Top 10 Best Clay Bars Reviews 2019: Ultimate Beginner’s Guide

Have you seen some extremely shiny car that simply attracts all the attention?

It is most likely that the owner used claying method to make that car look amazing.

It is what you can do with your car as well. You can completely transform the way your car looks and feels on the surface.

With proper claying, it is all possible. You just need to know the right method. Give some love to your car and apply the things we recommend in this article.

Here, we explain everything you need to know about good claying, and why you should use this kind of treatment for your favorite vehicle.

We also helped you choose the best clay bar so you don’t have to spend hours doing the research yourself.

Out Top 3 Picks for you

Image Name Rating Pricing
Mothers 07240 California Gold Clay Bar 5.0 Check Price
Chemical Guys CLY_113 OG Clay Bar 4.8 Check Price
Griot’s Garage 11153 Paint Cleaning Clay 4.8 Check Price

What is a Clay Bar?

A clay bar is a resin mixture that has similar characteristics to natural clay. It is very elastic and very handy, especially when you want to clay bar bigger parts of your car.

If you use a clay bar, the cleaning process is simpler and more comfortable.

Only the best clay bar will have a good effect on your car because the quality of clay bars can be very different. All the way from the natural ones to the artificial ones, the clay bars have different structure and shape.

A good clay bar is made to last for a long time, so you can use it on many different occasions.

What Exactly Can Clay Bars Do?

Clay bars are made to make your car look better. If you choose a quality clay bar, your car will look much cleaner.

The main purpose of each clay bar is to remove dirt particles from your car, by providing a shiner and more beautiful look.

Sometimes, when you wash your car, you think that the cleaning is complete. You use the right cleaner and a lot of water, but what happens when you see all those small particles on the car surface?

That is the time to use a clay bar.

With the right clay bar, you will remove containments and pollutants from your car surface, and all of that is possible with few motions.

All you need to do is getting the clay bar and some cleaner, and the cleaning can start. When you use the clay bar correctly, you will remove all the pollutants that penetrate through glass, metal and paint.

This way, you protect your vehicle in the long run.

Use the clay bar for windows, painted surfaces and all glass parts. The right clay bar will remove dirtiness from all these elements.

A tip:

If you are not sure which clay bar to use, follow our recommendation of the best clay bar products. Here, we offer the best clay bar reviews for you.

It is possible to choose the most appropriate clay bar that will last for a long time with the same functionality like the first day. Consider our recommendation and buy the clay bar with the best characteristics.


Your car deserves the best!

Our Top 10 Best clay bars reviews 2019

There are so many choices of clay bars out there. Unless you are a seasoned pro or have bought one in the past, it might be confusing to choose the right one for you.

Here is a quick review of 10 models, their strengths and weakness to help make your decision easier.

So let’s start…

1. Mothers 07240 California Gold Clay Bar System

Mothers 07240 California Gold Clay Bar

If you are not sure which clay bar system to use, go for this Mothers’ product because the benefits are numerous. You get a completely safe method for cleaning your vehicle, and it all comes with some smart solutions.

The system contains 2 clay bars, instant detailer and a microfiber towel. These products come in a handy package, so you can keep it safely whenever you want.

These products can be very helpful in car detailing.

We all want to make that car detailing as good as possible, but we are not sure which products to use. This Mothers’ system might be an ideal solution. It is handy, useful and very effective.

With this system, you can easily remove any dirt and dust residues that stick to the car surface.


By claying and detailing.

Use a clay bar and apply the simple polishing with the bars. When you are done, the car is ready for some more detailing. Take a microfiber towel from the package, and wipe the car properly. In few minutes of careful polishing, your car will look like new.

A good system like this one is ideal for beginners and those who have not had any experience with claying. It is easy to use and simple to apply. That is why we put it high on our list of the best clay bar solutions on the market.

Highlighted Features:

  • Easy claying
  • Non-abrasive materials
  • Good for beginners

2. Chemical Guys CLY_113 OG Clay Bar & Luber Synthetic Lubricant Kit

Chemical Guys CLY_113 OG Clay Bar

The detailing is easier with this Chemical Guys OG Clay Bar product.

If you take care of your car, you should have the bar like this one, because the benefits are numerous. You can clean your car very fast, and the results are more than expected. Your car will be shinier and cleaner, as long as you apply the clay bar properly.

