A Brilliant Way to Organize a Tool Chest

How useful a tool chest could be! You can place all the necessary tools in one box, and you can be safe for a long time.

Whenever you need some tool, you will find it in your tool chest. But, what happens when we use the tools for too long and the chest is not as organized as we need it.

The solution is simple. We need to spend some time organizing the tool chest.

How to organize a tool chest?

Here is the best way to do it.

Step 1 – Take everything out 

Whatever you have in your tool chest is important to you. We have different tools and all of them have some function, but, what happens when there are so many of them that you cannot find the one you need?

Organization is the key thing in that case.

Take your tool chest and put all the tools out of the box. You will find many screwdrivers, sockets, punches, scissors are many other details that you almost forgot about.

All of them are important and you want to keep them by your side. Put them out and clean the entire tool chest. This step is important because many residues of dust can remain on the box sides and drawers.

Dust is not the only type of dirtiness here. You will also find oil residues and small particles. All of these should be properly removed.

Use a cleaning product and wipe the entire tool chest inside and out. Pay attention to each corner and make sure that you clean all drawers properly.

In the case that you need more aggressive products, go for special products that are made for oil removal. These will help you clean the stubborn stains from the surface.

Once you clean the tool chest, make some more action and clean the tools. You do not want to put the dirty tools back into the clean tool chest. That is why you need to clean the tools properly.

Use official cleaning products, or try with vinegar and baking soda, if you like natural methods more than aggressive ones. These are equally effective and you will see long-lasting results.

Step 2 – Label the drawers

What is more exhausting than looking for the right tool in the moments when you need it the most?

You look in one drawer, then move to the next one, and, in the end, you do not find it.

What do to in this situation?


Labeling is very important because we are not always able to find the thing we need. We can spend a few minutes searching for it, but we still cannot find it. Do some labeling and find the thing you need in a matter of seconds.

Each drawer is made for the specific tools and you should label them adequately.

Take a piece of paper and an adhesive tape, and make small labels on each drawer. Mark them with screwdrivers, bolts, wrenches, chisels, etc. The more the tools, the better you need to label them.

Use a pen and label each drawer with an adequate name. It is sometimes easier to put the similar tools in one drawer, so you can find them more easily.

What else is important?

One more thing is relevant here. You should ask yourself how often you use the specific tools. If there are some screwdrivers that you use rarely, put them in the back of the drawer and make more space for the important ones.

There are always some tools that you use more often, and these must be right there when you need them. Put them in the front and make sure you see them every time you need them.

Step 3 – Keep it organized

Once you put everything back in the exact drawer, you may need to do some necessary maintaining. Keep the tools organized for a long time. How to make it possible? Put everything back into the place after using it. Place each tool in the exact drawer after usage, and keep the tool chest tidy all the time.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

1. How often do I need to organize my tool chest?

In some situations, you may need to organize your tool chest more often, especially if you use the tools regularly. It is recommended to organize a tool chest every month because each tool requires attention.

When you clean the tools each month while organizing the tool chest, you maintain the tools adequately, so you can use them for a long time.

2. Is it good to use harsh products for cleaning?

It is not recommended to use harsh products when you clean the tools and the tool chest, because you can damage the surface. Try to use adequate products that are not too aggressive.

3. How many labels should I use?

Sometimes, you need only three labels for the drawers. It all depends on the type of the tool chest you have. Some chests have more drawers and you can put more labels. Each label can mark the exact type of tools in you tool chest.

Therefore, more labels can help you find the exact tool more easily.

4. Will my tool chest be more organized if I remove unnecessary tools?

Yes, you can remove unnecessary tools from the tool chest in order to make the tool chest more organized.

If you have some tools that you do not use too often, remove them and leave only the tools that you need the most. This way, your tool chest will be tidier.

5. Should I buy a bigger tool chest if I want to keep everything in good condition?

If you have a lot of tools, a bigger tool chest might be a good solution. You will keep the tools more organized if you have more space inside the drawers, which is exceptionally good for better organization.

Final Verdict

It is good to have the tool chest organized, especially if you use your tools often. In that case, you need to know where the tools are and how to find them easily. Labels, organization and cleaning can make miracles for all of us.

For that reason, a more organized tool chest can save you a lot of time. Next time when you look for the specific tool, you will find it in a matter of few seconds.

Each work you do is much faster when you have a well-organized tool chest. Therefore, make it organized with the mentioned methods.

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