How to Charge a Dead ATV Battery: All Methods & Options

A dead ATV battery can put a damper on your plans and ruin the mood especially if you’re with company. In situations like these, it helps to have some working knowledge of batteries and how to revive them.

The charging system of an ATV battery operates on 12 VDC which is the same as most automobiles.

This piece of information has probably already given you a clue as to how the dead ATV battery can be fixed and in this article, we will look at the steps that should be followed in order to safely start a dead battery.

Check the Battery

First things first, it is important to ascertain if a dead battery is actually what is stopping the ATV from running.

Vehicles that have been sitting idle for an extended period of time tend to lose the power in their batteries. To confirm whether or not the battery is the problem you can turn on the ignition and check if it starts or not.

If there is no response from the ATV it is safe to assume that the battery is dead even if it was working perfectly the last time.

If the engine does turn on but seems slow or lethargic with the motor spinning for a few minutes that also means there is something wrong with the battery.

It is not strong enough to spin the motor and requires recharging. If there is a clicking sound but no motion in the motor then there might be a loose connection or a battery problem.

How to Charge a Dead ATV Battery

Once you have concluded that the battery is dead there are three ways to revive the dead battery. The one you choose depends on the equipment you have available at hands.

Each one has a specific use so they can be applied by anyone to restart their battery.

Jump Start with an ATV

An ATV can be used to jump-start your battery in the same way a car is. This requires jumper cables to be at hand obviously which does not usually happen with most ATVs.

But if you do have the good fortune of finding jumper cables and another ATV present then you can go through with this method.

  • The first step is to remove the seats of the quad bikes to expose their batteries.
  • Then you take the jumper cables and connect them to the good battery first and then connect them to the dead one. Some people recommended grounding the jumper cables by placing them on the frame of the battery. This involves putting the black cable with the ‘minus’ sign on it anywhere on the frame to prevent a surge of electrical current rushing through the system and causing damage.
  • Once the batteries have been connected to each other, the quad bike with the good battery should be started and left idle for two to three minutes.
  • When a couple of minutes have passed you can try and start the other ATV. If it successfully ignites then you can disconnect the red cable first from the good battery and then from the dead battery.
  • Afterward, you can disconnect the black cable as well in a similar pattern.

It is suggested that you let the engine run once it starts so it does not heat up. Otherwise, the battery might die again and you will not be able to revive it. This only charges the battery temporarily and is not a long-term solution.

Jump Start with a Car

The ATV can also be jump started using a car which follows the same step as jump starting with another ATV. The only difference here is that the car has a different battery and a much stronger charging system than a quad bike.

This is why the car should under no circumstances be started during the process of jump starting. A car battery has enough power in it to start up an ATV without having to be turned on itself.

  • Remove the jumper cable from the negative and then the positive terminal of the car battery.
  • Connect the positive terminal of the car battery to the positive terminal of the ATV’s battery and then similarly for the negative terminal as well.
  • After a few minutes, try turning on the quad bike to see if it has worked and then disconnect the cables.

Caution is advised when you are working with electricity and the person carrying out the process should be wearing thick rubber soled shoes. Also, the red terminal of the battery should not be touched as it could electrocute you.

Use a Standalone Battery Charger

There are many standalone battery chargers on the market these days which are multipurpose. Not only are they useful for charging cars but can also work on other vehicles such as ATVs.

The process is simple enough for anyone to follow it.

  • First turn off the charger before you start connecting it.
  • Remove the jumper cable from the battery, the negative terminal first and then the positive one.
  • The positive or red cable of the jump wire should be connected to the positive terminal of the battery.
  • Next, connect the negative or black cable of the jumper to the negative terminal of the battery.
  • Choose an appropriate setting on the battery charger if you have a multipurpose one. You do not want to fry the battery by sending a ridiculous amount of current through it.
  • After the prescribed number of hours have passed and the battery has charged turn off the charger first and then remove the jumper cables, this time positive first.

There you have it!

Those are the three ways in which you can charge a dead battery and bring it back to life.

There are many other ways to solve the dead ATV battery problem but the right solution for you depends on your situation.

However, these three methods are a safe bet and can get any ATV up and running in no time.

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