheels that swivel.

Overview of Features:

  • The body of the power zone bottle jack is built with a lightweight aluminum frame.
  • The lift arm is made up of heavy-duty steel which gives it the strength to perform and last very long.
  • The systems of the power zone bottle jack have a safety valve which makes sure that the jack is not overloaded above its rated capacity.
  • Attached to this bottle jack are real wheels that swivel to ensure free and easy movement.
  • The saddle is cushioned with rubber while the handle is covered with foam so as to protect the vehicle’s frame.
  • The lifting range of the power zone bottle jack is 4 inches to 18 ¼ inch with the capacity of 3 tons.

This bottle jack is a unique one that has a hydraulic system making it operate very fast.

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4. Torin T10152 Scissor Jack – 1.5 Ton

best small bottle jack

You can’t find a better bottle jack than the Torin T10152 Scissor Jack if you are looking for the best scissor jack. It has a wider “feet” in its design which enables it to stand solidly on the ground.

The Torin Scissor Jack is built to have a flat lifting surface unlike some others in the market that need to be wedged between the jack top and the lift pad of the car to be lifted.

This outstanding scissor jack can serve dual purposes. You can use it as an extra utility jack which can be easily stored in the trunk of your vehicle or as a replacement jack.

Whenever you need lifting services, the Torin Scissor Jack answers immediately. It speeds up with its long folding handle and the extra-wide base for unshakeable positioning.

Overview of Features:

  • The frame and saddle of this jack are built with a heavy-duty rugged alloyed steel construction.
  • The Torin Scissor Jack is specially coated with a high-impact resistant substance that prevents the jack from rust.
  • It is built to be extra-large, rating 4 ½ inches in width to produce the highest stability and support.
  • The lifting range is rated at 3 ¾ to 15 3/8 inches respectively.
  • This bottle jack also meets the certification of ASME and PALD.
  • The long folding handle makes it easier to operate with speed on demand and to fold for storage in the trunk of your car.

5. Torin TA92006 20 Ton  Hydraulic Air Jack

Torin TA92006 20 Ton Hydraulic Air Jack Review

Torin Hydraulic Air jack is your best option if you are looking for a solid and efficient bottle jack. It is used for commercial purposes. It is a high-quality product that is affordable to anybody that has the need for it.

The Torin Hydraulic Air jack has a pump action that makes and easy-to-use product. Believe me, this jack is a reliable bottle jack that comes together with its own oil.

You can use the Torin Hydraulic Air jack horizontally and still lift up larger loads. Of course, its performance is helped by a heavy duty air motor which gives it the highest lifting power.

Overview of Features:

  • This outstanding bottle jack has a fast air pump which helps to cut down the lifting time.
  • Torin hydraulic air jack is sturdy in build and can carry a load of 40,000 Ibs capacity with its lifting range of 10 5/16 to 20 1/8 inches respectively.
  • The body of this bottle jack has a hardened alloy-plated ram which enables it to last long.
  • Added to the mechanism of this great bottle jack are air valves that have integrated filters for sealing the hydraulic unit and protecting the jack from contamination.

Another good news can use it manually or pneumatically. It also comes with power switches and fittings with a 4 feet air hose that swivels to any direction you want.

6. Powerbuilt 647501 Heavy Duty 12-Ton Bottle Jack

Powerbuilt 647501 Heavy Duty 12-Ton Bottle Jack Review

If you are an auto shop or garage owner that needs a strong and effective bottle jack that will perform your heavy duty lifting services efficiently, then the Powerbuilt 647501 Heavy Duty 12-Ton Bottle Jack is for you.

The body construction of this bottle jack comprises of heavy duty oversized cast iron base to ensure its durability like a propane garage heater.

As the name implies, it has the ultimate height due to the cast handle socket and a forged steel saddle.

The movement of this bottle jack is very smooth and easy during operation because of the presence of the release valve which comes in a pin style.

If you are making use of this jack, you are assured of getting the maximum lift height with the help of the additional extension screws.

Overview of Features:

  • The extension screws are there to give the jack an additional lift height.
  • The base of the Power built bottle jack is made up of heavy duty oversized cast iron for durability and reliability.
  • The release valve comes in a pin style to ensure its easy operation.
  • The saddle is made up of steel while the handle socket is built with a cast for a higher lifting performance.
  • Power built jack bypasses the usual tool standard. In fact, it is the answer to all your lifting situations.

7. Torin T83006 SUV 3 Ton Service Jack

Torin T83006 SUV 3 Ton Service Jack Review

Another name for this bottle jack is lifting services made easy. It is the perfect jack for you if you don’t want the stress of going to the mechanics or if you need a handy jack for any emergency on the roadside.

Also, if you want the best service jack to lift your SUV’s, cars, and pickups with ease, this is the right one.

