Best Spark Plugs for 350 TBI – Reviews and Ratings


Looking for the best spark plugs for 350 TBI? You are in the right place.

Spark plugs play an important part in how your car runs so you want the right ones in. You don’t want to waste money on buying something that’s too expensive but you also don’t want to buy cheap junk.

That isn’t going to work right so I’m going to show you how you can pick the right one for your Chevy 350 TBI engine and save money at the same time.

As you may probably know:

While the OEM that comes with your vehicle is the best one for your engine, you don’t have to get the same when you need to change them.

Other quality manufacturers have very good quality control so that their spark plugs can replace the original one. You just want to make sure you choose the right one for your vehicle.


One of the most important things you should consider is the type of spark plug you are buying. For example, Iridium plugs last the longest and can often take thousands of miles and still have plenty of life in them.

Although, changing them for every hundred thousand miles or lower is a very good idea.

Also, you shouldn’t go too cheap when choosing your plug. Usually, they don’t last long and might even bring other problems to your engine.

Lastly, it doesn’t matter who is producing the spark plug.

What’s really important is that the plug is designed to replace the original OEM. As long as it’s the right quality and design, you can buy from any brand and get a similar experience to what your original plug gives you.

So now, what’s the best spark plug to buy for your Chevy 350 TBI?

Reviews of the 4 Best Spark Plugs for 350 TBI

Here is a review of the top rated brands for you:

1) CCEL 0526-4 Copper Core Spark Plug, (Pack of 4)

Don’t burn plug boots and bang up your headers changing spark plugs. Solve both problems at the same time with a set of ACCEL Copper Core Spark Plug.

They’re significantly shorter than ordinary stock plugs as much as 3/8 of an inch shorter. That frees up precious space in cramped engine bays.

If you are looking for a good piece of spark plug for you Chevy cavalier, 350 Chevy, Chevy Silverado lt, and more, here is a good option for you.

Moreover, it comes with a purified alumina insulator so you don’t experience arcing while driving. The head is also adequately protected and designed to last longer with the machine-rolled threads.

It creates more of an air gap space between the spark plug boot and the exhaust manifold or header tube, so you get open space that’ll keep the damaging heat radiating off your exhaust manifold or header tubes from melting your plug wire boots.

And every time you swap in a new set of ACCEL innovative shorty spark plugs, you’ll have more room to work.

The room that makes it a lot easier to get a wrench or a socket on spark plugs and keep you from denting up your expensive custom headers trying to reach them.

ACCE Copper Core Spark Plug is short on everything but performance. You get the exact same power and drivability you’ve come to expect from standard length accel spark plugs. In addition, they are pre-set so you can just plug in and drive.

And if you really want to eliminate melted or burned plug boots forever don’t stop there. Stick a set of brand new ceramic boot spark plug wires on those new spark plugs today and get maximum protection you need.

2) NGK 3403 NGK G-Power Platinum Spark Plug

The NGK G-Power Platinum Performance Spark Plugs are available for all ’93 to ’01 Cobras, ’96 to ’04 GT’s and Mach 1 models as well as the ’98 to ’04 V6s.

The NGK G-Power Platinum Performance Spark Plugs will work for any ’93 to ’04 Mustang owner who might be looking to swap out their factory plugs that may be old, worn out, and misfiring for a set of upgraded performance options from NGK.

They are also great for the 350 Chevy engine if that’s what your drive.

This will give you an overall quicker start, lower emissions, improved fuel economy, and also reduces the required voltage.

This is going to be for the guys with stock or mildly modified Mustangs, of course, since it does have a heat range of a normal five. Obviously, spark plugs are crucial in keeping your lightly modified or stock push router mod motor running smoothly and efficiently.

Now, obviously, NGK has been making spark plugs for years and these are going be a performance upgrade with better material.

Now, if you’ve got a bad set of spark plugs in your motor, you could experience a number of symptoms, symptoms such as a rough idle, a rough start even, bad fuel mileage, things of that nature, the list goes on and on.

This is definitely a good upgrade to improve these symptoms, giving you a better fuel efficiency, better throttle response even with a smoother and quicker start.

As far as materials and construction go, this was manufactured from NGK with a copper core to give its superior conductivity and a platinum tip for a clean burn that also reduces the amount of voltage required to make the engine run at full power.

The G-Power options were also manufactured with a trivalent metal plating to make sure that it also has anti-seizing capabilities as well as anti-corrosion.