Few things are important here.

First, go for his bar if you want simple claying.

Second, apply the clay bar according to instructions if you want to protect your car in the best manner.

How to clean the car with this kit?

Apply some basic rules.

Washing, drying and claying.

With these methods, you will remove all the dirt particles from the car surface in a matter of few moments. One more thing is relevant to the whole process.

You should use the quality car lubricant. Good news! It comes within this kit.

You will save a lot of money and effort with this kit, as the application is very simple. You just need a few steps until your car gets a new shine you will love.

Apply this kit if you want the smooth-as-glass feeling of the car surface. With this treatment, you can be sure that you remove all pollutants and dirty residues from your car.

Highlighted Features:

  • A very good lubricant comes in the kit
  • Easy claying method
  • Necessary equipment in the package

3. Griot’s Garage 11153 Paint Cleaning Clay 8oz

Griot's Garage 11153 Paint Cleaning Clay

Paint Cleaning Clay is the ultimate solution for your car!

It is not all about waxing and polishing. There is also something about claying. The more you use quality products, the more effective results will be.

In this case, the claying is easier and the results are amazing.

Paint Cleaning Clay is the ultimate cleaner for car paint and all other parts of your car exterior. Once you try this clay bar, you will see how the claying becomes a more effective activity. The feeling is smoother and the effects are more visible.

Use this clay bar if you want to remove contaminants that usually stick to the car paint.

There are different residues, bird droppings and sap all over the car, but, with this simple solution, the things are much easier.

Everything you need to do is spraying the Speed Shine lubricant and making some claying.

As soon as you start claying, you will see residues on your clay bar. That is the proof of deep cleaning.

You do not need to apply heavy motions. Only a few light motions will be quite enough to see the results.

Once you are done with claying, leave the car to absorb the clay bar residues for few hours. This protective film will make your car more resistant to hard pollutants.


The claying is only effective when you do washing before the treatment. In the case that you need to apply other cleaning products, make sure that you use claying as the last treatment. This way, you ensure longer effectiveness of the treatment.

Highlighted Features:

  • Removes stubborn marks and pollutants 
  • Very light claying solution 
  • Easy to mold and shape

4. Chemical Guys CLY_402 Medium Clay Bar, Gray (100 g)

Chemical Guys CLY_402 Medium Clay Bar

We all know how persistent the pollutants can be. They stuck to the vehicle’s paintwork and produce much damage to the surface.

What is the right solution?

Using of good clay bars can significantly remove the dirtiness from the car surface, and what is more important; the bars can protect the car from future damages.

If you wonder how this is possible, the answer is simple.

A clay bar is made to absorb all the residues from the car surface, while taking care of each segment of your car. The glass, the doors and the overall surface will look much better after the treatment.

The best part about Chemical Guys clay bars is the overall usability. You can use the bars on your car, motorcycle, truck or any other vehicle that needs claying. The versatility is huge and the overall potential is endless. You will have these bars for the long time, and each time, the claying will be more than effective.

Highlighted Features:

  • Versatile application
  • Cleans more effectively with a good lubricant’

5. Simoniz S57 Perfect Finish Detailing Clay Bar

Simoniz S57 Perfect Finish Detailing Clay Bar

What is the best part about a clay bar?

It is the feeling you have when you use it. You will notice a great glass-like effect every time you use the clay bar, and you will never go after other cleaning methods.

Will you be satisfied with this Simoniz S57 clay bar?

For sure!

This clay bar is designed to provide great effect during claying, and, at the same time, it is made of high-quality materials that protect your car in the best way.

With this kind of clay bar, you can be completely sure that your car gets the complete treatment. The only thing you need to do is using of lubricant during the claying method, so the overall treatment will be highly protective. When you are done with claying, get a microfiber towel and wipe the car gently.

You will see a completely new result.

Your car will be free of any pollutants, and it will shine differently.

Things to remember:

Claying with clay bars represents the most effective car detailing method. Most car detailers apply it as part of the car cleaning treatment, and they all achieve the same effect. Smooth, clean surface of the car is the best result when the claying is done properly.

With Simoniz S57 clay bars, the effects are more than appealing.

