Star Wars Zombies Game: The Complete History & Guide

Star Wars Zombies

Have you ever seen a Zombie in real life? I am sure the answer is no. They are fictional characters. You may have seen them though in the movies and perhaps in zombie conventions.

However, some people may wonder what a zombie is.

The simplest way to define them is to call them the undead. When a corpse is revived using supernatural powers the final result is a zombie. Sometimes they are formed using a magic chant.

Season One:

The Nighsisters

This is how the Nightsisters summon them in droves to fight against their enemies. They have also been reanimated using parasitic brain worms.

A Geonosian Queen called Karinawas also able to summon zombies. She used parasitic brain worms to reanimate and control zombies. She used these worms to defeat her enemies.

Zombies in Star Wars

The Star Wars series feature a lot of zombies.

They come in various episodes. Despite their frightful appearance and nature, they form a popular part of the series and many characters in Star Wars including the Jedi, the troopers, the droids and the Separatists forces in Star Wars battle with them.

When they fight against the Jedi they sometimes gain temporary success but are ultimately defeated by the Jedi.

They are mainly a part of the army of the wicked and the evil including the Geonosians and the Nightsisters. They can be summoned in droves.

It is extremely difficult to kill them as not only they are the undead but they are also mindless and under the control of those who summon them.

Zombies have captured the imagination of many and there are zombie conventions, fan clubs, events and games. Zombies first appear in the 7th episode The Legacy of Terror in Season Two of Star Wars:

The Clone Wars. The Jedi Master Luminara Unduli and the trooper Buzz face a group of zombies, while they search for Archduke Poggle the Lesser.

Then Luminara goes missing.

She is captured. She gets dragged wearing customized clothes through a tunnel. She tries to fight the Geonosians but is unable to injure them. Their glowing eyes look dead and she realizes that they are dead bodies brought to life. She is temporarily in their custody. Obi-Wan and Anakin set out on a mission to find her.

They take along with them an army of clones. When they reach a mysterious place, they encounter a huge group of undead warriors or zombies. These zombies were originally Geonosian warriors and were controlled by Queen Karina the Great. She was the one who had captured Luminara.

Cody shoots one of the Geonosians at point-blank range but the zombie’s head snaps back again. It looks at him with a blank stare, though it has a new hole on its forehead, made by the laser that Cody had shot him with.

They grab Poggle and escape from the zombies using a tunnel and reach the surface. Though the zombies fight the Jedi through a long battle, Luminara is eventually saved and all of them escape through the tunnel and reach the surface.

Season Two:

Clone Wars

They also appear in the 8th episode Brain Invaders in Season Two of Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Ahsoka and Barriss are on board a ship. They are on the way to meet a medical frigate. Initially, they are unaware that the clones were beginning to get affected by the Geonosian parasites.

The clones speak to each other in the Geonosian dialect. Barriss gets infected with the parasites. The ending scenes show Ahsoka cranking up the ship to increase the cold. Barriss asks Ahsoka to kill her as she is infected by the parasitic worms; however, she refuses. Ahsoka almost dies in the cold. Barriss is saved.

The troopers strive hard to save the galaxy from a deadly plague as Geonosian parasitic worms take control of their supply ship. The young Padawans succeed in their mission.

The Brain Massacre

Zombies also appear in a pivotal role in the 19th episode Brain Massacre in Season Four of Star Wars: The Clone Wars. The Dathomirian Nightsisters, especially the one who is called Old Daka, uses magical chants to produce zombies. Daka resurrects them from a graveyard and uses them as zombies.

Zombies have no willpower of their own, nor can they talk. They are controlled by those who have the power to summon them. Daka used these zombies to help the Nightsisters in the Clone Wars.

Count Dooku is determined to get his revenge against the Nightsisters after they betray him. The Nightsisters prepare for battle. Mother Talzin conducts voodoo by using a lock of hair from Count Dooku,

that she had earlier obtained. She conducted magic through a voodoo-like figurine and injured Dooku hoping that he would die or would stop the attack.

