How to Build a Gun Vault in Your Basement – DIY Project

How about building a gun vault in your basement? It is a safe and convenient solution in your house. You can keep your kids safe by putting the firearms far away from their eyes. We don’t want them to take the firearm and make something wrong.

For that reason, you need to keep your firearms at the safe place.

The best place is in your basement. But, how to build a proper gun vault? With few important steps.

Pay attention to these steps and build a gun vault that will be safe enough for everyone in your home. The building is not an easy task, and that is why you need good instructions.

Here they are.

Step by Step Guide for Constructing a Gun Vault in The Basement

Step 1 – Build cinder blocks

At the beginning, you need to measure everything and decide which cinder blocks are the most suitable. Sometimes, you may need to use adequate tools for building, so make sure you have them all. Cinder blocks, Portland cement and additional tools are needed.

When you have everything prepared, make the first step and set each block with a mortar. Make sure that the blocks are divided into 3 areas, because these areas are future walls.

Cinder blocks will serve to enclosure the vault, which is important in the future construction. Use mason’s standards while you rebar the wall in 3 areas, and pay attention to each detail.

Step 2 – Make a proper ventilation system

Ventilation is a key element here. You don’t want to keep your firearms in closed environment without air circulation.

It is best to have some ventilation in this part of your home, because the environment will be more suitable for keeping your favorite firearms.

In order to achieve that, you need to drill a hole through the roof of the basement. This way, you ensure free circulation of the air in every moment.

Sometimes, you may need to install ventilation system, but it is not necessary. Some kind of natural ventilation will be quite enough.

Step 3 – Build the vault door

This step is very important, because you may need to use some additional help. If you are not sure how to build a vault door, ask someone you trust, especially if you know some specialists.

In case that you know how to build the door, consider few instructions we provide.

Take the door directly from the provider and attach them with caution. A premade gun vault door is a great solution in the whole building process, because they provide the attachment parts you can use for your gun vault.

Attach the doors according to instructions and make sure you can lock them easily. It is important for improved safety.

Step 4 – Make additional enclosures

The more enclosures you have, the better your gun vault will be. It is especially important to build additional enclosures, because, sometimes, you need to store sensitive weapons or some relevant stuff there. Additional enclosures will be quite helpful.

In these enclosures, you can keep some special weapons that are valuable to you. How about that revolver you like the most?Or a hunting gun that you use occasionally? These need to have a special place in your gun vault.

Make them a good place in your gun vault by creating special enclosures. This way, you always know where they are and how to manage them easily.

For more safety precautions, lock each enclosure with a safety lock and make sure that no one except you can reach the weapons.

Why is a gun vault needed?

A gun vault can provide additional safety in your home, and that is why each firearm owner should have it.

A gun vault is not only a safe place in your home, but it is also a valuable space for important stuff. There, you can keep your jewelry and money without worries about safety.

Most thieves will search around your home for precious things, but not all of them will break into a gun vault. It is a place with better protection and they will more likely decide not to break there.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

1. Is my gun vault safer if I use larger building blocks?

Most of the times, you need to use standard building block and the main attention should be on a safe door, not on the building blocks. If your doors are safe enough, the building blocks are not that important.

2. Is it good to use wooden enclosures in my gun vault?

Wooden enclosures are very durable and they keep the air flow more adequately than other types of enclosures. It is good to use wooden enclosures, because your firearms get better air circulation and the preservation of the weapons is much better.

3. Will my weapons last for longer in a good gun vault?

Yes, if you build a gun vault according to standards, your weapons will last for longer. Good ventilation and proper materials will save the weapons, so you can use them for a long time. If you want your weapons to last, build a good quality gun vault and be safe in the future.

Final Verdict

The better the gun vault is, the more safety you have. If you pay attention to each detail, you can build a long-lasting solution for your weapons. You save your firearms and protect others at the same time.

Your family members and friends will be far away from the weapons and you will have a safe place to keep your favorite guns and rifles.

Build a gun vault in your basement and ensure the overall safety. Not only you will have a good place for your firearms, but you will also have a secret place for your own pleasure.

There is nothing better than taking care of each gun in your own home. A proper gun vault is an ideal room for that. Consider the steps we mentioned and build your own place of pleasure. We are sure that you will spend many hours there.

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