Highlighted Features:

  • Very effective in the overall car detailing process
  • Cleans all the visible residues 
  • Quality resin structure ensures long usage

6. Towel Motors Car Clay Bar, 2-Pack Detailing Clay (320 Grams Total)

Towel Motors Car Clay Bar, 2-Pack Detailing Clay

When a female car enthusiast designs a clay bar, it must be smooth and handy. It is the case with this Towel Motors clay bar. A female designer created this clay bar and the effects are more than visible.

With this clay bar, you can be sure that your car has another shine.

What is included in the package?

You get more than you expect. You get two 160 gram clay bars that completely complement every vehicle. This is possible thanks to great technology used in clay bar production. The materials are made of high-end structure that does not damage your car surface during claying.

What you get is a wonderful claying result – a completely clean car and smooth surface that will last for a long time.

If you are eager to try the effective clay bar, go for this Towel Motors clay bar and experience the great solutions this bar has to offer. With more uses, the results will be more than visible.

Most contaminants will be removed and the overall appearance will be much different.

The right technology plays the most significant role here. Quality materials make this clay bar unique on the market, so you can use the product with complete safety.

Highlighted Features:

  • Suitable for beginners 
  • Cleans very effectively
  • Provides a long-lasting smooth finish

7. YGDZ Top Quality 2pcs Car Clay Bar 100g Auto Detailing Magic Claybar Cleaner Shipping by FBA

YGDZ Top Quality 2pcs Car Clay Bar

Sometimes, it is not all about cleaning. There is something about claying as well.

You know the times when you wash your car with the most recommended products, but there are still some residues of dirtiness on the surface?

What a disappointment! You invest so much time and energy, but the results are not as desired.

What to do in that situation?

Use a quality clay bar and solve the problem with dirtiness.

In this case, YGDZ clay bar is everything you need.

All the way from the good structure to the overall effectiveness, this clay bar provides the solutions you need.

It cleans the surface in the most suitable manner, with attention to each segment of your car. Use the clay bar for the bumper, mirrors and paint surfaces, and be sure that you do a good job.

With this clay bar, all the surfaces will be adequately cleaned.

All the way from insect residues to air pollutants, the cleaning can be very demanding, but with the right usage of clay bars, everything is simpler. You just need an adequate lubricant and the claying can start.

Spray the lubricant and clay bar the surface carefully.

When you are done, use the microfiber towel and wipe the whole car.

After this kind of treatment, you can glide the hand over the surface, and what you notice is worth the whole effort. Your car surface will be smooth and elegant, just the way you want it.

Highlighted Features:

  • Comes with a quality lubricant 
  • Handy and versatile

8. Mothers 17240 Speed Clay 2.0, 1 Pack

best clay bar reviews

This clay bar is simply different.

What makes it different?

A lot of things.

The unique shape, the overall usage and the great effectiveness are the things that separate this clay bar from the other products on the market.

You won’t find the more versatile solution than this one.

With improved agronomy, it will sit in your hand more easily. At the same time, it will provide a great shine to your vehicle.

This is possible thanks to improved technology where designers paid a lot of attention to each detail. They managed to create a clay bar with great potential to make your car more beautiful.

All those water marks, tree sup and oxidation residues will disappear in a matter of few moments. You just need to apply the lubricant and clay bar the surface with light motions.

The end result is amazing.

You’ll have a car without any traces of dirtiness, and that is exactly what we need from car claying.

 Highlighted Features:

  • Suitable for different vehicles and motorcycles 
  • Removes traces of oxidation 
  • Applicable in different occasions

9. Clay Bar Kit – TriNova 18oz.

best clay bars

Smooth as glass!

That is what TriNova promises after usage of their clay bar kit.

We gotta believe them, because numerous users have the same sentence to tell: “Your car paint will be smooth as glass.”

Let’s find out the reasons for this statement.

First of all, the TriNova clay bar kit is designed to meet all expectations. It is easy to use, affordable and more than effective. It provides simple handling, and most of all, it is safe to use.

You don’t want your clay bar to become abrasive after few uses.

This clay bar can clean up to 20 vehicles, all with one single clay bar. What is the secret here? It is the structure and the quality of resin material that provide long-lasting efficiency.

Choose this clay bar kit and you get all the necessary equipment for making your car look better. A clay bar, a lubricant cleaner and a microfiber towel are there to provide high-end finish to your favorite vehicle.

