How to Sharpen Hair Clippers’ Blades

How to Sharpen Hair Clippers’ Blades

Maintaining your hair clippers is your next duty after picking your preferred one.

Taking care of your clippers will save you time and money. Some hair clippers have self-sharpening blades that require less attention in sharpening.

Though some blades may give up and requires sharpening or replacing.

If you don’t know how to sharpen hair clippers’ blades, this article will help you maintain their sharpness to achieve smooth cutting for you and your clients.

(Important: Always follow maintenance instructions provided by your hair clipper for your safety. Seek assistance to experts if you don’t know how to do it by yourself.)

How to distinguish if the blade is dull?

  • If you will notice that your clipper is cutting unevenly even passing few strokes
  • If the clipper is pulling the hair instead of cutting

How to tell if the blade is to be sharpened or to be replaced?

  • Replace if rust is severe, eating most part of the blade
  • Replace if the blade is broken
  • Sharpen if both criteria above are not met

Equipment you need:

  • Honing stone(rectangular shape 4000/8000 Grit is recommended)
  • Screwdriver
  • Brush
  • Magnet (to hold the blade)
  • Spray (optional)
  • Blade wash(in case the blade has rust)
  • Soft cloth

How to sharpen the blade? (step by step)

  1. Remove the two screws holding the blade using the screwdriver. Most of the electric hair clipper blades can easily be removed.
  2. Remove the hair and dirt with the brush.
  3. Look at the blade. If rust is building up on the blade, wash it with blade wash solution. Wipe the blade dry with soft cloth.
  4. Spray a little amount of water to the 4000 grit (white portion) of the honing stone. Put the blade to the magnet. The blade should face vertically facing the teeth of the blade in front. Hone the blade in a forward direction only in several strokes. You can exert just a little amount of effort in honing unlike sharpening knives.
  5. Switch the honing stone to 8000 grit (yellow portion) for finishing touches. Follow step number 4 in honing the blade.
  6. Keep the blade dry after honing and be sure it is 100% dry. Finally, put the blade back to the clipper and test its sharpness.

Best practices in keeping your hair clipper blades sharp:

  • Always put hair clipper oil on the blades after use.
  • Clean the blade regularly from dirt and hair. Chances are they are the culprit in making the blade dull.
  • Always keep your hair clippers away from humid and moisturizer place.
  • If you wash your blade with blade wash solution, keep it dry before keeping.

Finally, always read your hair clipper care instructions. Here is a video with more visuals:

Disinfectant Solutions for Your Hair Clippers

Are you cleaning your hair clippers properly after using? One of the many reasons why hair clippers won’t last for years or even months is because of neglecting cleaning hair clippers.

The main parts affected on hair clipper are its blade and guide combs.

These two come in contact with hair and skin. So, take time to clean your hair clipper with disinfectant sprays and solutions made especially for clippers.

How important it is to disinfect hair clippers?

If you are using your hair clipper to various people, it is very important to keep it clean. Viruses, bacteria and fungi can make your clipper their very home and can pass right through every person in just seconds.

What’s the best disinfectant for hair clippers?

Andis Blade Care Plus Disinfectant

Andis blade care plus disinfectant is a great product made to disinfect your hair clipper. It washes away hairs accumulated from your clipper in just seconds.

The product prolongs the life of clippers because it cools and reduces friction of the blades. If you prefer the spray, you can also vouch for Andis 12750 Cool Care Plus spray.


The product is available in 16 once dips. It contains not just an ordinary ingredient but a proprietary lubricant plus enriched with vitamin E to protect sensitive skin.


It is a great deodorizer, cleaner, lubricant, blade coolant, as well as rust prevention solution. Many users love the products because of the effectiveness.


Although the product is easy and simple to use, many people find it difficult to utilize. The solution makes clipper blade oily than needed.

Oster Products Spray Disinfectant

Another great clipper cleaning solution on the market today is the Oster products Spray Disinfectant. It contains a pleasant fragrance that prevents odors on your clipper.  It is the best disinfectant sprays for professional groomers like barbers and hair stylists.


It kills most germs and bacteria on your clippers. This product serves as tuberculocidal, pseudomonacidal, staphylocidal, fungicidal and germicidal. The solution also prevents mildew and mold from forming on your clipper. Plus, the smell is very pleasing.


It is not a lubricant, unlike Andis Blade Care Plus Disinfectant.

This notwithstanding, Oster Products Spray Disinfectant remains one of the best disinfectants you would get from the market.

Barbicide Disinfectant

This is a high-performance clipper solution. It is a hospital grade disinfectant and is safe while killing most bacteria, viruses such as HIV, fungi and other unwanted pathogens.

Barbicide Disinfectant is an EPA approved which means it is tested to be effective against any types of pathogens. This is why it is recommended for hospitals and barbershops.


It is Germicide, Pseudomonacidal, Fungicide and Virucide that helps eradicate unwanted pathogens in your clippers. The iconic blue color makes it distinctively effective. Plus, it is formulated to keep your clipper blades and shears from rust.


The solution is concentrated and you need to follow the directions carefully in diluting.

Extend a Life Blade Rinse Disinfectants

A top performing clipper cleaning solution, Extend a Life Blade Rinse Disinfectants clean clippers and removes all infectious diseases.

It is easy and quick to use solution because you are not required to take off your clippers before you administer the solution to your clippers.


The liquid solution contains unique disinfectant solutions such as blue grade food dye, vanilla fragrance and a light viscosity mineral oil. The solution measures 3 to ½ inch in height, 3 to ½ inch in width and 3 to 4/5 inches in length. The solution content is 16 ounces.


It performs unique services, which include cleaning clipper blades, lubricating blades, conditioning clipper metal and sharpening blades as well. It cleans your blade in a matter of minutes. You are only required to insert the clipper on a dispenser jar.

It is one of the most effective disinfectant solutions. It prolongs the lifespan of your clipper.


It leaves grease on the clipper after use. An extra method is applied to remove the grease. Secondly, the odor is not the best for its users. It smells like pancake syrup.

Despite the few shortcomings, users derive many advantages from the solution. It cleanses and lubricates clipper fast.

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