Top 5 Best Tow Bar 2020 – Review and Buying Guide

What does the tow bar mean? It is a bar that is mainly fitted to the back of the vehicle. It is mainly used in towing a trailer or a caravan. The bar is made of many types of metal, and that is made of durable quality materials. Speaking truly, metal bars play a vital role in this case. They have a very resilient body and can handle any type of weight. The best thing about the tow bar is it can be easily attached to any type of vehicle and that too conveniently.  While choosing the tow bar some special things should be given special preference. In this article, we will mainly concentrate on some of the best tow bars that are available in the market. 

The term “tow bar” is significant in the automobile industry. They are also found in various classes, and some of them are light-duty,  medium-duty, and high-duty ones. The capacity of the light-duty is about 1200 kg, and the medium-duty capacity is about 1600 g while the capacity of the high-duty one is about 3500kg. Apart from all this, there are various classes and categories of cars that come under this section. You can easily try this from various cases. Anyway, tow bars are a very important part of the vehicle industry and they should always be given importance. 

Best Tow Bars Online

Now we will go through some of the best tow bars that are presently used by the people. A brief introduction on some of the best tools will help the buyers to some extent for choosing the right product. This discussion will help buyers.

#1 Hiltex 20046 Adjustable Universal Tow Bar


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The tow bar of Hiltex 200046 is presumed to be the best one. It can be easily mounted on the car. It can also be folded up comfortably up to a slim profile. It can be stored conveniently to any place and thus requires less space for storage. Just fold the two legs and put in the upright position. The tool is made of heavy construction so the tool becomes durable and sturdy. It easily expands as per the requirement. If you own a sedan car you can easily go with this tow bar as they will work smoothly.  If you place the device on the hook it can smoothly pull SUV or trucks. This is a great benefit of using such tools. Almost all drivers believe that it is an effective tool that can be simply installed. 


  • It comes with a two-inch fitting ball that has proper mounting facilities. 
  • It works easily with sedan cars, tractors, and other vehicles.
  • It can bear weight up to 5000 pounds.
  • It can be easily folded when not in use.


  • There should have been some good modifications in the look of the tow bar.

#2 HTTMT- US-FF801-BK- Adjustable Tow Towing Bar 

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The tow bar of HTTMT-US-FF801 is an excellent product. It can be swiftly adjusted as per the demand or the requirement of the user. It has quick disconnect brackets that can be bolted directly to the frame of any vehicle. On the other side, it can be folded easily and stored in any convenient space. The arms of the tow bar extend from 24” to 41 ”. This is a great facility of using such a tow bar. As it is a branded product, people can easily rely on this. The capacity of the tool is large, and it requires a special mention. 

The design of the tow bar is good and attractive. It can easily draw the attention of modern buyers. It requires less space for storage so even if you have small space in your home, you can keep it safe.  There are no such specific complications in storing such a device.


  • Build under a good and popular brand.
  • Weight capacity is large and heavy.
  • Arms can be extended from 24’’ and 41 ‘’.
  • It can be stored to any place.


  • It could have been better if the process of folding the tow bar was made easier for the user or the buyers.

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#3 Trail Gator Tow Bar and Accessories

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The tow bar of Trail can be attached to any small bike or cycles of your little one. It can be easily attached to the vehicle and removed smoothly. Apart from this, the installation process is simple and smooth as it can be done by anyone. The device can be easily stored when not in use. Most of the people always look for the tow bars that can be used on kid’s vehicles. But with this device, you can easily try it. It is safe and can be done by anyone. Even the installation process is easy that it can be done by anyone if he is trying for the first time. There is no requirement of any training for using this device or tool. It is popular among the kids who own cycles or kids bike. Sometimes it can also be tried by the kids alone. Although it may look a little funny, they can go with it. 


  • It helps convert an ordinary child’s bike into a safe one.
  • The moment the bar is attached, it can be easily removed.
  • The installation process is smooth and easy.
  • Accessories are available along with the device.


  • It would have been easier for the users if the installation process was made smoother.

