Bottle Jack vs Floor Jack – What Are The Differences?

Looking for a rundown on bottle jack vs floor jack? Want to know the difference between the two? You are on the right page!

Have you ever found yourself in a position to give your friend or some other person advice on which one to buy between a bottle jack and a floor jack but couldn’t?

Or you are trying to decide which will be the most suitable one for your vehicle?

It can be embarrassing when you urgently need something and you can quite decide on which one to go for.

You are not alone. In this article, I’ll compare these two jacks and educate you on how a floor jack and a bottle jack operates differently.

Let’s dive in:

What Is a Bottle Jack

The bottle jack is a narrowly based lifting device. It is portable and this makes it a pleasure to work with especially in smaller spaces.

The bottle jack is a high clearance jack. This makes it the best lifting device for trucks. Also during an emergency, the bottle jack is your best option because it is easy to carry along.

The best part is that it is readily available and the price affordable for all and sundry. What a great tool!

Features of a Bottle Jack

  • The bottle jack is simply a lightweight making it very easy to use so no stress at all.
  • It is very solid with a heavy duty steel construction and therefore, projected to last for a very long time.
  • The bottle jack has Extension screws which help you to adjust the lifting capacity easily.
  • The vertical shaft of the bottle jack supports the bearing pad thereby enabling the jack to bear the weight of the load as it is lifted.
  • The bottle jack comes with a cylinder that contains hydraulic.
  • It also features a pumping system so as to mount pressure on the fluid.

What Are the Advantages of a Bottle Jack?

  • The bottle jack is unique in design. It has the highest lifting capacity. This maximum lift capacity enables it to lift up very heavy vehicles or machinery with ease.
  • The bottle jack has a small footprint which makes it very easy to store after use. Well, it occupies lesser storage area.

Disadvantages of a Bottle Jack

  • The small base design of the bottle jack causes instability.
  • The bottle jacks are built with minimum lift height. This poses a problem when you want to lift vehicles with standard clearance.

Now that you know what a bottle jack is and the benefits of getting one, let’s do the same for a floor jack.


What Is A Floor Jack?

This type of jack is a lifting device that gives you satisfaction any time you make use of it. The floor jack performs so greatly that it makes lifting look easy and effortless.

Features of a Floor Jack

  • The floor jack is designed with four wheels on the base. This wheel enables it to move around and reposition the way you may like it.
  • It is solid and bulky thereby occupying more space.
  • It’s long pumping handle design enable it to lift and lower items very fast.
  • The floor jack has a versatile lifting capacity. It has wide bases which make it stable and safe to use.
  • The floor jack goes lower than other jacks and this makes it the best choice for lower based vehicles.
  • And lastly, the floor jack is known for its efficiency in speed.

Advantages of a Floor Jack

  • The floor jack has a minimum lift height. This enables it to lift low profile vehicles.
  • The floor jack is very easy to use due to the long pumping handle.
  • The floor jack remains stable all through the time you work with it.

Disadvantages of the Floor Jack

  • The floor jack has a low rate of lifting capacity. It doesn’t achieve a high lifting rating.
  • It is too bulky in nature and this makes it have a large footprint and occupy much space.

Bottle Jack vs Floor Jack – The Differences

To make the correct choice between these two incredible hydraulic jacks, I have brought out the notable differences between them as a guide for you.

The floor jack is the best lifting jack for low profile cars and vans. While the bottle jack has a maximum lifting capacity is the perfect lifting device for standard clearance vehicles.

A floor jack is stable, reliable and safe. You can go under the vehicle to do your repairs without fear of collapse. While the bottle jack is not built for someone to go underneath it or to poke your head under it for any reason.


The bottle jack is very portable. You can easily carry it around and this makes it handy in cases of emergency. While the floor jack is bulky in order to maintain its stability. It occupies much space and it’s not easy to carry around especially during emergencies.

The floor jack has two to three-foot long handle which makes it easier to be lowered underneath a vehicle for an effective lifting and lowering while the bottle jack cannot do so. In fact, the bottle jack cannot fit under the front frame of most cars.


Floor jacks have more ground clearance than the bottle jacks and have the capacity to share the weight of the load when it is lifted from the base.

The floor jack is able to move together with the load with the help of the wheels designed with them. Whereas the bottle jack stands stationary when the load is being lifted which poses a great hazard.

When it comes to speed, the floor jack does its lifting functions very fast while the bottle jack moves slowly

Final Words on Bottle Jack vs Floor Jack

After going through this article, you will agree with me that these great jacks are good to have around the garage.

The floor jack is more expensive to purchase but it will be cheaper for you in the long run due to its longevity. The bottle jack, on the other hand, is cheaper to purchase.

If you are a garage owner, the floor jack is the best for you. But if you want a compact jack to carry around with you, the bottle jack is your answer.

After the comparisons, you have two options. Either you go for the more expensive floor jack or the cheaper bottle jack. Whatever you decide, make sure the one you choose will best suit the lifting and lowering requirements you want.

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