Top 5 Best Timing Belt 2020 – Review & Buying Guide

Timing belts are the essential items for your vehicle to control several activities. They offer noise-free operation, and many vehicle manufacturers use it in their vehicles. Timing belts need to be replaced after a certain period to ensure good performance. Different vehicles have different specifications for the replacement of the timing belts. So, you can check the maintenance schedule of your vehicle to know the replacement time of the timing belt. If you don’t replace the timing belt of your vehicle at the right time, then it may break and cause damage to your engine. Therefore, replacing the timing belt at the right time is essential. 

Best Timing Belt     

If you need to replace the timing belt of your vehicle, then this article can help you. This article discusses the best timing belts that can fulfil your needs. You should read it till the end and select one product that suits your requirements. Also, a buying guide included for ease of selecting the timing belts.   

#1 Gates T275 Timing Belt

Gates Corporation is one of the top manufacturers of power transmission products. This brand is a leader in manufacturing fluid power systems for a broad range of vehicles. This manufacturer always looks for the latest technologies to make the power systems for unbelievable experiences. By engineering material science, Gates Corporation produces awesome products to perform beyond your expectations. This timing belt from Gates is a high-quality product to use in your vehicle. This is a PowerGrip premium OE timing belt, which can provide superb performance. It has a trapezoidal tooth shape, which is suitable for several applications. This timing belt can be used in sewing machines, vending machines, agricultural machines, machine tools, food processing machines, and many other applications. 

This timing belt doesn’t require lubrication, so the maintenance cost reduced. The T275 timing belt has made of Hi-Temp Neoprene material which provides high strength and excellent durability. It offers resistance to grease, oil, moisture, etc. It has an OE comparison rating of OE exact to provide high reliability. The tooth of this timing belt has made of nylon material to offer durable performance for a long time. This is a great solution for your machine to make it working again for a long time. It can offer superb flexibility and has a high resistance to elongation. If you are looking for a new timing belt to replace the old one in your vehicle, then this timing belt is a great option for you. 


  • This timing belt has sturdy construction to offer high strength. 
  • It has nylon tooth for better performance. 
  • It is ideal for multiple applications. 


  • NA

#2 Cloyes B307 Timing Belt

Cloyes is a famous manufacturer to produce premium quality drive systems. This brand has a solution for all your power transmission requirements. The B307 timing belt from this manufacturer is an excellent product for the drive system of your engine. It can balance the timing of the shaft and maintain the valve train. A B307 timing belt is a great option for exceptional engine performance, opening and closing of valves at the right time, and balancing the weight of shaft in the right position. If you use this timing belt in your engine, it can help to reduce the vibration. If the belt drive of your engine has worn or stretched, then you should consider replacing the belt drive for improved performance. Cloyes offers you a wide range of OE quality timing belts to replace in your engine for high reliability and performance. 

This brand has achieved ISO/TS 16949 quality certification to offer industry-standard products for long-lasting performance. Its drive systems have optimized to work correctly at their preferred applications, so you can get the drive system for your vehicle easily. Before selling the products, Cloyes tests them for quality and functionality. So, you can assure that you are getting the top quality products from this brand. 


  • The B307 timing belt can offer great value for money. 
  • It maintains ISO quality standards. 
  • It is a perfect solution to reduce the vibration in your engine. 


  • NA

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#3 Dayco 95307 Timing Belt

Dayco is a top manufacturer of timing belts for varieties of applications. This brand manufactures OE standard timing belts by using high-quality materials. For all types of automotive applications, you can get drive system solutions from this manufacturer. With great expertise, Dayco provides unique drive solutions for your engine. Dayco timing belt uses self-lubricating fabric, which offers high resistance to wear. Because of this fabric, the life of the belt and pulley increases. You can expect long-lasting performance from this timing belt. Dayco 95307 timing belt has made of high modulus glass fibre non-stretch cord to provide high stability during the operation. This timing belt can offer smooth performance when included in your engine. 

Dayco designed this timing belt using temperature resistant material to provide resistance to high temperature. It has a round tooth for better performance and contains timing marks for ease of installation. This black color timing belt has a width of 1.07 inches. The weight of this timing belt is 0.5 pound. Dayco timing belt has a lifetime of 105,000 miles. Because of high-temperature resistance construction, this timing belt can be used for a long time without any issues. To experience a high performance, you should use this timing belt in your engine. 


  • Dayco 95307 timing belt has resistance to temperature. 
  • This timing belt has a long life as it will not wear easily. 
  • It has made of high glass fiber for high stability. 