#4 Blue Ox BX4370 Ascent Tow Bar

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The tow bar of Blue Ox BX4370 is powerful and durable at the same time. It can smoothly attain a ton of weight. Most of the companies always prefer to use this tow bar because of its longevity and good service. It is lightweight and can bear a good amount of weight. The tow bar is manufactured from aircraft-grade aluminum.  The towing capacity of this device is large. It is estimated that it has a capacity of 6500 pounds, and that is huge. It is also made of heavy steel materials so it will always give the best service and that for a long period. It also includes a set of safety cables that have a capacity of 10,000 pounds. 


  • Because of the lack of centering pin, there are no hazards in storing the device.
  • Available along with non-binding latches.
  • With the presence of rubber boots, dirt can be prevented to a good extent.
  • Available along with safety cables.


  • It would have been nice if the price of the product could have been lowered to some extent.

#5 CURT 19745 Adjustable Car RV Tow Bars 

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The tow bar of CURT 19745  comes with a wide variety of features. It is with this tool that one can easily plan for outdoor plans or trips. The convenient mode of handling the device has allowed a maximum number of people to use this device. It gives much freedom and increases the mobility of a person. The magnetic feature of the tow bar allows the device to stick easily on the vehicle.


  • It helps in increasing the mobility of the vehicle to a considerable extent.
  • Comes with high adjustable features.
  • The tow bar comes with an adjustable heavy-duty 2-inch trailer.
  • It comes with corrosion-resistant quality, which is good for the device.


  • It would have been better if there was a specific warranty period for the device.

Buying Guide to Choose Best Tow Bar

If you own a car it is vital to note that you are having all the required accessories need to maintain it easily. With the invention of the tow bar, maximum people are happy because of its service. If you know the exact way to handle a tow bar you can easily carry out the work smoothly. However, there are certain things which should be remembered while buying a tow bar. It must possess the maximum number of qualities that are required for this product. 


The capacity of the tow bar is one of the main things that should be considered on a prior basis. If you have a small car you can go with small capacity bars while if the car is a big one you should move with the bar that has larger capacities. This is a vital point that should be checked repeatedly. However, the minimum capacity of the tow bar should be 3000 pounds. Anything lower than that should not be entertained.  The capacity of the tow bar is one main thing that should be given importance as much as possible.


The durability of the device is another thing that should be checked repeatedly. It should be designed specially and in a unique manner. If the device is not manufactured durably, it may not give the best service and for a long duration. Also, check that the tow bar is corrosion-resistant. It is found that after running for some time, the device gets rust. That may ultimately damage the tool.


If you are cautious and alert about the style, you will always prefer for the one that has innovative designs and look. This is a good thing about the tow bar and should be appreciated at any cost.


Without a bracket, a tow bar is just incomplete. Thus the user should check that brackets must come along with the product. If it is absent with the product no need to buy such tow bars. It will not be utilized properly. The look of the tow bar mainly depends upon the design of the brackets. So, brackets play a crucial role in the case of a tow bar, and it is vital. 

Handling process

The mode of handling or operating the tow bar is an important factor. The user should always check the process of handling the tow bar. The easier will be the process of fitting the tow bar the much easier will be the whole process.

Warranty period

Above all the users should check that the tow bar comes with a good warranty period. As it is such an important device, it should always come with a proper warranty period. If there is no such mention of warranty period, those products should not be purchased. The warranty period is vital in various cases and products. 


On the other side, please check the reviews of the tow bars from specific sites. You may come across various sites that are also engaged with the review part. Sometimes, reviews can also clearly state the actual price of the product. Sometimes buyers may get confused about the price of the product as they are misled in many situations. But to solve this matter more and more people should visit the sites that clearly state all these points.

Bottom Line:

A tow bar is a great tool that is used to tie or connect a vehicle with the trailer or second vehicle for allowing a safety pull. You may have observed that many times on the road a damaged car is required to be pulled but in such a situation, the whole process becomes swift if you have a reliable tow bar. The design of the tow bar varies depending upon the purposes. Most of them are found in “A” shaped frames. There are safety chains that help to carry out the whole process in a smooth manner. 

With the advancement of modern tools and devices, almost all the motor industry and vehicle factories have owned and achieved good importance. Thus the tow bars are a great invention that has reduced manual work to a great extent. It can pull all types of vehicles very easily. The demand of the tow bars is gradually increasing in due course of time. Many industries have started manufacturing wide varieties of tow bars for the convenience of the users. They are working day and night to produce quality products before the buyers. This is a great initiative from the side of the manufacturers.

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