How to Keep a Garage Cool in Summer – Interesting Ideas to Use

Keeping your garage cool in hot summer months could be a real challenge. Not all of us know the proper cooling methods and that is why we end up sweating like crazy every time we enter our garage.

How to stop it? Keep the garage cool with different methods. Here is what you should do.

1. Use Natural Ventilation

In some situations, natural ventilation is the best method to cool your garage. It is the most affordable at the same time. You don’t need to invest in expensive cooling systems. You just need to open the garage doors more often.

It is best to open the doors for at least 30 minutes during the day. If you have windows, leave them open all day long. This kind of natural circulation is very useful in everyday activities.

You can work on your car or exercise in your garage gym. Open windows are an ideal solution.

If you want to keep the natural circulation in your garage, leave the doors and the windows open during the time when you are in the garage.

This way, you make it a cooler place where you can stay much longer during hot summer months.

2. Consider Air Conditioning

Just like with home air conditioning, we also need garage air conditioning in summer. It is best to choose the air conditioning system with smaller potential because you do not need to cool a lot of space.

A garage is usually a small space where you can place additional stuff besides your car, and that is why a standard garage requires an adequate cooling system.

Choose the cooling system with easy regulation of temperatures. For this purpose, the best systems are HVAC systems, because these can provide very useful cooling at an affordable price. Consider different systems that combine with your garage in the best way.

You can find a recommendation at your local store, or search for the options online. A good air conditioning system will completely change the atmosphere in your garage.

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3. Get a Ceiling Fan

Sometimes, a ceiling fan is all you need when you want to cool your garage. It is an easy and affordable way to cool your garage in a matter of a few seconds. Whenever you need it, you can turn it on and the temperature will change immediately.

Ceiling fans are extremely popular among garage owners because they provide fast cooling and the costs are very low. At the same time, you have a reliable system that is easy to install.

Go for a ceiling fan if you spend more hours in your garage. This kind of cooling will be ideal for you. The more time you spend in your garage, the better the system should be.

Choose the fans with large paddles and combine this method with other cooling methods. Natural ventilation and a ceiling fan might be the best solution for keeping your garage cool in summer months.

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What About Insulation?

If you wonder what the long-lasting solution is, pay attention to your garage insulation. When you use batt insulation, the results are quite good. You will no longer have problems with unbearably hot temperatures during summer months.

At the same time, you protect yourself from cold days, because the batt insulation provides better temperature environment.

No matter how good your insulation is, there is always some room for improvements. Combine batt insulation with dry walls and see why this type of solution provides the best results.

When you make proper insulation, other methods of cooling are not necessary.

You will have a great solution in extremely hot and unbearably cold days. Insulation can really change your feeling inside your garage. Why is cooling important?

Cooling of your garage is not only important for your own experience inside the garage.

Proper cooling will also affect your car and all the things you keep in your garage. A car will have a better environment, which is especially positive for the engine.

When the car elements get proper air circulation, it significantly improves the overall performance.

When you have good air circulation in your garage, it helps your car to stay in good condition for longer. All these reasons are enough motivation to change something in your garage.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Is natural ventilation better than air conditioning?

In some situation, it is better to use natural ventilation in your garage. You can open the doors and windows for at least 30 minutes during the day.

It is also recommended to make it in the morning when the air circulation is lower. This way, you improve the air circulation, and, after that, you can use air conditioning for the rest of the day.

2. How long should I keep the ceiling fan turned on?

After you cool the garage with natural ventilation, turn on the ceiling fan and keep it turned on for at least 1 hour. If you spend more time in the garage, try to implement safe periods between working sessions.

3. How to combine the time on and the time off of my ceiling fan?

Keep the ceiling fan working for one hour, and then stop it for half an hour. This kind of combining will keep a good temperature for longer, so you can spend more hours in your garage.

4. Why is the ordinary insulation not good enough?

Most types of garages have ordinary insulation that is not as good as we expect it. The reasons for this situation are numerous, starting from local regulation rules, all the way to insulation costs.

5. What is the best insulation and is it a long-lasting solution?

Many garage owners want to save money and that is why they build cheaper insulation. They get lower quality and inadequate environment. Good insulation is a long-lasting solution and it is best to use dry walls. This way, you get the best solution in hot summer months.

Final Verdict

No matter of the type of cooling you use, your garage must be an ideal part of your home. It is the place where you keep your car and the place where so many things are located. You spend a lot of time there, and you want to feel comfortable there.

For these reasons, you should apply some cooling method that suits your garage type in the best way. Use natural ventilation in combination with some cooling method and keep your garage cool in hot summer months.

After proper garage cooling, you will enjoy in long hours that you spend in this important part of your home.

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