Best Cargo Racks 2020 – Rooftop Cargo Basket and Rack Review & Buying Guide

The cargo racks offer the best option to add storage space for the vehicles while going for a long-distant tour or short-distance trip. The racks help in creating space to store the bags and baggage safely while on road trips. The cargo boxes are made of strong material and are long durable. The high-quality cargo boxes are not expensive, and the price depends on the size and the type of boxes.  Most of the cargo boxes are designed to have a roof rack with crossbar design. It can be easily installed over the vehicles. 

The cargo boxes have a universal mounting hardware system, which are different shapes, such as – cross, round, square, and aerodynamic types. The boxes can be opened from both sides, which makes it easy to either load or unload the luggage. The cargo racks in aerodynamic shape keep the noise lower while travelling at a higher speed. The cargo racks have become a necessity during long-distance travelling. The cargo racks are available in different brands having a stylish design, striking colours, and it can suit perfectly to the vehicles. The cargo racks make it easy for you when you decide to go for a journey with your family. The entire baggage can fit in the cargo rack making the vehicle look spacious while travelling with the entire family.

Best Cargo Racks

The list below included the best of cargo racks available in the market under various brand names. The detailed information on the features and functionality of every brand is discussed below. You can choose the best one which suits well for your vehicle as per your needs.

#1 MaxxHaul 70115 Roof Rack

The MaxxHaul roof rack provides instant space on the rooftop of your vehicle. The design of the rack is wide in dimension and is made up of rust-free steel material. The U-bolt mounting system of the rack is universal and it is easy to install over the vehicle. The load capacity of the rack is about 150 lbs, and it gets fitted well and offers enough space to store the luggage during traveling.

The Maxxhaul roof rack remains weather-proof while used at a different time during the year. The durable and sturdy crossbar is made of stainless steel. The powder coat prevents rusting, and the rubber gaskets help in preventing internal damages. The rack can be easily assembled and installed when required and can be detached when not in use. When you plan for a long tour with friends or for a fun-filled picnic along with family, make sure to install the crossbar cargo rack on your vehicle. The rack is ideal for a long journey, which not only takes care of your luggage, but it also makes your car look spacious when you travel along with guests. Thule branded cargo rack remains most exceptional and highly preferred.


  • The most versatile rack which is easy to assemble and install.
  • The rack is useful in all different seasons.
  • Easy to use, clean, and maintain for a long duration.


  • Sometimes the delivery of the rack can get delayed than expected.

#2 ROLA vortex rooftop cargo basket

The ROLA vortex rooftop cargo basket is the most popular brand among the car-owners. The ROLA basket can fit perfectly over the cars, including sports cars. The cargo basket can be easily fitted over the rooftop of the vehicle. It creates a free space in the car when it keeps the entire luggage securely, and also it offers a comfortable traveling experience.

The cargo basket is bigger in size and can be assembled and mounted on the vehicle without any scratch or damage. The cargo basket is made of sturdy long-lasting material with a rough-coat finish. The cargo box remains clean and shiny even after using it every day. It is designed with factory OEM racks and having additional accessories that are useful in managing the cargo rack internally and externally. The company offers a warranty for a limited period and also provides technical assistance and support whenever needed. The cargo rack has become part of a lifestyle for some people who love to travel with baggage stored in the cargo rack. To go on a tour along with the family members with loads of luggage is an exceptional but fun-loving experience that will become memorable.


  • You can easily manage long tours with loads of luggage.
  • The racks are made of sturdy, long-lasting material.


  • The screw-hole misalignment creates minor inconsistencies.  

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#3 MaxxHaul Compact Cargo Carrier

The MaxxHaul 70107 hitch mount steel cargo carrier is one of the heavy-duty cargo carriers that are mainly preferred by transporters because it is considered as the ideal carrier for heavy-duty material.  Even it can be used as a part of fun-loving events such as partying and camping in remote locations. 