 Highlighted Features:

  • Good to use for multiple vehicles 
  • Complete equipment available

10. Swpeet 5 Pcs Detailing Car Clay Bar

best clay bar for cars

Do you want 5 clay bars?

Why not, right?

Here, you get 5 clay bars in one package. It is not all about quantity, you also get a high quality here.

Feel free to experiment with clay bars and make sure that you use them correctly.

This is one of the best clay bar kit solutions that can serve you for a long time. There are 5 of them, and it is an amazing opportunity to have more clay bars at affordable price.

The quality of these clay bars is exceptional, especially if we consider the overall functionality.

With Swpeet clay bars, you get some great claying where all the dirtiness can be removed.

Bird drops, tree sap and over-spray are collecting on our cars, but, fortunately, we have a solution.

It is claying. More importantly, the solution is claying with the quality clay bars. Here, you get them all.

High-quality clay bars are designed to meet your needs in any situation. No matter if you prepare your car for detailing or you simply want to take care of your car devotedly, these clay bars will be an ideal choice.

A tip:

For a prolonged durability, avoid using clay bars when they are dirty or when you drop them down. When you use the clay bars properly, they can last for longer.

 Highlighted Features:

  • Removes all the pollutants easily 
  • Provides complete shine 
  • arrow-right Long-lasting effects

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Things to consider before buying a clay bar

If you are a first-time user, you have so many possibilities on the market, but not all of them are the ideal choice. You should pay attention to few things before buying a clay bar. These are the relevant factors.

1. The Full Kit

There are some great solutions on the market that make the claying much easier. You can find the entire kit at very affordable price, and all that is packed in one package to support you needs for claying. A clay bar is there, as well as a lubricant and a microfiber towel.

You get everything you need in one package. That’s a best-buy option.

2. Ease of Use

You do not want everyone to see that you have used the clay bar on your car. Small scratches and damages are visible sometimes, and you want to avoid them.

That is why you should use a medium grade clay bar that is easier to handle, as it is more manageable and gentler.

Search for medium grade clay bars and make your claying easier.

3. Durability

If you have ever used the clay bar that can support many claying treatments, you have found the right one.

This point is one of the most important things about clay bars. You need to use them according to instructions, so they can last for longer.

Durable material and long-lasting design will be the best options when you buy a quality clay bar.

4. Sustainability

Do you take care of your environment? If yes, you should pay attention to sustainable effect of clay bars you use.

The resin material of clay bars is not always biodegradable, and that is why you should choose the more environmental-friendly solutions.

You can find this kind of clay bars on the market, so you can be involved in overall contribution to environmental protection.

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How Do Clay Bars Work?

Clay bars are made of different materials that can easily stretch and mold. That is why clay bars remind of natural clay that can be easily shaped.

With clay bars, you can use few motions and you will see the results on the surface. A good clay bar will remove all the residues in a matter of few seconds.

It is all possible thanks to the sticky surface of the clay bar that easily collects all the contaminants.

If you wonder how the clay bars work, use the proven method of claying with some lubricant. You will see the magic of a good clay bar. It will remove the dirtiness and the overall result will be a shiny, clean car.

What Liquid to Use With a Clay Bar?

It is best to use a lubricant or a detailer spray. For the best results, use the products that come in the package with the clay bar. Sometimes, you may need a special product for a shinier appearance, but it is not necessary.

A good lubricant or a detailer spray will do the job properly.

If you do not have any kind of liquid, you can replace the product with plain water and soap. These will serve as a lubricant, so you can apply the clay bar more easily.

This way, you ensure smooth gliding all over the surface, and your car gets the best treatment.

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Tips for Using a Clay bar – How to Use and Apply it Properly

If you are not sure how to use a clay bar, here are the instructions you should follow.

1. Wash your car

As the first step, you should wash your car properly. Use the car soap and some additional cleaner that is proven to be good for your car.

Then, dry the surface of your car with an appropriate towel. This kind of preparation is the best for most vehicles.

2. Apply the detailer spray

At this point, you have you car washed and prepared for the claying treatment. If you want the complete cleaning, you must use the detailer spray or some car lubricant.

It is essential for the easiness of claying.

Once you apply the spray, you can start with claying.