  • NA

#4 Gates T176RB timing belt

This timing belt from gates has designed to provide great performance. It has resistance to heat and corrosion. In the drive system manufacturing industry, Gates Corporation has a big name. To allow your engine to work perfectly, this timing belt is a good option. This timing belt has a blue color appearance that looks attractive. This timing belt has made of HNBR elastomeric composites for high performance. Gates T176RB timing belt is 300% stronger than the stock belts for providing high performance. This timing belt has three times greater temperature resistance than other belts. They can perform well even with interference engines. 

Nylon fibre has used in the construction of tooth for improved durability. The teeth of this timing belt come with resistance to wear to last for a long time. For superb performance, you should use this robust timing belt with your engine. High standard tensile and glass cords have used with this timing belt to offer high strength. Gates T176RB timing belt can protect your engine and deliver unique performance that no other timing belt can do. Because of the robust construction, the T176RB timing belt can provide outstanding stability and flexibility for a long time. This timing belt has used in several top-performing vehicles for exceptional performance. 


  • This timing belt can be used in multiple applications. 
  • It includes a standard warranty. 
  • It has robust construction for high stability. 


  • Expensive. 

#5 SCITOO timing belt kit

This is a timing belt kit from SCITOO to offer you a complete solution for your engine. This kit is suitable for a wide range of vehicles to use with. You can use this timing belt for power transmission from one part to another with your engine effectively. This kit can provide you with an exceptional performance by simplifying all your tasks. This timing belt kit is perfect to use in automobile engines for high performance. If you are looking for a timing belt kit for your vehicle engine, SCITOO timing belt kit is a perfect option for you. This manufacturer tests the products for performance and quality before sending them to the market for selling. This brand intended to produce OEM standard products to offer high performance. 

This timing belt system can provide low noise operation and a high transmission rate for an excellent experience. It has a small transmission resistance to offer normal operation and increase the life of the engine. In this timing belt kit, you will get a timing belt, a bearing assembly, two oil seals, one water pump with gasket, and a valve cover gasket set. The SCITOO timing belt kit includes a warranty period of one year. Before purchasing this timing belt set, you need to check the right size for your application.


  • This timing belt has a robust construction.
  • It doesn’t produce noise during operation. 
  • It includes all the required accessories. 


  • NA

Timing Belt Buying Guide

Buying a good quality timing belt is essential for the exceptional performance of your vehicle. But, to buy the right timing belt, you should know the required factors to consider while buying it. 

  • Timing belt types

Timing belts are different for different applications. To experience the desired output, you should use the right type of timing belt in your application. Timing belts can have a different type of pitch and tooth profiles for different types of pulleys. Also, you can get several types of timing belts with the same pitch. So, it is very important to select the right type of timing belt, according to the type of pulley. 

  • Decide your budget

While buying a timing belt for your vehicle, your budget is a very important thing to consider. If you can spend more money, then you can buy a high-quality timing belt to get improved performance with your vehicle. If you are sensitive to your budget, then you should look for an affordable timing belt for high performance. Whether you go for an expensive one or an affordable one, you should ensure that the timing belt can offer you excellent performance. It is better to buy an affordable timing belt if it can offer better performance instead of buying an expensive one. 

  • Consider the lifetime of the timing belt

The lifetime of the timing belts ranges from 60,000 to 100,000 miles. So, while selecting a timing belt for your application, you should select at least 60,000 miles of timing belt for ease of performance. After installing the timing belt in your vehicle, you should note its lifetime so that you can replace it when its lifetime exceeds. 

  • Consider the construction of the timing belt

You should buy a robust timing belt to ensure it will offer you better performance without much issue for a long period. Check that the timing belt has made of high-quality material to provide the required strength. If you buy a low-quality timing belt, it may break after minimal usages. If the timing belt is broken, it can damage your engine, which will cost you more than a timing belt. So, you should buy a quality timing belt for high performance with minimal maintenance. 

  • Consider buying a timing belt kit

If you need to buy all the accessories with the timing belt, then it is better to buy a timing belt kit instead of buying each part separately. This can save your cost and provide you with a high value. In a timing belt kit, you can get the essential parts such as water pump, timing belt, sprockets, etc. Also, it includes small items such as nuts, bolts, screws, etc. So, by purchasing a timing belt kit, you can have a hassle-free shopping. 

  • Consider the size

It is another important factor to look at while buying a timing belt. You should measure the distance between the driver and driven pulley and decide the size of the timing belt required for your vehicle. You should always buy the timing belts that can fit perfectly to your application. 


Replacing the timing belt is very important in your vehicle when it reaches its maximum mileage. If it is not replaced at the right time, it can damage your engine. In this article, we have included the best timing belts that you can consider for your vehicle. You can use the buying guide to choose the best product for you.   

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