The entire design of the Maxxhaul cargo carrier is bigger in size. The size of the cargo carrier can be easily adjusted by extending the height and width as per the size of the baggage. The tabular in size and universally fit cargo rack is available in different sizes and designs. The rack is made up of powerful stainless steel coated with a powder that keeps it rust-free even during different climates. The cargo carrier is easy to assemble and easy to handle while loading or unloading the luggage. The flexible cargo carrier holds the luggage safely when mounted on the vehicle during the journey. The vehicle remains in control while carrying the baggage over the rooftop without making any sound. The advantage of the cargo carrier is mainly to keep the luggage away without occupying the space inside the car and it helps the passengers to sit comfortably during the journey. The cargo carrier is mainly divided into an internal basket area and an external basket area and works effectively.


  • The carrier is divided into internal and external basket area.
  • The size of the cargo carrier can be extended depending on the load of the baggage. 


  • The assembled carrier holds the two cages loosely. 

#4 Subaru Ascent Aero Crossbar Set

Subaru Ascent crossbar set is easy to use and can be installed on the car rooftop without any complications. Simple instructions are written are highly useful while assembling the crossbar set and tightening the screws. The entire cargo crossbar set gets adjusted and fitted well on the top of the vehicle.  Subaru crossbar set can be easily adjusted according to the size of the luggage.

Cargo crossbar set is made up of strong metal to carry heavy equipment. It is designed to have maximum adaptability. The entire framework of the Subaru roof rack is based on aerodynamics. The durable and rust-free crossbar remains sturdy and looks polished even after long usage.  It offers the best mounting solution for the transporters who carry heavy luggage and big-sized items. The main advantage is that the powerful-looking crossbar increases the cargo capabilities of your vehicle. It is available in various sizes depending on the capacity, design, and the overall structure which can easily fit on any vehicle with rooftop. The Subaru cargo crossbar set is preferred even during adventurous journeys and camping because of roof-top tents.


  • Subaru crossbar set is useful while carrying heavy-duty material. 
  • The crossbar set is highly preferred due to its roof-top tent structure.
  • Crossbar increases the cargo capabilities of the vehicle.


  • The availability of the product is limited.

Buying Guide For Cargo Rack

The buying guide will allow you to understand the features and functionality of the branded cargo racks, which are in demand today. You have to know the various aspects relating to the product before you decide to buy it. Every required feature is listed below with a brief explanation.

Single or dual side opening

Some of the racks have single side openings and some other racks have dual side openings. You have to decide which is most useful for you. Generally, the racks with dual openings are highly recommended because it is easy to load or unload the luggage from both sides at a time. It not only saves time but helps in utilizing the space completely.

Higher performance

The cargo racks, when placed on the car, remains long-lasting. One cannot keep mounting the racks on every now and then. You have to make sure that the roof boxes are made of stronger material and can sustain any pressure while giving the best performance. The performance of the branded product mainly depends on how useful the product is for you.

Size for the cargo rack

Before you purchase the cargo rack, you have to decide the size to be required for the box. You should know the amount of luggage you can carry using the cargo facility mounted on your vehicle. The measurement of the volume is in the cubic feet. You should calculate the maximum amount of the weight to be carried in terms of cubic feet. Most of the brands offer boxes of different sizes.

Is a brand important?

Most of the brands offer the cargo racks having a unique design, higher flexibility, and reasonable price. When compared with the products from the local market, branded products have an advantage.  Most of the brands are universal and offer a wide range of options and a wide variety of products. It certainly helps in making our choice and deciding to buy the best and most useful products from the market.

Cost of the cargo rack

For any branded product, the cost of the product depends on its usefulness and its reliability. Most of the branded products are time-tested and proved their worth in the market. The branded products are available at a reasonable price with a discount offer, which is a major advantage while dealing with it.

Final Words:

The various branded cargo racks are discussed above, along with the features. Every brand product offers a set of advantages and disadvantages, which mainly depends on the requirements. The buying guide has offered some of the valuable points explaining the usefulness and the benefits of the cargo racks. You can read the buying guide, understand the useful features required to know before deciding to buy a particular product. Every branded cargo rack offers the best of the services and the most advanced techniques, which are most common among all the brands yet, you have to make study and find the most appropriate product from the list given above.

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