Garage Floor Tiles vs Coating – In Depth Discussion

Garage Floor Tiles vs Coating-In Depth Discussions

If you have decided to furnish your garage floor, the next step is to choose the type of flooring you want to use. Think carefully before choosing because your garage floor is supposed to be sturdy, tough, and long-lasting.

It does not mean that your garage floor shouldn’t look attractive. The truth is that you can achieve both tough and attractive garage floor at the same time if you know what to find.

There are so many garage floor options for you to choose but you need to consider the garage floor that will enhance the resale value in case you want to sell your home. Also, you must consider the garage floor that can make the little space more conducive.

In this write-up, we are going to compare two garage floor options so that you can make a good choice to suit your needs.

Floor Tiles

Garage floor tiles are strong and trendy. They are spectacular and beautiful. If you are opportune to get hold of a high-quality brand, there is nothing to compare it with.

With a high-quality garage floor tile, you can easily install it on a wood floor, concrete floor or any flooring no matter the quality of the flooring.

Also, you can easily customize your logos. That is by using water jetting or imprinting to attach them to the tiles for a long-lasting effect.

In fact, using a garage floor tile is a plus factor in every aspect.

Garage floor tiles come in many categories namely:

1. The light duty tiles:

These brands of garage floor tiles are 3/16 inches in thickness. They are light and hollow inside due to the low-quality generic plastic and loose fitted peg and loop it connects to.

2. Super heavy tiles:

This brand of garage floor tiles is 5/16 inches in thickness. They are heavy duty PVC construction that has watertight seams. The thickness of the supper heavy garage floor tiles makes them soundproof. They are different from the light-duty tiles which are hollow and make a clacking sound when you walk on it.

Whether you install a light or heavy duty garage floor tiles, they are guaranteed for long life. Unlike another kind of garage flooring, garage tiles are special because:

  • You can clean them easily
  • There Installation is simple and takes little time.
  • They are portable to carry around
  • You can remove them easily if you wish to change your décor

If you decide to use garage floor tiles, you will get four different options being the diamond, the coin, the flat and the slate pattern.

The flat patterned tiles are specifically designed with an orange peel kind of finishing which prevents it from being slippery. The slate patterned garage floor tiles are more natural and sensitive.


This procedure involves making use of garage floor paints to coat the floor of your garage. Painting your garage floor will give you the opportunity to be creative while decorating it.

Using coatings to furnish your garage floor is also a good option as far as you use the high-quality coatings like Epoxy floor kit.

You will also need to prepare the garage floor very well before the coating to ensure that it is successful and long lifespan.

If you prepare your garage floor coating appropriately, they are beautiful and spectacular to behold and at the same time cost-effective. Garage floor coating can last up to 20 years if you do it properly.

Garage floor coating can brighten any spot, and it’s known to be non-stick. This is a plus factor because you can easily use a garden hose to wash your garage or just wipe down your garage floor with a towel.

With floor coating, you will have assorted kinds of color options to choose from and the chemical components that can suit any floor.

If you decide to use paint to coat your garage floor, you should carefully prepare the floor you want to paint or coat.

You should also choose one of these paint options if you want a garage floor that will be resistant to tear and wear. They are as follows;

Epoxy one-part paint: This kind of paint is a better option if your garage will be used to park cars. The quality is high, the texture is tough so as not to peel or stain, and it cannot fade easily even if it is exposed to the sun.

The Latex acrylic paint: This kind of garage floor coating is the most affordable kind. It is very cheap to purchase, and you can find them is all kinds of colors like satin, glossy finish, and matte.

This will enable you to choose the color that you want. The downside is that it is only suitable for a garage floor that you want to use for storage. This is because it is not tough enough to survive the stress of a car driving in and out from it.

2-part epoxy floor kit: This kind of garage floor paint is tough and can provide sufficient coverage for your garage floor. It features a 2-3mm thickness that will last long on the garage floor and protect your garage floor from stains.


Garage floor tiles are high-end garage floor coverings which are beautiful, spectacular, durable and cost-efficient while garage floor coating is cheap, beautiful and not so durable.

You can install the garage floor tiles on any floor, and it will hold without problems, but for a floor coating to be effective, you will have to prepare the floor properly.

Using tiles to decorate your garage floor can only consume 3-4 hours including the drying out time; whereas coating takes about 2-3 days to install including the dry out time.

This is because; you will have to give appropriate time for the concrete to properly dry out.

Garage floor tiles can become slippery when they are wet or crack when heavy objects fall on it, but coatings can never become slippery or crack up.

The bottom line is that it all depends on the personal taste of the decorator and the project budget. However, you should bear in mind that the quality of the garage floor is what matters most.

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