How to Apply Garage Floor Epoxy and What are its Benefits?

How to Apply Garage Floor Epoxy and What are its Benefits?

The floor is a special part of our home due to its usage, but some people do not pay attention to it. Most of the time, we allow our garage floor to go bad until we begin to feel irritated because it has changed.

Therefore, if you want your floor to look welcoming, then your only option should be the ‘’epoxy floor coating”.

Epoxy is a beautiful and durable finishing that could be applied to your garage floor. It doesn’t only protect your garage floor; it transforms your dull and ugly floor into a beautiful and attractive floor in the standard.

Epoxy also serves as a sealant on concrete floors. It can be used on floors of commercial buildings, walkways, and on walls due to its strength. But most times, it is commonly used in garage floors.

Most standard and modern structured facilities are presently enjoying the use of epoxy. Such places like food and beverage plant, warehouses, manufacturing plant, laboratories and more can prove this.

Garage floor epoxy is a unique concept which you can use to change the décor of your otherwise ordinary looking garage floor into a beautiful and spectacular place.

With the garage epoxy, your concrete floor can be transformed into a lovely and pleasant attraction.

You can also remove the possibility of unwanted stains such as oil, grease and other things that could easily ruin the ordinary paint. The efficiency of garage floor epoxy range from:

  • Easy cleaning.
  • Sparkling after cleaning.
  • Susceptible to color mixtures and long lifespan.

How to Apply Garage Floor Epoxy

How to apply? If you want to get the best result with garage epoxy, you should take proper care while preparing the garage floor.

The floor should be properly analyzed and investigated. You should make sure that the concrete floor is not wet, does not have cracks or holes.

Preparing the Concrete Floor Before Applying Garage Epoxy

1. Keep the Garage free from moisture:

Moisture and coating do not go together that is why, if your concrete or floor is wet, do not apply epoxy. This will result in damage to the bond caused by the pressure of water.

There are techniques in checking the potential of concrete moisture. You can test for moisture by placing a plastic bag in a garage for at least 24 hours, and then lift one side of the plastic bag up.

If the underneath is dry, you can then go on and coat your concrete with garage floor epoxy.

2. Clean or de-grease the garage floor:

You can do this by using a broom and dry vacuum; carefully clean out all the particles or dirt found on the floor.
Apply your de-greaser with a stiff brush and scrub stains out thoroughly.

Rinse your cotton rags or de-greaser properly and allow your floor time to dry off before applying the epoxy.

3. Lace the concrete with Acid or grind the floor Garage floor epoxy bonds:

It is more beneficial if the physical surface of the floor texture is smooth. There are procedures you should follow if you want to achieve perfect texture.

You should scuff the floor with a diamond grinder or shot-blaster. This equipment can be rented from stores. This equipment is not expensive but helps to fasten the concrete surface preparation.


Alternatively, one of the machines can be used either for etching or acid wash to achieve the desired textured surface. Use etching formula as directed.

Pour the muriatic acid mix also known as (etching) on the floor, and scrub the floor hard with a brush or stiff broom, if it foams, it means a job well done.

Another style is, mix 32% of muriatic acid (i.e., a part of the acid), pour it into one water that is not more than a gallon carefully to minimize splashing. Equip yourself with hand-gloves; wear eye protection during the work period.

After applying the muriatic acid, mix a generous, liberal quantity of hardening soda and discharge it on the floor. This will counteract the effect of the acid.

Finally, dry the entire floor by rinsing thoroughly with a rag, then keep the garage door open for several days.

How to Apply the Garage Epoxy

1. Choose the right garage epoxy product for your floor:

There are several dealers and manufacturers of garage floor epoxy product that is why you should consider the quality and standard of the epoxy. Therefore, make sure that you to purchase a suitable epoxy floor coating.

2. Patch all cracks:

After the floor must have dried, check for holes and spoilt area and filled it up with epoxy crack filler. You can use a knife to scrape and smooth the surface. Allow it to dry before you begin painting.

3. Mix the Garage Floor Epoxy:

Mix the two epoxy catalyst components for five minutes and stir until the entire contents blend and then start the application.

4. Carefully coat the floor with epoxy and allow ventilation on the garage.

It’s preferable to wait for 7 days before bringing your car back to the garage. You should also, allow the new epoxy to stay for one day before walking on it.

Benefits of epoxy floor garage:

  • Long lasting: Garage floor epoxies are exceptionally good and durable. It is also resistant to wear and tear and affordable thereby reducing unnecessary expenses.
  • Sturdy: Any floor coated with epoxy can withstand any heavy equipment such as machines also it can prevent chemical breakdown.
  • Easy to install: Epoxy flooring is easy and very quick to install. It only requires a little close-up time during the installation.
  • Aesthetic: Epoxy coatings are available in different colors and designs to fit into your special style.
  • Safety: Epoxy coating helps by resisting slippage, temperature, and fire. Epoxy maintains the safety of your building and employee.
  • Resistant to stains and moisture: Naturally, epoxy floor coating resists moisture, stain, oil, and grease. It is an idle substance that is helpful in exposing frequent oil or chemical spills. Epoxy floor coating can easily be mopped up with water and soap.
  • For Resurfacing: You can use epoxy to repair commercial floors that sustained wear or tear. Epoxy is a self-leveling polished finish that would cover all the marks and cracks on your concrete floor.
  • Brightness: Epoxy helps to step-up your lightening facilities to a certain degree by its reflective power. It brightens the otherwise dull space.
  • Assist the environment: An epoxy garage coating gives a plus factor to your business. It is affordable than when you want to apply new flooring.
  • Reduces vehicle maintenance: If you choose epoxy coating, you have averted the wear that could have endangered your vehicles due to its tolerance of machinery.

Now you have seen that epoxy can transform your garage floor. Therefore, if your floor is that kind that doesn’t give you joy, do something about it right away.

Just allow the epoxy to give it your desired look. With just a few dollars invested in epoxy, you can transform the dreary looking garage floor into an attractive part of your house.

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  1. It’s great to learn more about epoxy flooring. I like how you said that this coating makes the garage floor super durable and strong. We’re looking at having this done for our garage, so I’ll probably hire a pro to help us put this coating down! I’d love to have a durable garage floor, especially with four kids.

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