3. Use a clay bar

Now, you should use a clay bar that you bought online or in the store. You’ve already felt the structure and you’ve seen how shapeable it is. You can fold it, mold it and make the handiest shape for a proper application.

Polish the car paint with circular motions and makes sure that you reach all the parts of your car. It will be difficult sometimes to clay bar the bumper or the roof, but you must pay attention to these car elements as well.

Wipe the car and mold the clay bar every time you see the dirtiness. Apply the other side of the clay bar and play with it a little bit.

When you do everything properly, you will see some great results. Your car paint will be shinier than ever.

4. Wipe with a microfiber towel

This step is important to ensure that you have done a good job.

Wipe the entire car surface with a microfiber towel, and check each car part.

Slide with the hand and see if the surface is smooth. You’re gonna feel a smooth-as-glass feeling, and that is the point when the claying is complete.

Top Clay Bar Brands on the Market

Buying from a reputable brand is always a good choice. You can be sure that they operate according to certain standards, so the overall quality is much better than unknown brands.

In order to help you choose the best clay bar kit, we created the list of the most reputable brands that produce quality clay bar solutions.

Here is our recommendation.

1. Mothers

This brand is the most popular on the market, and it is all with a good reason. The Mothers’ designers use the latest technology trends in the overall production.

You will find great clay bar kits and you can never make a mistake by choosing the Mothers brand. The technology they use is always outstanding.

2. Towel Motors

If you want another choice when it comes to best clay bar for cars, go for Towel Motors.

The philosophy they use is simple. They combine natural ingredients with the most useful artificial materials in order to produce great clay bars.

With this company, you can be sure that each clay bar you choose is usually a good one for your car. Many users claim the same, and we trust them.

3. Chemical Guys

If you are looking for the best balance between the quality and the price, consider Chemical Guys’ products. These products are made to last and that is why we include them on the list of the most reputable choices on the market.

Aside from the quality clay bars, you can also find the best clay bar lubricant for your car. Consider their products and reveal the secret of the shiny cars around you. Chemical Guys make it possible with their quality products.

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What Grade Clay Bar Should I Use?

You have a different range of clay bar products, and all of them serve a similar purpose. The only difference is the level of clay bar aggressiveness.

It is good to know that you can choose the following product:

  • Medium grade clay bars 
  • Fine grade clay bars

Medium grade clay bars are ideal for beginners and people who are not much experienced in claying. These products are easy to use and the claying is more simple.

Fine grade clay bars are another solution for the claying purpose.

In this case, you will use the clay bar with more aggressive abrasive properties, and the claying is a little bit more difficult.

As a result, the claying is more quality and you get visible advantages. Fine grade clay bars are recommended to experienced users who now how to manage these special clay bars.

These reasons are enough to use claying as a cleaning method for the highest protection of your car.

Claying is not abrasive and it does not damage the overall car paint, and that is why most experts recommend claying much more than polishing.

Difference Between Clay Bar and Polish

If you wonder what the difference between claying and polishing is, there are few things to mention here.


Claying is not as aggressive as polishing.


Claying does not remove the paint as polishing does.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Clay Bar

1. How often should I clay bar my car?

It is good to do claying twice a year, but for the more visible results, you can clay bar your car even more often. If you do the claying properly, it will give good results to the overall appearance of your car.

2. Is it good to combine claying and polishing as cleaning methods?

Yes, you can combine claying and polishing, but you should pay attention not to use abrasive methods that damage the car paint. Do polishing before claying for the best results.

3. Which kit to choose when I clay bar for the first time?

If you are a beginner, choose the most simple clay bar kit with a medium clay bar and non-aggressive lubricant. This way, you learn how to use a clay bar properly.

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Final Verdict on the Best Clay Bar Reviews

The more you know about the clay bar treatment, the more proficient you become. It is a matter of practice that makes a difference in clay bar application.

Over time, you will get the feeling of proper usage of clay bars.

If you use the best clay bar more often, the results will be more visible and your car will get a decent treatment.

Clay bar with the proven products that we mentioned in the reviews. Each product we recommend has some advantages that contribute to better claying.

Now, you know which clay bars to use for the best effect.

Your car will shine like new and you will have a smooth-as-glass feeling every time you touch your car. The advantages of good clay bars are endless!

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