Why is Hair Clipper Oil Important?

Unclean and imprecise cuts – these are the two of many common problems hair clippers may encounter. If you question yourself, “Is this clipper broken?”, then think for a while. This is what most people complain about.

Relax! Before throwing that to a garbage can, look at the clipper first. If you encounter this problem, the solution is just to put hair clipper oil.

If you are cutting hair simultaneously, then you must put oil on the clipper between each haircut. Since the blades function like scissors gliding each other, chances are they will likely overheat. Lubricants help the blades cut smoothly and prevents friction that causes overheating.

If you purchased a hair clipper, clipper oil is always included as well as brush for maintaining your clipper.

Benefits of lubricating your clipper:

  • Prevents rust
  • Maximize Performance
  • Smoother cuts
  • Keep blades cooler

How to put oil on your clipper?

Follow these steps carefully.

  1. Turn your clipper off and use included brush (toothbrush will also do) to clean hair residues.
  2. Turn your clipper on and put two to three drops of oil on the blade.
  3. Get a piece of dry cloth and wipe the blade area of your clipper.
  4. Rinse and repeat. That’s it!

I ran out of hair clipper oil. Can I use cooking oil? Is there any substitute?

Never use cooking oil as a substitute as this will put burden to your clipper. Clipper oils are lightweight and can handle high temperature. Cooking oil tends to burn on a high temperature.  Remember, clipper blades run fast and cause friction.

There are many suggestions on the internet about substitutes for clipper oil. One of them is the WD40. But for best results, always use suggested lubricant for your clipper. Always be prepared for a supply in case your clipper oil runs out. Always stay safe!

If you already read our article on how hair clippers are categorized and what motor types you need to pick, then you are on your way to look for clippers available in the market. Now that you already understand their specific functions, you will need to see what brands are available on these particular categories and motor types.

If you are a novice barber or hair dresser or aspiring to become one, the most crucial part is selecting which is best for specific hair texture and density. We listed important guidelines below to guide you in choosing the right clipper for you and your clients need.

Things To Consider While Choosing Your Hair Clippers:

  • Be specific.If you specify what hairstyle you need and what hair density you’ll cut, you will not find it hard to pick the right hair clipper. You need to define what you need before jumping in.
  • Be knowledgeable.This doesn’t mean that you need to know everything about hair clippers. The basic concepts are always your first foundation in deciding hair clipper to buy.
  • Read user reviews.Know what other users say about the product. Sometimes they have the unbiased verdict on the product to which one you will buy and what not to.
  • Ask the manufacturer.Definitely! There is no harm in asking. They know what to answer to your queries. After all, they made the product.
  • Ask the expert.Barbershops and hair salons are everywhere. Try to ask the barbers or hair dressers about the product they preferred, the pros and cons. They are the most qualified to give you advise because that is their forte. There are also experts willing to answer your queries about hair clippers online.
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