Types of ATV Batteries – Mini Guide for ATV Owners

TMS- Ytx9-BS (GEL) ATV Gel Maintenance Free Battery

If you are looking for a primer on the different types of ATV batteries, you are in the right place. As an ATV owner, one of the best things you can do for yourself is to educate yourself on the types of batteries out there.

Why is that?

Doing that will allow you to purchase new batteries confidently. You won’t have to depend on the sellers to choose the right one for you. Once you know what you are looking for, it’s easy to bargain and get the best for your money.


What Are the Advantages of Choosing the Right Battery?

Without the good battery, your ATV can’t function properly. And more important is choosing the right type of battery if you want your ATV to last longer and function the way you want.

There are lots of different batteries available for your ATV.

Many manufacturers have varieties of batteries that fit just about every machine and every person’s need. It’s your job to know the one you want and then form a buying decision based on that.

Also, a good battery will help your ATV perform up to par. Not only will you enjoy a better ride but you’ll also not experience intermittent stoppage on an important journey.

Now that you know some of the advantages of a good ATV battery, let’s go through some of the important ones for your machine.


Types of ATV Batteries

There are three different types of batteries, with each having a specific application. Here they are:

  • Conventional or Lead-Acid Battery
  • Maintenance free Battery
  • Lithium-Ion Battery


Conventional or Lead-Acid Battery

Yuasa YUAM329BS YTX9-BS Battery

The first type of battery is the Conventional or Lead Acid-Type Battery. These batteries have been around are still one of the most popular choices when finding a battery for your machine.

They come from the manufacturer without the acid, so you’ll need to source that elsewhere some of the time.

If you do get it elsewhere, you’ll need to get the acid, fill it up the line marked on the batter, charge it up overnight, and then it’s ready to be used.

They feature durable construction and offer good performance and reliability at a really low price point. They are the most widely produced batteries and for some machines, might be the only option.

You can tell one of these machines apart by their white or clear container and the removable cell caps on the top are designed to help with battery maintenance.

With these batteries, it’s important to monitor the electrolyte level inside each cell and to keep that level inside the recommended height for the life of the battery.

These batteries will also have a vent tube which will have a connecting hose so that the gas produced inside the battery can escape safely.

If you maintain this battery properly and care for it, it can last you a long time.


Maintenance-free Battery


The next batteries are the maintenance-free batteries which are the next most popular. There are a few different versions at varying price points.

With these batteries, you can gain a few more benefits depending on the version you choose.

The maintenance-free batteries will either include a pre-measured pack of acid, which is specific to each battery and you’ll use that to fill the battery and activate it or the battery will come factory activated, which means the electrolyte has already been added at the factory.

The battery is always sealed completely and use an advanced technology called AGM, which stands for Absorbent Glass Mat.

What this means is there are layers of glass fibers between each lead plate which absorbs the electrolyte inside each cell.

This makes the overall battery sizes smaller because there’s less free electrolyte inside each cell. This design also helps the battery to withstand vibration for longer battery life and high dependability.

One of the biggest benefits of these batteries is that they discharge slower than the conventional batteries, making them a great option for vehicles going long periods of time without the use of ATVs or motorcycles.

There also isn’t any need to check your lecture (change) light levels or add water to this battery. Hence, the name maintenance-free.


Lithium-Ion Batteries

types of atv batteriesThe last battery on the list is the Lithium batteries. The main benefit of these batteries and the biggest selling point is how lightweight they are.

These batteries are one of the most advanced and they will resist temperature changes and vibration better than all the other batteries.

It’s smaller and lighter and since it is small in size, the manufacturer does not supply foam with the battery that you can cut to help hold the battery secure within the battery box.

In most cases, these batteries are significantly smaller than the original size, making them a popular item for the riders trying to save weight and space.

These lithium batteries are also no maintenance batteries as they have no liquid inside them. This makes it so you can mount them in any direction and any location on your machine.

Another huge benefit to a lithium battery is they have very little self-discharge compared to the other batteries and very fast recharge times.

You’ll find these batteries are usually the most expensive option. But for the rider that’s concerned about saving weight and ounce and the longest lasting battery, a lithium battery is a no-brainer.

One thing to keep in mind is most of all the lithium batteries will require a lithium battery specific charger. Using a non-approved charger on a lithium battery can result in damage to the battery and possible injury.

It will also void any warranties pertaining to the battery or charger.

Final Words on the Types of ATV Batteries

Now that you understand the types of batteries on the market, you can easily go into any specialty shop and tell them what kind of battery you want to buy.

Moreover, if you also take a further step towards learning how much each one costs, you can always get yourself good deals anytime you need to choose a new battery for your ATV.

So, hopefully, this gives you enough information to make an educated decision on the next battery to choose for your machine. Again, for more information on the best battery for ATV, check out our review here.

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