The Torin SUV service jack is light in weight, inexpensive yet efficient. Attached to it are swivel wheels which enable the jack to move flexibly or you can still use the bottle jack without the wheels if you want.

The handle of this jack can be used easily to lift loads without much effort. In fact, the Torin-bottle jack is for you if you want a service jack for your routine maintenance and check-ups.

Overview of Features: 

  • The saddle area has a huge surface to enable it to come in closer contact with the load you want to lift.
  • In the handle of this jack, you can see a positive locking safety release to make doubly sure of your safety while in use.
  • The body construction is of high-quality steel for durability.
  • An overload protection valve also comes with the Torin SUV service jack to prevent excessive lifting of objects above the capacity of the jack.

8. ATD Tools 7385 Short Hydraulic Bottle Jack – 12 Ton Capacity

ATD Tools 7385 Short Hydraulic Bottle Jack - 12 Ton Capacity

This is a short bottle jack that can fix itself under anything you might own.

It can get under any luxury car or low profile vehicles with absolute ease. In fact, the strength and the short height of the ATD-Tools jack joined together brings about outstanding performance.

The ATD hydraulic bottle jack can be used either horizontally or vertically with a lift capacity of 20 ton. If you are using this jack be rest assured that the bottle jack you are using is a reliable and safe one.

Overview of Features:

  • The extension screws on all the models of 20-ton capacity are heat treated.
  • It has 2 pieces and 3 piece handles respectively.
  • Built into the systems of this bottle jack is a patented by-pass device mechanism.
  • The system of this bottle jack is in a way that you can use it at its full power either vertically or horizontally.
  • The ATD bottle jack comes with the minimum lift height of 9 ½ inches and the maximum lift height of 18 5/8 inches.
  • The screw extension is 3 1/8 inches while the operating power is 117 pounds.

9. Sunex 4913A 12-Ton Short Bottle Jack

Sunex 4913A 12-Ton Short Bottle Jack Review

When it comes to lifting or moving heavy-duty trucks, building construction, mining, farm equipment, mobile home setup, oil field, and power sources, what comes to mind is the Sunex 4913A 12-Ton Short Bottle Jack.

This bottle jack has a ductile iron base which enables it to perform perfectly for heavy duty lifting.

If you are using this bottle jack, you are assured that it will never rust because of the Electrostatic Paint used to coat it.

Also, the extension screws are carefully heat treated to increase the low height and fully utilize the Ram travel.

In order to protect it from over-extension, a Hydraulic bypass was built into its systems. The grab handle also comes in handy when you want to lift heavier objects.

Overview of Features: 

  • The extension screws are heat treated.
  • To control the release valve and the pumping of the jack, the handle is a two piece slip fit.
  • The base is built with ductile iron so as to give the jack additional strength.
  • Sunex bottle jack is covered with Electrostatic paint to protect it from rust.
  • This unique bottle jack also features a hydraulic bypass system to prevent overextension.

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10. Torin T91207 Stubby 12 Ton Bottle Jack

Torin T91207 Stubby 12 Ton Bottle Jack Review

Are you an auto repair shop, loading docks, warehouse or a factory owner who needs a good bottle jack for your lifting services, Get the Torin T91207 Stubby Bottle Jack – 12 Ton which can carry up to 12-ton loads effectively.

This bottle jack makes your heavy lifting services easy and stress-free.

The pressure pump of this outstanding bottle jack is made with high-quality materials to give you a glide action when you are using it.

The cylinder can serve you for a very long time with the chrome plated material. The whole body of the jack is encased with heavy duty steel for longevity and also to meet the ANSI standard.

With the Torin stubby bottle jack, you do not have to fear for your personal safety because it was fully tested for safety and reliability and was found 100%.

Overview of Features: 

  • It has a heavy-duty steel design.
  • The Torin T91207 Stubby Bottle Jack – 12 Ton is factory tested for safety and reliability.
  • The saddle of this awesome bottle jack is heat treated.
  • This jack has a minimum height of 7 ½ inches and the maximum lift height of 11 inches respectively.
  • Lifting with the Torin stubby bottle jack makes lifting of heavy loads easy.

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So, What Is a Bottle Jack? A Little Guide for You

If you are a driver, an automotive and motorcycle workshop owner and doesn’t have a bottle jack in your tools kit, you need to make an urgent investment today.

Why do you say?

Bottle jack is amongst the oldest and commonly used hydraulic devices and also a safe jack with a very high lifting range.

Bottle jacks were born during the 1900s when automobiles made their debut. They were so beautiful and portable that many people called them hand jacks.

The advent of bottle jacks made lifting very easy for individuals. You can use it to inspect your car on the roadside or to lift your car for service purposes.

