How to Remove a Stripped Bolt – Easy Methods That Work

If you have ever tried to remove a stripped bolt, you know how difficult it might be. You probably tried to use all your force to remove that bolt, but the results are weak.

How to remove a stripped bolt?

There are few effective methods to remove a tripped bolt. Here, we try to explain all of them. Pay attention to these methods and find the ideal solution to this problem.

Why and when we need to remove a stripped bolt?

There are times when we need to disassemble our vehicle for restoration or some other purpose, and all we see are stripped bolts. The best option is to combine different methods of removing bolts, because each method has positive and negative sides. Let’s see what works the best.

Which tools to use?

First of all, you should prepare few kinds of tools and the most relevant tools are:• Chisel or punch • Impact gun or wrench • Jaw pliers • Ratchet and socket

You will need these tools for a stubborn bolt, and in case that one method does not provide results, you can try another one, and the results will be better than expected.

How to remove a stripped bolt?

Method 1 – Use the heat

Sometimes, heat is all you need in order to remove a stripped bolt. It is necessary to heat the area for few seconds before removing the bolt. Use an impact gun or wrench and heat the area adequately. It is widely known that when we cool and heat the metal, it changes its shape.

Metal usually contracts and the size of the bolt threads changes. In this condition, it is possible to remove the bolt easily. Corrosion reacts with temperature change and that is an ideal way to remove a stubborn bolt.

If this method does not help, we have other solutions.

Method 2 – Make cuts

This method is a little bit more aggressive, but it is equally effective as other options. You may need to use force in this case, but some aggressive approach is necessary. Take a hammer and a chisel and punch the bolt area few times.

The goal is to make cuts around the bolt in order to remove it more easily. What you need to do is using force when cutting the bolt, because the bigger the cuts, the better the conditions are for bolt removal. Make proper cuts and try to remove the bolt. You will see how much easier is to remove the bolt.

Method 3 – Loosen the threads

In case that you want a little bit sophisticated approach, use this method. You may need additional tools, but each of them is important. Take a ratchet and socket, and try to move the bolt back and forth.

Slightly loosen the area with small movements and make more room for the bolt. In this case, some threads will be more exposed and that is the time for some more action.

Spray the bolt threads with an adequate penetrant, just for the purpose of further loosening. This method is a little bit longer than others, but it gives results. Many stripped bolts were removed with this kind of effort. You can try it whenever you need to remove the stuck bolts.

How to take care of stripped bolts?

Once you remove the stripped bolts, it is good to use some penetrant to remove corrosion. In most situations, the corrosion is the main cause of stripped bolts.

In times when you do not remove the bolts for too long, the natural process of corrosion occurs and the results are more than obvious. You get stripped bolts in your vehicle and the overall functioning is much harder. The vehicle will corrode further and you can end up with many complications.

In order to avoid this scenario, use the adequate products for prevention and stop the corrosion before it even begins.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Is it possible to remove stripped bolts by using force?

It is possible to remove bolts with pure force and one of the best methods is using of a chisel or punch. Hit the bolt in the center and the threads inside the bolt will move slightly. It is an ideal way to loosen the threads while removing corrosion particles inside the cylinder. Vibrations will loosen the bolt and it will be easier to remove it.

2. Can I stop corrosion of bolts somehow?

Yes, you can stop corrosion if you use different products. You can prevent corrosion while protecting your vehicle at the same time. The corrosion is not an option if you use quality products for prevention. The better the products, the better the results.

3. Will my vehicle operate better if I remove stripped bolts?

Yes, you vehicle will operate better when you remove stripped bolts, because bolts are the necessary parts of the vehicle. When you replace stuck bolts with new ones, the function of the vehicle is much better.

Final Verdict

As you can see, there are numerous ways to remove stripped bolts, and each method has positive sides. In some cases, you may need to apply all these methods, because the bolts can be exceptionally stubborn.

In other variants, you will remove bolts easily with no effort. It all depends on the level of corrosion that affects some bolts.

A reliable way to remove bolts is definitely by using adequate tools and a little bit of force. Stripped bolts are not always easy to remove, and that is why we need to use all possible solutions.

If you try one of the mentioned methods, you will remove the bolts much easier. Once you remove the stripped bolts, you will notice many benefits on your vehicle. The mechanic jobs will be much easier and the overall functionality will improve.

Use the mentioned methods and see the expected results. Once you remove the bolts, you can start using your vehicle in a better way. Use the method you find the most appropriate and get back the old shine to your vehicle. Restoration will be much easier and the overall functionality will be much better.

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