What Are The Parts And Accessories Of Hair Clippers?

If you want to own a hair clipper, you need to explore and understand hair clipper parts and their functions. Popular hair clipper brands like Andis, Oster and Wahl have similar parts.

We will discuss each of these parts to help assist you in a better and more informed decision upon purchasing.

What you should know about hair clipper parts?

  • Blade – This is usually the basic part of a hair clipper we know about. Blades are connected to the head of the clipper. Mostly, blades are made with high-carbon steel. A blade is composed of multiple teeth that can cut hair in huge amount.
  • Motor – Hair Clipper has a motor which is located inside its housing. Usually, motors used in hair clippers are magnetic, pivot and rotary motors. When choosing a hair clipper this is a very important factor to consider. Rotary motors deliver the most powerful performance among the motor types.
  • Lever – Some hair clippers have built-in standard levers to help adjust quickly the length settings of the blade to conform the customizable haircut. Levers are usually found on clippers that are also designed to taper, fade, blend and bald.
  • Cord – This is the main power source of corded hair clippers and is attached at the tail of the clipper.
  • Housing – This is the physical part of the clipper and where you hold the clipper. Housing is made up of either plastic or metal such as aluminum.

Hair Clipper Accessories

  • Attachment Combs – Usually referred to as Guide Combs. Attachment combs are attached to the blade to achieve preferred haircut length. These combs’ length ranges from 1/16” – 1”.
  • Lubricant – This is one of the most important accessories a clipper must have. Lubricant or hair clipper oil is essential to keep the blades running cooler and provide the best hair cutting results.
  • Cleaning brush – This accessory is provided to help clean the blades from hair residue. Some brushes are designed like a toothbrush.
  • Blade guard – A very important accessory to help protect the clipper blades. This is used to cover blades when not in use.

Hair Clipper Guide Clipper Motor Types

if you find it hard choosing what hair clippers that best suit your style, you probably don’t understand what Clippers’ features are.

Let me break it down into pieces for you.

First, there are two categories of hair clippers – the manual and electric. Next are the motor types (if electric): magnetic motor, pivot motor and rotary motor.

We will not tackle more about manual hair clippers since mostly they are replaced by high-tech electric clipper nowadays.

More importantly, the knowledge of picking the right clipper is the key essential because every clipper is designed for its specific specialty.

If you know what clipper is best for, you will be assured to achieve the “cutting edge.”

The three types of hair clipper motors

1. Magnetic Motor

Magnetic motor is used mostly on, generally speaking, the cheaper hair clippers designed for home usage and semi-professional purposes.

You may find this type of motor to vibrate and to cause noise because blades run very fast.

The speed of the blades is advantageous to smooth hair cutting. The downside of this motor is it can cause heat on the clipper because blades are running fast that cause friction. This is suitable for dry hair and good for occasional use.

Most clippers with magnetic motors have standard blade adjustment from 000 to 1.

2. Pivot Motor

While magnetic motor runs blades fast, Pivot motor does the average speed of the blade but it has a higher force. Thus, it is best for thick and heavy hair.

Unlike Magnetic motor, you can slowly move the clipper while cutting thick and heavy hair since blades run at a slower speed.

The slower speed of the blade does not make the clipper hot because there is less friction. This is an advantage for the clipper with pivot motor to cut thick hair precisely. This type of motor is lighter than Magnetic motor.

3. Rotary Motor

Most expensive hair clippers available use rotary motor for its silent and heavy duty. The motor classifies its higher torque and but slower blade speed compared to Pivot motor.

This is a widely used motor for hair clippers especially design for simultaneous cutting and professional use. This is the most powerful among the three motor types.

This is best used for wet and thicker hair and also for bulk cutting thus making this motor versatile.

In simpler explanation, magnetic motor performs low power but faster blade speed (best for thin and dry hair), pivot motor performs higher power but slower blade speed (best for thick and heavy hair) and rotary motor performs higher blade speed and higher power (best for wet, thick hair and bulk hair cutting).

Whether what type of motor you choose, always put oil after every hair cutting to achieve best results possible.

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