How to Clean Cricut Mats Properly – Detailed Instructions

​Cricut mats are essential parts of a Cricut machine. These mats are useful and exceptionally handy. You can create some amazing crafts with Cricut mats and that is why you should know the way to properly clean these mats.

It is not always good to clean the mats too often, because you can damage the surface. In most situations, it is good to clean the mat after 20 uses. This way, you ensure the endurance of the mat for a long time.

Here are the best ways to clean your Cricut mat in order to prolong the life of these useful mats.

How To Clean Cricut Mats  Properly   Step by Step Guideline

Step 1 – Clean the mat lightly

Do not start cleaning the mat with some aggressive products. It is best to use a plastic scraper with soft surface.

Take a scraper and move it from the top to the end of the mat. This way, you remove excessive stickiness and all the residues can be cleaned.

This is the first step of cleaning. Another one is a little bit more complex.

Step 2 – Use a lint roller

A lint roller is a very useful tool for removing of dirtiness. It is usually stickier than a mat, but it is an advantage in this case. A sticky roller will catch all the dirty particles, and the results will be more than expected. You will get a completely clean mat.

Step 3 – Wipe with baby wipes 

If you want to additionally clean the Cricut mat, go for baby wipes. These wipes are the best solution to remove dirtiness, especially if you want to properly disinfect the mat. Wipes with alcohol are also a possible solution, because the proper disinfection is important.

Step 4 – Use soap and water 

If you want to use a soap and water, it is best to use some light soap without harsh ingredients. Some baby soap will be an ideal choice in this situation.

Use a soft brush to scrub the surface of the mat, and pay attention to the corners. These parts are usually collecting a lot of dirtiness, so you should clean them properly.

Instead of the soft brush, you can use a Magic Eraser, which is a very good solution in this case. The more you scrub, the better the results are, but do not scrub the surface too much, because it won’t be easy to get back the stickiness of the mat.

When you finish with scrubbing, use water and remove the dirty particles. Take a scrub and warm water for the best results.

Step 5 – Take a degreaser 

At this point, your Cricut mat is very clean, but you need to make few more steps. One of them is using of a degreaser.

In some situation, the mat is very dirty and you need a good degreaser to remove the dirtiness. Take the suitable degreaser and spray it all over the mat. Then, use a brush to brush off the dirtiness and that is the point when your mat would be completely clean.

If you want to make sure everything is clean enough, take a soap and water once again and repeat the previous step.

When you are done, you can move to the next stage.

Step 6 – Let it dry

The more time you spend in cleaning, the more time you need to give your Cricut mat to dry. Leave it overnight in some room with good air circulation. Let it dry in a natural way, because it is the best way to restore previous stickiness.

Natural air will dry the mat, so you can use it again in the machine. It is very important to have a completely dry mat before using it in the machine. If the mat is not dry enough, it could damage the machine parts, and you will end up with broken machine.

Why is a clean Cricut mat important?

When you Cricut mat is full of dirtiness, you cannot use it properly. The dirty particles go into the machine and the overall crafting project won’t be as good as expected. For that reason, it is important to maintain the cleanliness of the mat.

Another reason for maintaining the clean mat is machine durability. A Cricut machine requires a clean mat for the overall performance. This way, the long-lasting potential of the machine is secured.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. How often should I clean my Cricut mat?

It is recommended to clean a Cricut mat after 20-40 uses, which is a good cycle for the overall durability. The more time you spend in cleaning, the better durability you will have. Clean the mat properly and keep the mat in the best condition for a long time.

2. Is it good to use dish soap when I clean my mat?

Yes, you can use dish soap instead of some regular soaps. Dish soap will remove excessive greasiness and the results will be quite good. Consider some dish soap with strong potential for removing of dirtiness. This way, you ensure a completely clean mat.

3. Will my mat perform better after cleaning?

Of course, you mat will be much better after each cleaning, because you remove dirty particles that unable good stickiness of the mat. When the dirtiness is removed, you can stick the paper on the mat more easily, so you can create some awesome projects.

Final Verdict

A Cricut mat is an amazing helper in making your creative side stand out. If you have a good mat, you can make miracles with your hands. The Cricut machine will help you create something exceptional and the overall enjoyment will be complete.

You will love your clean Cricut mat, especially if you apply the methods we mentioned. Feel free to experiment and create something new and interesting. With a clean Cricut mat, the solutions are endless. You can explore your creativity in the best possible way.

Clean your Cricut mat properly and get the best results with the mentioned methods. You will see why a clean Cricut mat has such a beauty. It will be like a new mat from the store. Now, you can start creating some great things. 

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