Just to wrap this one up here, if you’re the owner of a Chevy 350 or ’93 to ’04 Mustang, whether it’s a GT, Mach 1, or V6, given the respective years, you definitely want to check out the NGK G-Power Platinum Performance Spark Plugs.

3) ACDelco 41-993 Professional Iridium Spark Plug

When it comes to your vehicle spark plugs, ACDelco knows you have many choices, which is why their professional line of spark plugs includes iridium plugs.

The Iridium material has the highest melting point and strength of all metals used in spark plugs today which allows for smaller and more efficient electrode designs for improved cold starting and quicker acceleration.

It is the latest evolution and high-performance plug electrode material.

By using an Iridium fine wire and platinum electrode this ACDelco spark plug is designed to last over 100,000 miles making them the ideal replacement for today’s top performing vehicles.

This one-piece integral suppressor seal reduces radio frequency and meters spark plug energy to help provide long electrode life and it also seals against the intense pressures of combustion.

And finally all AC Delco spark plugs are 100% end-of-line tested.

To verify assembly and function with design and manufacturing like this, the manufacturer stands behind their professional Iridium spark plugs with a 100,000 mile limited part warranty

As you can see ACDelco is committed to providing you high-quality spark plugs to keep you and your vehicle on the road and this one is no different.

4) Bosch 9614 Double Iridium Spark Plug

If you are looking for high-performance and long life, the Bosch Iridium spark plug is engineered for both.

Using innovative original equipment materials designs and processes, Bosch Iridium delivers the best technology to increase the lifetime of the spark plug.

Bosch Iridium spark plugs include a high content iridium center electrode for better durability and a more consistent and powerful spark which leads to better performance over a lifetime of the spark plug.

Competitors use varying levels of iridium which can decrease the life of the spark plug as well as the performance.

And no other spark plug on the market is completely laser welded but Bosch Iridium Spark Plugs utilize laser welding on the ground electrode as well as 360-degree continuous laser welding on the center electrode.

Continuous laser welding increases the durability of the plug.

Other brands make use of pulsed lasers or resistance welding to build their spark plugs thermal shock and durability tests show that these alternative welding processes can result in cracking of the weld and loss of platinum on the ground electrode which can cause premature sparkplug failure.

The difference is clear for better performance at a spark plug that will last.

Choosing the Right Spark Plug for Your Engine

When you’re shopping around for plugs you want to make sure you’re taking note of what the heat range is because that will determine which plugs to go with your particular setup.

For example, NGK’s heat range goes from a 2 to an 11, but you want to take note because this particular manufacturer actually goes a little bit more backwards in some of the other brands.

What I mean by that is typically a heat range number that’s higher would mean it’s a hotter plug. With NGK, it’s actually the complete opposite.

The higher the number, the colder the plug. Now, the reason you’d want a colder plug is for a forced induction setup or something of a higher horsepower motor.

Now, in this particular case, you’re looking at a heat range of five, which is extremely normal, which means, again, just to reiterate, this is for the lightly modified or bone stock motor.

What about installation?

Now, obviously, as far as installation goes, changing some spark plugs are extremely straightforward.

You want to have a ratchet and socket set on the deck and a few extensions of different sizes, as well as a spark plug grabber socket just to make sure you don’t drop this down to the engine bay, which can be a huge headache.

With that said, you might also want some anti-seizing grease, if you want to use those as well, but the material of most spark plug will be geared to prevent some of that.

But if you want to make it extra secure, that’s up to you. Overall, it shouldn’t take you longer than about two hours from start to finish to swap these out. I’ll definitely give it a one out of three wrenches on the difficulty meter.

How to Check, Adjust, and Set Your Spark Plug Gap

When installing new spark plugs the correct gap is important to the vehicle’s performance. In most cases, the spark plug for your application should have the correct gap and require no adjustment.

It’s always good practice to inspect each spark plug before installation. Traditionally a coin style gap tool is a standard tool used to adjust the gap of the spark plug.

However, it’s better to make use of a wire style gap tool available in the specialty tool section of most auto parts stores.

This tool can safely adjust and inspect the gap above even precious metal spark plugs. Also, a feeler gauge style spark plug will also do this job.

Now that you have the correct tools you can adjust the gap of your spark plugs. You can check the gap using the wire looms on a gap tool if adjustment is required using the back of the tool.

You can open or close the gap if you use a coin style gap tool to open the gap of the spark plug.

They’re likely to break the tip if the plug tip is broken, so don’t use it. Just throw it away and start over with a new spark plug for specific gap information consult the emissions tag under the hood of the vehicle or your owner’s manual.

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