Army of the Dead

This Army of the Dead or the zombies, battle with and try to repel the Separatist forces who are led by General Grevious. He led a major attack against these witches who had magical powers. He proceeded to Dathomir with the sole mission: to eradicate the Nightsisters once and for all.

Mother Talzin and Asajj Ventress are at the forefront of the attack. They use dark, magical powers to fight. They seek the help of Daka to produce a zombie troop.

Mother Talzin calls upon the elder of their ancestors Old Daka, Old Daka uses her magical powers and cast forth the incantations. The remains of the dead buried in their burial pods rise up again.

They join the sisters in battle. A fierce battle ensures between the droid forces of General Grevious and the Zombie army of the Nightsisters.

The Army of the Dead or the zombies attack General Grevious but he obtains information about the magic created by Old Daka and Talzin.

He kills Daka, preventing the resurrection of the zombies through her magic, and thus is finally able to destroy the magic of Old Daka.

The Nightsisters are lost and helpless without the army of zombies who can no longer be created as the magic is lost. Without reinforcements, the remaining Nightsisters are killed. Talzin vanishes and Ventress faces an uncertain future.


Revenge of Star Wars:

The Clone Wars Finale

In the 22nd and final episode Revenge in Season Four of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Savage and Maul travel back to Dathomir. Dathomir is the home of the Nightsisters who are witches with magical powers. It is also the home of the Nightbrothers.

Nightbrother Maul is Mother Talzin’s son. He returned to Dathomir with a Jedi rebel. He conducted rituals to call upon the spirit of the Nighsisters. The fragments of a holocrin vision show that the Jedi Obi-wan was the one who could destroy the Sith.

Maul is determined to get revenge on Obi-Wan, the Jedi who had earlier attacked him and reduce him to a pitiful state.

Yoda also encounters the undead or zombies on Moraband which is a wasteland. It is called the Valley of the Dark Lords as it is filled with tombs of Sith warriors including Darth Bane; however, these ancient spirits cannot physically harm Yoda. They are not zombies but are spirits that are part of Star Wars.

Zombies have to be raised using supernatural powers. Some of the characters in Star Wars who can raise zombies are Old Daka and Queen Karina. Old Daka is the oldest and the wisest member of the Nightsisters.

She has immense knowledge about magic. She helped the Nighsisters especially Mother Talzin and the other witches when the Separatists attack Dathomir.

The Nightsisters are overwhelmed by the droid forces lead by General Grevious and they seek out Daka for help. She uses ancient spells and incantations to summon the dead from the Nightsisters graves.

They become the zombie force and help the Nightsisters fight the droid army led by General Grevious. Geonosian

Queen Karina the Greater uses an army of zombies to fight against the Jedi. She tries to control the Jedi with brain worms.

More on Nighsister Zombies

The Nighsister zombies live in Dathomir. They are raised by magic spells and incantations. They are found in the Nighsisters Graveyard. They emerge as mummified warriors from preserved cocoons that have been built to resemble trees that are found in Dathomir.

They mindlessly shriek, in a high pitch, while attacking their enemies. They swarm in hordes and attack the droids. They look frightening and have bright, glowing eyes. They play an important role in the history of Star Wa

The Undead Troopers

Project Blackwing accidentally produced zombies called Undead Troopers. They were stormtroopers who were infected by a viral agent. After a painful death, these troopers were turned into walking corpses who were mindless and had cannibalistic tendencies.

The infection affected them in various ways. They became slower than human beings. They shuffled along rather than walking like humans. The virus allowed them to communicate using telepathy. They could also learn new activities.

They learned to organize themselves into a deadly swarm. They launched organized strikes on the Imperial Forces as well as on the Rebels. They could reprogram and hack turret controls.

They learned how to fight against hostile contacts using organization and skills. They could fortify overrun bases against counter strikes.

They effectively used shield generators, walls and blaster canons to fight against hostile armies. They were rightly called ‘The Army of the Dead’ thanks to their skills and coordination.

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