Top 5 Best Hair Thinning Scissors 2019 – Review & Buyers Guide

Hair thinning scissors or also known as thinning shears are used to remove thick, large volume of hair (mostly medium to shoulder-length) to maintain or achieve specific hairstyle. They are commonly must-have tools for hair stylists and barbers.

The two blades are mostly not the same. While one is just a normal hair cutting shear, the other is made up of several pieces of teeth. The purpose of these teeth is to add shape to a particular hairstyle.

Why should you include hair thinning scissors to your arsenal?

  • To achieve detailed hairstyling– Some hairstyles are difficult to achieve using hair cutting shears or hair clippers especially the layered hairstyles. If you are a professional or a starting barber or hair stylist, having these hair cutting tools, it is much easier to accomplish whatever hairstyle your clients’ desire.
  • Decrease hair volume easier– With the latest inventions of hair cutting tools, thinning shears are best suited for removing high volume of hair manually. Thinning shears are also used in bulk hair removal.
  • Good investment– Whether you are a professional or a novice hair stylist or a barber, always consider having the best pair of thinning scissors as a good investment. It is absolutely worth your money because you don’t know what hair you will cut or style next.


What parts of my hair can I use thinning scissors?

  • Bangs– You can use thinning shears to maintain the length of your bangs. Cutting scissors or shears cannot achieve the thinning purpose of the thinning shears.
  • Hair ends– Thinning shears are also best to shape your hair ends because of the teeth which can shape them better.
  • Wavy parts– If you have some parts of your hair that occasionally waves, thinning scissors can be very useful in removing these parts.

Our Reviews of the Best 5 Hair Thinning Shears

#1 Suvorna Ador 6.5″ Professional Barber Thinning / Texturizing Scissors 2102

Stylish and comfortable with hands, Suvorna Ador 6.5″ Professional Barber Thinning/Texturizing Scissors make its way as one of the best thinning shears. You wouldn’t ignore its high carbon grade stainless steel, razor edge sharp blades and teeth (on one side), removable rubber inserts and finger rest and come with a leather carrying pouch.

However, you cannot just adjust the tension between the shears with your fingers because there is only a screw holding the blades. This product is best for home and professional use.

#2 Utopia Care 6.5” Professional Barber Hair Thinning/Texturizing Shears

Utopia Care Professional Barber Hair Thinning/Texturizing Shears are made with Japanese stainless steel that is beautifully crafted to be one of the top thinning shears in the market. These shears have 28 teeth on one of the blades. If you don’t feel like it is cutting or the blades are just too tight, the shears have a knurled knob to adjust the tension.

You don’t need to worry if your fingers grow bigger from now on because they have removable rubber inserts that makes finger holes up to two centimeters in diameter without them. This product is also available in 7.5 inch and comes with a protective case.

#3 Goody Stainless Steel Hair Thinning Shears

Crafted with a simple design without any flaunt, Goody Stainless Steel Hair Thinning Shears are not just an ordinary thinning shears. It is made with stainless steel with plastic handle which makes it lighter so that it can be easy to handle especially for novices.

Blades are sharp however you cannot adjust the tension between the blades and this product does not come with protective case. These shears come at a very reasonable price.

#4 Stainless Steel Hair Thinning Shears, 5.75 Inches

Though not manufactured by a branded name, these 5.75 inch hair thinning shears can compete with big names in the market. These shears are solid that are made with quality stainless steel with razor sharp blades.

You will find the adjustable screw useful if you need to adjust the tension of the blades. There is no removable rubber inserts but the finger holes are big enough to fit average male fingers.

#5 Tweezerman Stainless 2000 Thinning Shears

Also manufactured by a popular brand, Tweezerman Stainless 2000 Thinning Shears is designed to last long with its performance wise – precisely thinning large volume of hair. These shears are made with an ice tempered stainless steel that is crafted well to obtain best results possible.

There are no removable finger rubber inserts unlike Suvorna Ador and Utopia Care thinning shears. In addition, you must use a sflat screw driver to adjust the tension between the blades.

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