Top 5 Best Cordless Hair Clippers 2019 – Reviews & Buyers Guide

Best Cordless Hair Clippers

Cordless clippers are best for cutting your own hair or “Do-It-Yourself” as these tools help you save money and time from going to a barber or a hairdresser.

If you don’t like corded hair clippers, then you may consider choosing the best cordless hair clippers that depends according to your hair cutting and styling needs and budget.

Why do you want to choose a cordless hair clipper?

  • Cutting your own hair made easy– If you want a shorter hair or buzz cut, you can cut your own hair using a cordless clipper without worrying about the cords smacking on your face disturbing your hair cutting. Buzz cut is very popular for most students, police, athlete and military.
  • Portable– In case you want to cut your own hair and you don’t want to stick in your room, facing the mirror, you can carry it wherever you want, but of course inside your house, (you don’t want to cut your hair outside do you?). You can cut your hair in the living room while watching football.
  • Guided– Most of the cordless clippers are guided. Whether you are a left or a right handed, no problem, you can now reach the unreachable part of your hair (if you want to cut our own hair).

What are the top 5 cordless hair clippers?

We reviewed the top five best cordless hair clippers judging from their performance, durability, ease of use, battery life, exclusive features and price.

#1 Wahl 79600-2101 Lithium Ion Cordless Clipper

Wahl Lithium Ion belongs to our top five cordless hair clippers for its light and powerful features. This hair clipper is equipped with lithium ion (Li-ion) which let you charge at full within an hour and forty minutes.

There is no pressure when cutting hair because battery life is decent. You can also charge the battery in just 15 minutes to use it up to 12 minutes. The self-sharpening high-carbon steel blades prove to be a very useful feature that cuts very thorough and smooth and you need less maintenance.

There is a fluid lever to adjust your preferred length which is best for trimming. There are many attachments to choose from: 14 guide combs (1/16 inch – 1 inch), left ear taper, right ear taper, ear trim guide, brow trim guide and clipper blade guard.

Wahl Lithium Ion’s plastic-like body makes this clipper lighter, though it may be an issue with regards with handling. There is a trimmer included on this unit and requires you to have an AA battery. The guide combs are not made with premium materials but it doesn’t mean they are useless because they are not.

Usage capacity: From moderate to heavy duty

#2 Andis Ceramic BGRC Professional Detachable Blade Hair Clipper

You might be wondering why Andis Ceramic BGRC is expensive. This is because of its powerful rotary motor built for heavy-duty. Unlike Oster Fast Feed Clipper which uses pivot motor, the advantage of this clipper is it’s quieter and operates very smooth.

The interchangeable blades let you choose length you want to cut without guide combs but it does not necessarily mean that there are no guide combs included because they are.

Battery is not lithium ion but Ni-Cd (nickel–cadmium), which can operate up to one hour with full charging and is also replaceable. You can use this clipper cordlessly or with cord but it is sold separately.

Andis Ceramic BGRC is equipped with ceramic blade which is lesser heat conductive compared to carbon steel blades. In other words, ceramic blades stays cooler in a long run, thus sharpness consistency is maintained.

You can change the blade with minimal effort whenever you want. This product comes with 7 plastic combs (1/16 inch – 1 inch), CeramicEdge blade, clipper oil, charging base, storage case and instructional manuals.

Usage capacity: Heavy duty

#3 Oster Cordless Clipper

Like Wahl Lithium Ion, Oster Juice Cord/Cordless Clipper also uses lithium ion technology, so you should expect great battery life and charging speed. There is a charging stand included which is more convenient because you need to just place the clipper directly.

The LED indicator will tell you the remaining time to charge the battery of the clipper. There are 5 adjustable blade length settings you can choose from to cut your hair specifically 1/10” 3/32” 5/64” 3/64” 1/50” or (2.6mm) (2.4mm) (2mm) (1.2mm) (0.5mm) respectively. The ring between the body of the clipper will let you adjust either from left to right or otherwise.

Though expensive, this clipper is out of the box. Its body is rubberized so you don’t need to be scared about getting it slipped from your hands. It is comfortable to handle and cuts smoothly and precisely.

Unlike Andis Ceramic BGRC, Oster Juice Cord/Cordless Clipper’s battery is not replaceable. So, if you want to buy this clipper, always bear in mind to take the battery into consideration and/or to take good care of it.

Usage capacity: From moderate to heavy duty

#4 Philips Norelco QC5130 Hair Clipper

One outstanding feature Philips Norelco QC5130 has is its 180-degree head rotating which is very useful for do-it-yourself haircut. No matter what the size of your head, this clipper operates hassle-free hair cutting that adjusts to reach commonly missed areas. Packed with NiMH battery, it runs up to 40 minutes when fully charged.

This clipper also runs quietly and cuts smoothly. Its weight is light which is designed to fit small hands and better handling especially for women. There are 10 adjustable length settings to choose from ranging up to 21mm with 2mm increment (3mm, 5mm, 7mm, 9mm, 11mm, 13mm, 15mm, 17mm, 19mm and 21mm).

No worries for sensitive skin because the blades and combs are round to smoothly runs to your skin.

Though Philips Norelco QC5130 is packed with great features, some parts are likely to break when handle improperly and the replacement is costly.

The battery is not replaceable and you need to charge it up to 10 hours at full. However, this unit includes a cord if you need to use this clipper urgently in case battery is low.

Usage capacity: From light to moderate duty

#5 Conair HC1100AM I-Pro Professional Super Clipper

Another lithium ion hair clipper to cut your own hair or ‘Do-It-yourself’ made especially for men who prefers shorter hair or buzz cut. Charging time only requires three hours to operate from up to 75 minutes.

Not just that, if the battery is low and you need to use it urgently, you can just attach its cord. Sharp, self-sharpening stainless blade combined with a powerful motor can cut easily high density hair.

And, we don’t forget to mention it’s lightweight plus it comes with awesomeness: 10 guide combs (1/8 inch – 1 inch), scissors, blade guard, brush and oil, barber and styling comb, barber and styling cape and a storage case. With performance-wise rechargeable cordless clipper like this, cutting your own hair only requires a little effort.

Removing and cleaning the blades will require you to remove the screws as well like the professional corded hair clippers. Using this for beards and mustache might not result to a fine detailed cut. Bottom line, Conair HC1100AM I-Pro Professional Super Clipper has many useful features packed in one clipper. Also attachments and accessories make this clipper more valuable in hair cutting.

Usage capacity: From moderate to heavy duty


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