Best Hair Clippers Reviews For Men 2018 (Updated)

Men often cut their hair than women do. When it comes to buying hair cutting tools, they won’t usually look for the best, but sometimes opinions of friends, families or the salesman. Also, men don’t shop like women do. They don’t spend too much time to check the quality they want to buy.

If you’re the guy that I am talking to, perhaps you should consider buying carefully especially on electric grooming tools. Men also have different hair texture than women that’s why they need a reliable hair clipper perfect for hair their texture and density.

Take a short stop and read what hair clippers for men are available in the market that will make the price and quality pay for the best haircut possible.

I’m a guy, but how can I choose a hair clipper that suits my manly needs?

  • If you are a barber whose most customers are men, you should invest the best available tools and that includes hair clipper.  You don’t want to change every month with just cheap and unreliable clippers? Do you?From now on you should anticipate what your customers’ hair texture and density are so that you can give them the best haircut they wanted.
  • With cordless hair clippers are now invented, it is now possible to cut your own hair. We recommend if you want to cut your own hair, especially you guys out there, always choose the cordless because it is not just easy to use but very effective without the cord that can disturb your hair cutting.

Here are quick reviews for you what hair clippers to choose for men. Our criteria are performance, user-friendliness, price and ease of maintenance.

Oster Classic 76 Professional Hair Clipper

Now if you have anticipated that your customers are mostly guys, you should have a clipper like Oster Classic 76 Professional Hair Clipper which is recommended by most barbers. Men have thicker hair than women.

If you are cutting men’s hair simultaneously, this clipper will do just great. This is built for professional use because handling is not so easy considering its weight.

Oster Classic 76 Professional is packed with detachable cryogen-x blade system and universal motor that cuts through thick and dry or wet hair. Expensive though but worth buying for.

Oster Professional 76023-510 Fast Feed Clipper with Adjustable Blade

Oster Professional 76023-510 Fast Feed Clipper may be pricey but take a good look at its features. Built with silent and powerful motor that performs well on a heavy duty hair cutting on thick or even wet hair, you will not worry for a simultaneous hair cutting sessions.

Not only that, this clipper comes with guide combs from 1/8-inch to 1-inch for your length preferences and adjustable blades 1/50-inch to 3/32-inch.

You don’t worry about the weight of Oster Professional Fast Feed Clipper because it is lighter than Oster Classic 76 Professional Hair Clipper of about a pound.

Wahl Homepro Color-coded Haircutting (25-Piece Kit)

If you are a novice in hair cutting, you will benefit its 12 color coded guided combs from 1/8-inch to 1-inch. Guided combs are very useful for men who prefer different length of haircut several times a month.

This clipper has a reasonable price but is packed with ergonomic design, self-sharpening, high-carbon steel blades. Maintaining the sharpness of the blades is the least of your concerns. Cuts through thick hair and maintenance is not difficult. Handling this clipper is also comfortable. This is best for starters for its especially design color coded attachments.

This clipper also comes with blade guard, barber comb, styling comb, scissors, cleaning brush, blade oil,  newbie friendly instructions and styling guide and 6 inch handled storage case. Its cheaper price is worthily valued its completeness and performance.

Wahl 79600-2101 Lithium Ion Cordless Clipper

Wondering why Wahl Lithium Ion Cordless Clipper is here? If you’re thinking that it is cordless you’re right! Cordless is the best choice for men who want to cut their own hair. This clipper is packed with sharp self-sharpening, high-carbon steel blades, guide combs from 1/16-inch to 1-inch (not color coded) and haircut accessories perfect for DIY!

Battery life of Wahl Lithium Ion Cordless Clipper is awesome. You can charge it for 15 minutes to run for 12 minutes especially when you are in a hurry. Full charging takes 3 hours and runs for 1 hour and forty minutes. Its lithium ion technology won’t overcharge the battery in case you accidentally left it charging.

Andis Ceramic BGRC Professional Detachable Blade Hair Clipper

Another cordless clipper, Andis Ceramic BGRC Professional Detachable Blade is built with a powerful rotary motor that make it the most powerful cordless hair clipper available in the market today.

It has CeramicEdge ( certified zirconium oxide) blade which runs cooler than traditional steel blades. Though this clipper does not use lithium ion technology, battery life is decent and replaceable in case it is damaged.

Andis Ceramic BGRC Professional Detachable Blade is more expensive than Wahl Lithium Ion Cordless Clipper since its motor is a rotary known for its versatility and is also used for bulk hair removal.

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