How to Fix a Floor Jack That Won’t Lift – In-depth Solutions

Want to learn how to fix a floor jack that won’t lift? You are on the right page!

Your floor jack could be your best companion on the road. It can lift unbelievable weights and it always serves as a great helper when we are outside.

But, there are times when a floor jack simply does not do a proper job. It can be broken, but not for too long. Here, we explain how to fix a floor jack and get it back in shape.

Few steps are important:

Step 1: Check the level of hydraulic oil

This first step is crucial for each repair and that is why you should make it correctly.

Check the oil fill plug and if it is lower than 3/16, you must refill it. If the level is slightly higher, it should not be a problem, but sometimes, very high levels can also make some troubles.

In the case that the level is too low, refill it and move to the next step.

Step 2: Check the air inside the floor jack

Sometimes, a floor jack can trap additional air and that is the reason to fix it again. If this is the case, you must do the process called bleeding.

Place the jack release valve in the position when it comes fully retracted and remove the screw of the oil filter. After that, screw and pump the handle several times in order to release the air.

The trapped air is a usual problem of these devices because their power is possible with the help of compressed air inside the system.

When there is some additional air inside, the whole mechanism is in the problem. With the bleeding method, you can remove the excess air and get back the good condition of a floor jack.

Step 3: Inspect the release valve

What happens when you make everything right, but the floor jack still doesn’t work? It is time to check the release valve. In case the valve is not tightened, it releases the air and the floor jack is not working properly.

Make sure that you tight the valve correctly before usage because this could be a possible problem. Once you get everything done, the floor jack should start working properly.



How to Keep You Floor Jack Working Properly

Keep it tidy

In some situation, the troubles with floor jacks could be part of bad maintenance. We usually forget to maintain the important parts, but these parts are essential for the device.

Take some lubricating oil and lubricate the important parts of the floor jack. Pay attention to the wheels, hinges and all other parts that are moving. They need proper maintenance, especially in harsh conditions when we use the floor jack on the road.

No other device has such an importance in difficult situations than a good floor jack. That is why we need to take care of it as much as we can.

Do not overload it

Yes, we know that you need to lift your heavy vehicle sometimes, but are you sure that your floor jack can stand the weight?

Check the maximum weight in manuals and see what the limit is for the exact device. In some situations, we overload the floor jack, and that could be the reason for complications. Parts inside the device lose the grip and the broken floor jack is a possible scenario. Avoid it!

Use your floor jack only if you are sure that it can lift the vehicle. In any other case, use another device that has an increased limit for the maximum weight.

Frequently Asked Questions on Floor Jacks that Won’t Lift (FAQ)

1. What happens if I use the same floor jack for different vehicles?

A usual type of a floor jack can lift many different vehicles, but the main point is on the overall weight of the vehicle. If your vehicle is too heavy, check the floor jack limits first.

You may end up with the broken floor jack if you put too much weight on it. Lifting the vehicle won’t be possible and that is why you need to check weight limits.

2. How often to lubricate the floor jack?

You can lubricate the floor jack parts once in a month or once in two months if you are not using it too often. In case you use your floor jack every day, make sure that you do proper inspections and lubricate it more often.

3. Will my floor jack work if I do not use it for too long?

If you have not used the floor jack for too long, make sure that you examine it properly. You should check the valve, the oil level and the overall condition.

Make this kind of inspection every time when you start to use it again. After some time of non-usage, it can show some traces of corrosion.

That is the time to take it to the mechanic, so the professional can see if the device is good for use or not.

Final Verdict – How to Fix a Floor Jack That Won’t Lift

As you can see, there are many details to check when your floor jack is not working properly. Numerous problems can occur, but if you do everything as recommended, you can fix it easily. Just be a little bit patient and detailed.

In some situations, you can fix it with the proven methods we mentioned, but sometimes, you may need help from the mechanic.

No matter of the type of the problem your device has, there are always some good solutions. Make sure that every part is on its place and that all of the parts work correctly.

With some decent checking, you can be sure that your floor jack works properly.

Next time when your floor jack does not lift the vehicle, pay attention to the weight of the vehicle and make a decision what to do next. Use the instructions we mention and do everything as recommended. Your floor jack should start working again.

You will have your floor jack at your service again and the road will be easier. We all know how safe we are on the road when we know that we have our floor jack in the vehicle.

It could be a powerful time-saver, especially in difficult situations. For all these reasons, we need to keep our floor jack in shape as much as we can.

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