It comes in handy whenever you need to move vehicles around or a piece of lifting equipment for your vehicles. A bottle jack is affordable and compact in size for your convenience.

It is specially designed to be highly versatile in the functions it performs. The bottle jack is built to have high lifting capacity to suit your lifting needs. It can lift heavy duty loads from 4 tons to 30-ton loads perfectly.

What to Consider While Using a Bottle Jack

These things are important in determining how long you use the jack:

  • Always remember that a bottle jack is only meant for lifting and not for holding equipment.
  • As you lift a vehicle or a load up with a bottle jack, do not go under the vehicle or try to insert your head under.
  • If you are going to use the bottle jack on a soft surface, make sure that you fully support the base of the jack with a metal plate. This is to enable the bottle jack to maintain stability.
  • For safety purposes, try not to force your bottle jack to exceed its lifting capabilities.
  • In a situation where you need to lift the load higher than your bottle jack’s stroke, make sure that you, first of all, block the load, then use very strong support to increase the level of the bottle jack, you can then continue with your lifting.

What Are the Features of a Bottle Jack?

Here are some of the features you should expect in a bottle jack:

  • The body of the bottle jack is constructed with heavy-duty steel.
  • To enable you to adjust the lifting height and to reach the maximum lift height, the bottle jack is designed with Extension screws.
  • The bottle jack also comes with the ANSI certification.
  • It is carefully designed to enable it to last for a very long time.
  • The bottle jack has a good grip and designed to be a lightweight for your convenience.
  • Generally, the bottle jack is designed to look like a milk bottle which gave it the name.
  • It is designed with a vertical shaft which supports the bearing pad. This bearing pad is the device that bears the weight of the load when it is lifted.
  • Also, a cylinder which contai a hydraulic fluid.
  • Bottle jacks are specifically designed to have a pumping system which mounts pressure to the fluid.

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Different Ways You Can Use a Bottle Jack

There are so many ways to use your bottle jack. Here are some:

  • They are commonly used by vehicle owners to lift cars or machinery.
  • Bottle jacks also come in handy in the medical industry. It is used in hydraulic stretchers and patient lifts.
  • Even plumbers use it as pipe benders.
  • Bottle jacks are used in electrical projects as cable slicers.
  • They also serve as material lifts inside the warehouse.
  • Bottle jacks can be used to lift heavy agricultural machinery for repairs.
  • The bottle jack also comes in handy on construction sites due to its high lifting capabilities.
  • Bottle jacks can be used by mounting them on a beam, securing them within a frame or using them in their original form.

How Does a Bottle Jack Work?

You may be surprised that there is no mystery involved in the workings of a bottle jack. It actually works very simply with just leverage. In other words, bottle jack functions by the force generated by pressure.

  • For example, when you connect a larger and smaller cylinder and apply force on one of them. You will find out that both the cylinders will generate equal pressure. But for the fact that one of the cylinders is bigger than the other one, the larger cylinder will generate a higher force than the smaller cylinder although the pressure inside the two cylinders still remains the same.
  • Bottle jacks use pump plunger to pass oil through two cylinders to produce the force needed to lift heavy loads.
  • First of all, draw the plunger back, this will enable the suction valve ball to open inside the cylinder and pass oil into the pump chamber.
  • When you move the plunger forward, the oil passes through an external discharge check valve to go directly to the cylinder chamber. As the suction valve closes, there is a build-up of pressure inside the cylinder chamber.

How You Can Operate a Bottle Jack

Although the bottle jack is a very simple and easy to use lifting device, there are certain procedures you should follow so as to achieve the best performance.

  • First of all, move the handle of the bottle jack upwards. This will enable oil to move into the pump cylinder.
  • Then move the handle of the bottle jack downwards again. This is an effective way to pass the pressurized oil to the main cylinder and this will enable it to elevate the main piston.
  • Proceed to pump the bottle jack continuously. After some time, the check valves will be opening and closing with each pumping motion.
  • As the jack is pumped continuously, the main piston keeps on rising.
  • With the continuous rising of the main piston and ram, the load is being lifted up to the height you want it to reach. Just continue to apply small pressure on the small cylinder which automatically multiplies in the larger cylinder.

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Final Words on the Best Bottle Jacks

Having gone through this best bottle jack reviews, I have no doubt that you are well informed to pick the one that will meet your requirements.

Check out the individual reviews of these products and if you are not satisfied, you can also go to their individual product page for more information.

Though one thing is certain, the above-mentioned bottle jacks are among the recommended products currently available on the market to take care of your numerous lifting needs.

All you have to do is to choose one amongst them and make an investment that you will never regret.

Again, you will not have to fear a flat tire on the roadside, a brake job or a heavy duty lifting ever again because you will always have something handy to take care of it without stress.

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