Hand Winch vs. Electric Winch – What Are The Differences?

Hand Winch vs. Electric Winch- What Are The Differences?

Are you thinking of buying a new winch for your car?

You don’t have enough knowledge about them whether you should purchase a hand winch or electric. Each of them has both advantages and demerits.

Then, this article will make your time useful.

A winch is a mechanical machine that is used for winding of any object. Broadly, it helps to recover any vehicles from the mud or ditches.

But, winching is a cumbersome and dangerous work. Having a good training for the operator is paramount.

An electric winch is driven by an external power supply with a rotating crank. If you are looking for dynamic and efficient winching, you must pick the electric winch.

If you are willing to do small load work, you should choose the hand winch. Whichever you select, you must ensure the security.

Different Types Of Winch

You may find different kinds of winches on the market. Among them, the basic types are:

  • A hand and mechanical winch
  • An electrical winch
  • Hydraulic operated winch
  • Portable Winch
  • Mechanical winch

What Is Hand Winch?

A manually operated winch is easy to work and don’t need any training for the operation. In fact, a hand operated winch is light and can move hundreds to thousands of pounds of loadings with small effort.

It’s a portable winching machine with no need for electricity or other external power.

The hand winch is consisting of a lever, a crank and a reel with ropes or wire. An operator moved the crank and released to the line at first. Then, he needs to pull out the lever for recovery or to move any vehicles.

If you are thinking of buying a hand winch, you must have some extra equipment. Likewise, a chain, one pair of leather gloves before you start winching.

What Is Electric Winch?

According to the name, it is a device for the pullout and winds up, operating with electricity. The vehicle’s battery works as the power source.

If you keep your car’s engine on, it will prevent the battery drainage. Of course, your vehicles battery life will decrease after frequent use.

An electric winch consists of:

  • A battery
  • Motor
  • Different types of gear
  • A series wound

This type of winch needs the 12-volt motor to drive. Again, there is a reel of wires or cables with high quality.

Further, it may be used for loading the boats or pulling a mud-stuck vehicle. In fact, the winch can’t start, if the battery is down.

Safety is such a thing you should bear this in your head. Winching was never a simple task. You need to purchase the winch considering your vehicle weight and the winch load rate.

Hence, always buy a winch with 1.5 times more weight rate.

The reason behind this, when the load is more than the winch capacity, it may fail. So, it’s crucial to consider the weight rate before any purchasing. It may be an electric or a hand winch.

Why Should Anyone Choose A Hand Winch?

Hand winches are the old device for lifting and pulling. Anyone with a small budget can afford this device to make his task easier.

The vital issues for choosing this kind of winch are mentioned below:

  • It’s very user-friendly and has no maintenance cost.
  • It includes a hand lever or a crank, a steel spool, ropes or cables, and anchor.
  • Again, this winch is portable and easy to carry everywhere.
  • The winch doesn’t need any external supply of power for driving.
  • Even it can bear a maximum load of about four thousand pounds.
  • A hand winch can be used as single, double and triple pulling lines regarding the types of the work.
  • Again, hand operating winch is the human-operated machine which needs an maintenance person to move the crank all the time.
  • Certainly, it is less expensive than any other winch, but it takes time a little bit longer.
  • Some of the hand winches enrich with additional feature such as brakes and covering the case.

Again, a hand winch provides an additional feature of the gear ratio. Winches with small gear ratio are suitable for pulling non-heavy weights.

For heavy loads, select a winch of the higher gear ratio.

Why Should You Select An Electric Winch?

Not to mention, an electric winch is more available than the others. You may find this winch with various models.

The facts about purchasing this device:

  • We use an electric winch for vehicle recovery or lifting loads.
  • This machine needs energy from the vehicle’s battery and may damage the life of the battery.
  • To place it in your car or truck, you just need some standard mounting tools. It is very efficient than other winch and takes just a few minutes to free any stuck van.
  • Again, It is a mechanical device with a complicated structure featured with various gear and gear trains.
  • Further, this is the kind, and the military uses more as it saves time than the other pieces. Even, both installation and removing are easier comparatively than the hand winch.
  • Also, you need to use this winch with the running engine. You can’t use while your vehicle is stopped.
  • However, To avoid a motor failure due to engine heat, you should run the winch taking delay about 30 seconds.

One more thing, if your car battery is down, you can’t execute the winch. In this case, having enough power is essential for winching.

Otherwise, you have to stuck in the same location, if you are using it for recovery purpose.

Though it is costly, it is faster than another kind of winches. Electric winches are for pulling and lifting highest loads.

Final Verdict on Hand Winch vs Electric Winch

Both of this device is suitable for its purpose. If you are looking for a cheap, simple and a medium capacity winch, I will suggest you pick the best hand winch of the market.

If you want your work more efficient with less time, you need to choose the electric one from the market. Always keep in mind that, safety first. It’s because winching is a dangerous task.

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