How to Start a Car Detailing Business from Home

Do you like cars? Do you like making them look good? If yes, your next business could be a car detailing business from home.

You can work all day long, or you can set your own time frame that suits your habits. No matter of the working hours, you can make thousands of dollars per month if you are professional enough.

Car detailing is the best business for car lovers and all of those who like perfecting each detail in cars. All the way from cleaning to the polishing, the tasks are numerous, bur the rewards are amazing.

Let’s Find Out….

What You Need To Do In Order To Start A Car Detailing Business From Home

Get Permissions

If you plan to register the business (which we recommend), you may need to get some necessary permissions. Call your local authority office and ask what is needed in order to get the important paperwork. If you are not sure how to register the business, ask someone who is into this kind of business. Experienced business owners will tell you what is needed.

Prepare The Place

If you want to open a car detailing business from home, you will need some suitable place for the cars. Garage is the best option, but there will be multiple cars standing in line (we hope so!) and all of them needs to be safe.

Instead of the garage, you can use portable car shelters that protect the cars from the sun and birds. We do not want to get a messy car outside! That is why you need a good protection.

Look for these shelters online or in your local store. You can find some really cheap ones.

Tell Everyone

Once you collect the necessary permissions and you have everything set, make one important step and tell everyone about your business. Your neighbors, friends and coworkers need to know about your car detailing service and they need to come to you if you want to make some money.

Tell everyone you know and get some good fliers to give people around. Everyone will know about your service and the first money will come. But, what happens next? You need to build a real business if you want to have constant profit. How to do it? Pat attention to the next advice.

Be Honest and Professional

In this case, you need to be completely honest with your customers. If you are not able to make something, like cleaning the seats with the special products that you do not have, tell them. If you have some suitable replacement, tell them. At the beginning, you may not have all the equipment, but, as the time goes by, you will grow and the budget for some things will increase.

However, be completely honest with each client and expect the best results. Good business attitude is always an advantage.

Another important thing to mention is professionalism. When someone comes with a car, tell them the specific time when you expect all the work to be finished. Give them warranty for every service and tell them you will do your best to make the job in the best way. And do it. Pay the full attention to each detail and deliver the highest quality. That is the only way to build a constant base of many clients.

When people see that you make their cars better, they will come back. Each car is unique, and you must pay attention to each detail. When you do everything properly, you will have clients who always come back.

How Much Can You Make In A Car Detailing Business?

A lot!

A car detailing business is one of the most lucrative businesses, not only because of money, but because of reputation as well. If you have a constant flow of clients, you can many thousands of dollars a month. That is possible because each car detailing usually costs $150 and more, which is pretty good money.

When you become more experienced, you can charge more and the money increases. Can you imagine doing something from home and making this kind of money? Well, it is possible. Be ready for some hard work, but prepare to earn some good money as well.

A car detailing business is highly lucrative.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Will I have first clients if I do good marketing?

Yes, try every method you know. Make fliers, give people business cards, call the local marketing service to ask for additional marketing options, and tell everyone you know about your business. This way, you can attract first clients, and when they are satisfied, they will recommend you further.

2. Does a car detailing business require some previous knowledge?

If you have a car, you already know some basics. Cleaning the interior , polishing the exterior and making everything shine is the job you do. With your own business, you may need to learn some additional stuff, but the basics are the same. Be detailed and attentive to each segment of the car.

3. Will I be able to earn as much as I earn with my current job?

If you are having a solid job, then a car detailing business could be your second option. By the time, you will see how the things are going and whether you are able to do it or not. If car detailing becomes your better option, go for it and make it a primary job.

Final Verdict 

Cleaning, polishing, restoring and waxing will be your tasks in this kind of business. If these things are interesting to you, go for this business and make it a lucrative job.

You can make few thousand a month, which is an amazing thing. At the same time, you can learn and become more professional, and it usually brings more money in your pocket.

Give a try to car detailing business and make a solid income from the comfort of your home. You do not need to travel to the work in order to make money. You can be in your yard and enjoy in the comfort of your place while making money. If cars are your passion, then car detailing business is an ideal job for you!

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